Tales from Denver Comic Con 2015

Courtney's doppelganger

I was a Comic Con virgin. It has always evoked images of nerdy Treky fans and comic book geeks. Neither tickled my happy parts. I haven’t kept up with Star Trek since the television series ended and the one and only comic book I bought back in the seventh grade was Archie. So when my daughter, Courtney, called and expressed interest in going to Denver Comic Con 2015, I hesitated.

Denver Comic Con

Five seconds on Google showed pictures of crazed fans in costumes, most of them super heroes and some of them pretty sleazy. I hesitated again.

Then I Googled the Denver Comic Con website and read the program. Holy smokin’ geez. Tons of events would take place on three floors utilizing the entire Denver Convention Center. I had no idea it was also a literary conference. Panels taught writing classes all weekend. Simultaneously in nineteen other rooms, educational panels discussed everything from The Muppets and Empowerment to The Science of Star Wars to How to Find Financing for Your Idea.

They catered to families and offered many interactive and educational classes as well as a stage for kids. Maybe it wouldn’t be so sleazy. I was in.

Celebrities would appear on the main or mini-stage and could also be found on the top floor for pictures and autographs. I was super stoked to find out Anthony Michael Hall of Sixteen Candles, The Breakfast Club and The Dead Zone would be there along with the original Bionic Woman, Lindsay Wagner. I was definitely IN.

I had read where comic cons could be very pricey, but a one day, all-access pass only cost $38.00. Saturday had sold out, so I bought tickets for Sunday. My experienced friends instructed me to dress up. My husband donned his tuxedo and carried an umbrella as The Penguin. Courtney rocked it out as Batgirl. She’s Alicia Silverstone’s doppleganger. I went green as Poison Ivy.

poison ivy the penguin and batgirl

We traded our tickets for badges and soon realized the magnitude of this event. We started on the top floor. Oh man. It was crammed packed with booths with all kinds of swag; T-shirts, comic books, DVDs, posters and toys.

We found the celebrities at cordoned-off tables. Although there were handlers standing at the “entry” to each celebrity’s table, we could still see them. Pretty cool! I walked by a few who only had a few fans waiting for their moment to have a picture taken or an autograph while others had fans lined up all the way to the handler at the entrance to their “area.” I would not like to be the person next to Karen Gillan from Guardians of Galaxy and Dr. Who. I knew her from Selfie. Her line was huge and so was Gwendoline Christy’s from Game of Thrones.

Wagnerlindsey2007ComiconWhen I found Lindsay Wagner I was totally star-struck. She was just as beautiful as on the show in the 1970’s, but just a tad older. She accepted free “hellos” so the three of us approached her table. I introduced myself and gushed. Danny asked her if she was worth more than six million dollars, taking into account inflation. She giggled and said, “I’m priceless.” I asked her about her new projects. She will appear in two movies in the fall. One on the “Up” Channel and the other on Pixar. She was a super cool lady and very genuine, just like I expected.

Next we found Anthony Michael Hall. I’m sure he expected us because, Dead Zone. I started out by saying, “I have a funny story for you! You’re the first guy my daughter, Courtney, ever saw naked.” He looked at me funny. “She was ten when we watched Six Degrees of Separation.”

“Not too many people mention that movie,” he said.

“It was a break-out movie for Will Smith. Anyway, remember that scene when you ran down the hall naked [full-frontal nudity] for like, ten long seconds?”

“That wasn’t me! Really. That was some other guy. I was the guy in bed with another woman.”

We laughed and he asked what our reaction was since Courtney was so young. “I ignored it since I didn’t want to embarrass her. Besides, I drew many naked people while getting my Art degree. I figured it was art.”

He signed an autograph and another handler took a picture of us. As we were leaving he asked, “Are you still drawing?”

“Yes and writing.” I thought it would sound really cheesy to say, “You’d be perfect for my movie,” but he would be!

Anthony Michael Hall

Danny is in character as The Penguin while Courtney and I cozied up to Anthony Michael Hall.

Batgirl and Batman

Batgirl found Batman.

After attending an informative writing class, Sticking the landing: Ending Your Story, we ate lunch and went in search of the main stage. I had read where people camp out in the ballroom all day so they can see every star. Not at Denver Comic Con. They clear the ginormous ballroom after every show.

We lined up to see Allen Tudyk five minutes before showtime. He was the dentist in Suburgatory, Pirate Steve in Dodgeball, the Duke in Frozen along with this long list of credits. We were sent to the back of a mile long line and still got in to see him. Amazing.

Allen Tudyk

He was pretty funny and answered a lot of crazy questions. He’s launching a new production called Con Man and is crowdfunding with Nathan Fillian of Castle fame. They met on the set of Firefly.

The Penguins

Two Penguins.

Then we returned to the top floor in search of Batman. We found his car and many artists, but Batman took a looooooong break. We settled for a picture with a sensational Robin instead.

Poison Ivy, Robin, The Penguin, Batgirl

After checking out a Legomaniac’s impressive work, we were done.


Would I go again? Definitely. What will we go as? I’m thinking about one of them…

Guardians of the Galaxy

Click HERE for a list of comic conventions for 2015.

Have you ever attended a comic con? Is it on your bucket list?

58 thoughts on “Tales from Denver Comic Con 2015

Add yours

    1. The unexpected part? Everyone dressed up became a spectacle in some way. It was like being in a parade. I loved it!
      I would bet that NYC is the best! I can only imagine the costumes and celebrities who go to that one. 🙂


  1. 1. My fav = Fantastic Four and the Silver Surfer series.

    2. I’ve seen every Star Trek episode in the franchise (missed four movies)

    Leonard Nimoy was my hero—I was his fan through his last appearance as William Bell on “Fringe.”

    3. Sheldon Cooper is my new hero. My dream is for him to offer me a hot beverage.

    4. Conventions are not on my bucket list—I do not like crowded ballrooms.

    5. Did Lindsay Wagner sell you a Sleep Number bed?

    Thanks for the wrap-up!


    1. Sorry about the comment confusion. Two links throws you in my spam filter!

      1. I have a friend who developed the comics for Green Lantern. We went to the UW in art together. I just never got the comic book bug. Now I’m thinking I could write and draw my own series. Ha!
      2. I loved the Star Trek series and Leonard Nimoy. I saw the first in the series of movies a million years ago and then they lost me.
      3. Wouldn’t that be amazing! That is one of my favorite shows.
      4. Maybe you can see one virtually someday. It was so much fun!
      5. Nope! She was super sweet and didn’t even plug her movies until I asked her about them. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Sounds like a great time. My niece went this year, though I’ve never been to one. I would’ve loved to see Alan Tudyk. I think he’s hilarious. Well, as an actor anyway.


    1. Allen Tudyk was hilarious in real life! He did stand-up for an hour while fans asked PG-rated questions. (I failed to mention that I found a video where the stars from Burn Notice F-bombed through their appearance. I don’t mind F-bombs, but when little kids ask the questions, I get offended. They changed the format and kept reminding everyone this was rated PG.)
      You should go, but plan ahead and look over the schedule. It takes more than one day to see everything! I would love to get a three-day pass and attend more panels next year.

      Liked by 2 people

  3. What a blast and a cool adventure! I’ve never been to Comic Con, but a friend of ours goes to those religiously. The closest I’ve come is writing an article about HauntCon – now there’s a wacky time. 🙂


  4. A better Poison Ivy there never was. Glad to see that Allen Tudyk got Danny to (finally) smile. Cool to get this insight into Comic Cons, which I knew nothing about. Lindsey Wagner does look pretty good! But Poison Ivy stole the show, hands down.


    1. Awww! Thanks Julie!
      I ribbed Danny about his pictures. He said he was in character! Ha! He actually had a great time.
      I didn’t mention the costume parties at night called “Cosplay.” I don’t know what that’s all about, but will find out next year!

      Liked by 1 person

  5. Well I’ve never been to one, and prior to reading this post I had zero interest in going to one, but now I’m sold! It looks like such fun, and you three look awesome, The Penguin certainly took his roll seriously 🙂 Oh, what will I dress up as when I go! Think, think, I can’t think!


    1. You would love it! It was so informative and well-planned out. Since we were dressed up, we felt like we were in a moving parade all day! Go with a friend or a group. It’s a blast!
      Next year, I want to take a lot more classes and focus on the artists and illustrators. Who knows? Maybe I’ll write my own super hero series and illustrate it. Ha! I have to figure out which super powers they would have….

      Liked by 1 person

  6. Well look at you trying new things. How exciting that you found something totally out of your comfort zone and had a marvelous time. Just goes to show what happens when you keep an open mind.

    Interesting that Mr. Hall’s booth was so close to the restrooms. And who knew there was a Bat truck?

    Thanks for sharing. I’ve often wondered what goes on at these events. Now I have a better understanding.

    Patricia Rickrode
    w/a Jansen Schmidt


    1. I had no idea what it would be like and when we walked into the busy swag section, I had my doubts, but it was a BLAST! I will definitely go next year and dress up. Do you think you’ll ever go?


      1. Oh sure. I’ll try anything once. It’s usually a matter of time and money (there are none in my area so I’d have to travel), but if it ever works, I’d definitely give it a go. Probably won’t dress up though; wouldn’t even know where to begin.



  7. You’d have to “check out cosplay”? Ms. Susie, you’re already THERE! Simply dressing up is cosplay! I was impressed that you’d gone to your first con in cosplay, but simply telling you that you’ve already taken a step you thought you had yet to check out is just too lovely. Congratulations!

    Liked by 1 person

  8. You got to talk with Lindsay Wagner and Anthony Michael Hall?!! Color me jealous. That looks like it was more than a blast. I’ve never been to a comic con, hadn’t ever really thought about going. But after reading this, if I ever get the opportunity I’m definitely going to strongly consider it. You all looked fantastic!

    Liked by 1 person

  9. So glad you took the plunge. A really cool librarian client tipped me off and was my “beginner’s escort” to one in LA. many years back. The event is so impossible to explain (The Houston one was recent..BRM – Before Raincoats Mandatory)
    You know, I have this mental image of Hook, the Bellman comic/graphic novel….the stories are so there. He frets there is no artist….


      1. It’s a wonderful wild and whacky world. Alice, the White Rabbit, and the Cheshire cat would feel right at home? Graphic novel illustrations are so much more than meets the eye.
        (hmmm forgotten what I commented, but the raincoat probably that the Houston one was before mandated raincoats with all the flooding over the past week…even the dams are wearing them …really. As seen in previous post. (shower curtains would be protested as too revealing)


  10. I’ve never actually been to a ComicCon – they have them in NZ reasonably often, including my city – and all kinds of stars turn up, in part thanks to Weta Workshop being local. But for some reason I have never been… Looks like a LOT of fun! Tres cool.


    1. You should go! Dress up if you do. It’s a lot more fun. Go as your favorite graphic novel hero.
      I couldn’t believe they had three rooms of non-stop writing classes. Woohoo! I definitely will go next year. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  11. You made a terrific Poison Ivy! I had no idea that there were writing classes at ComicCon. Did you sit in on any classes? Maybe I’ll have to attend a future Comic Con in NYC. Thanks for sharing your adventure.


    1. Thank you! You would love it! It’s a constant scene and a lot of fun as well as educational. I took a “Sticking the Landing. Ending your Story,” a class about ending your book. I walked out disappointed since I had two questions I wanted to ask, but they didn’t call on me. The next day, I woke up and rewrote my ending! Ha! Something did stick, in my brain…. I want to take lots of classes next year.

      Liked by 1 person

  12. I had no idea they had writing workshops and forums, I thought it was all comic book all the time, well with the exception of actor panels and all that. I knew they had stuff on cool shows. The San Diego one had panels on Sons of Anarchy! I so wish I would have gone, but I could never go. Sons is done and no more awesome panels, but I’m sure they have all kinds of other awesome stuff, for instance that LEGO area looks preset spectacular, and with all those superheroes my son would flip out! Thanks for posting! Loving topics too, and you’re right your daughter totally looks like Silverstone. 🙂


    1. You should take your kids and have them dress up! I didn’t see any sleazy outfits, but Danny and Courtney spied a few hanging out of swimming suits. No biggie since you see that on the beach.

      Denver’s CC really catered to kids and changed the panel rating to PG. I saw a video of panel from Burn Notice from last year before I went. One of the celebs F-bombed throughout even when KIDS asked the questions. Not appropriate at all in my book because KIDS! This year, the moderator reminded everyone of the PG rating during Tudyk’s presentation. Very cool. They also held tons of classes including creative and interactive stuff to do. Next time it comes to town, check out the schedule. 🙂
      Courtney has always been told she is Silverstone’s doppelganger, so when I suggested Batgirl, she LOVED the idea!
      Thanks Guat!

      Liked by 1 person

  13. The bionic woman! I had such a crush on her when I was younger.

    This comic-con is a huge deal. I know a few people who take part and that’s the only reason I learned about it. I’ll have to attend one of these. I think I’ll go as myself though.


    1. Get a group together and dress up! Or go as ThornMan. It’s a blast! There is so much to see and do. We only scratched the surface before sensory overload got the best of us and we were DONE.
      Next year I want to spend more time with the artists and take more writing classes. Maybe I’ll take a class in drawing super heroes. My best friend from the School of Art at the UW worked for TSR after graduating. He created the Green Lantern series! Jeff Butler.

      Liked by 1 person

    1. It was! You’ll have to plan to go next year. It was so much more than comics. I plan to take writing and illustrating comic books classes next year and will buy the weekend pass. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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