Help Solve The Mystery!

While vacationing in Santa Barbara, California, my husband, Danny, and I walked to the farmers’ market. I spied something enveloped in a garden bed. I took a double take. Yep. It appears someone partied hard Friday night and trounced home naked or in their boxers or thong. I left the pair of jeans in their new habitat and didn’t investigate for size or gender. I didn’t want to find *gulp* underwear.


The de-pantsing (unpantsing?), took place around the corner from the main drag, State Street, and one mile from the ocean.

are my

Why did someone take off their pants and why did they toss them into a garden along the sidewalk? Any ideas? Clues? Anyone?


What do you think happened? PLEASE leave your answer to the mystery in the comments. 

Would you have picked up the jeans to investigate further? Would you have checked to see if they were your size and introduced them to your habitat? Have you ever lost your pants?

The Daily Post Weekly Photo Challenge – Enveloped.

91 thoughts on “Help Solve The Mystery!

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  1. Nope, I would not touch those. Packets containing items stolen from stores are often seen here in public flower beds. I guess if someone changed into a pair of stolen jeans under the cover of darkness they would leave the filthy pair behind.


  2. Since I’ve watched untold numbers of items of every sort fly off piles of unguarded, unstrapped stuff in the backs of pickup trucks (piece of roofing material completely knocked off my side mirror once on the freeway), I’m voting for some idiot who set the jeans on top of stuff in a pickup and never noticed when it flew off…


    1. That could have easily happened. I bet they were bummed when they discovered them missing from their flatbed or rooftop. I’ve seen drivers do that with coffee!


  3. That’s so funny…weird but funny nonetheless. I don’t think I would have been creeped out much. More like upset that they thew it on the plant and jacked up its habitat. I probably would have picked them up and put them in the trash. But if it was near a building or windows…then some chic must have thrown them out the window in fit of rage while she was arguing with her dude, because we’re crazy in an argument. Or maybe she was driving and threw them out because she had just done his laundry and he said something ridiculous and she snapped … so his favorite worn-our blue jeans went flying out of her Honda Civic and they landed in the garden. Yup. That could be it. Or maybe I watch too much TV.


  4. It’s always odd to see someone’s closet in odd places, like a shoe here or there, as I find occasionally along the road. But, never a pair of pants. It was a warm day and so they changed, ditched the pants with plans to go back and get them on the way home, but someone else had snagged them and was wearing them. Interesting.


  5. I found a girl’s dress in the park one morning when walking the dog. Would have fitted a thirteen year old. No underwear. The park is surrounded by houses, so I often wonder if she made it home unobserved.

    Thanks for the follow. Really like your blog.


  6. We live near the beach, so we see this all the time – although not usually shorts. That does lend itself to a wider range of thinking than errant flip flops showing up. If I saw this on a Saturday morning, I’d imagine somebody had a fun Friday night!


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