Surrounded by Vivid Color

Last week, I biked outside for the first time since knee surgery. Surrounded by vivid color, I had to stop and take a few photographs. I had looked forward to riding to Hygiene, about ten miles away, but the skies threatened.

bike hike in Boulder County

It has been stormy here in Boulder County. When I rode again yesterday, I made it to the tiny town. I returned home as the skies opened up. After going out for dinner, tornadoes, torrential rain, and a lightning show like no other, made driving a challenge.

Stormy skies above Niwot

Thunderstorms rolled in early today and the landscape is muted. When the skies clear, mountain vistas will once again burst with vivid color.

Have you been spending time outside? Has the weather been stormy in your neck of the woods?

This week’s photo challenge is “Vivid.

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    1. Thank you!
      You probably have to wait until evening to go outside. Where do you live?
      It is very cool today. The rain ended and the sun peeked out, but there are clouds growing over the mountains to the west of us…


  1. I’ve been busy on the writing front and have not gotten outside like I should. I’ll have to do something about that this weekend.

    Must’ve been great to get on your bike again!


        1. Ha! Yesterday I stopped abruptly like usual and thought, “Wow! Good thing no one was biking up behind me!” I could have been creamed. I need to remember to pull over, even on a bike!

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    1. They are rolling in! The storms last night were the worst I’ve ever witnessed. I almost had to pull over and we were only a couple short miles from home. Fort Collins has been hit pretty hard too.


  2. Gorgeous, I love the ominous feel of the storm photos. Feels like summer! Glad you’re back on the bike – hope the knee is feeling OK post-ride. I’m enjoying every moment I can in the park and hoping to get out of the city for some hikes this summer, too! xo


    1. Isn’t summer fabulous? It has been great to get back on my bike. I’m planning on hiking this weekend. My knee is doing great, thanks! It’s the muscles that need to be built again. They’re growing ever so slowly.
      Thanks for stopping by! Enjoy the weekend.

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  3. I’ve been here in Maine on vacation. The good weather gas been vacationing, too, only not here in Maine. Cold, rainy, and miserable.


  4. Congrats on getting back on the horse (bike)!

    It’s been cold and rainy here, but it was finally nice last night and I took a walk. Just shared some pictures of my journey. The cold and rain can leave now. Thanks. 🙂


  5. It’s nice to see you made it clean to Hygiene and you did it on your bike. (I am really surprised that I am the first person to attempt a Hygiene crack)

    Here in the west burbs of Chicago, we have had a wet Spring. That is not all that uncommon. Temperatures have been colder than normal. As a cyclist who rides the dirt (mountain biker does not seem right to say when one lives in Illinois), I do not like too much wetness. Trails should not be ridden when muddy, so I honor that for the most part. Tomorrow I am going to a trail work day at my favorite trail system. The trails are so overgrown this year that we are having extra work days just to keep up!


    1. That is so cool that you are volunteering. After a warm, dry Jan-March, we’ve had cold, wet weather. A lot of trees and shrubs died after being nipped. We had to hire a crew to trim and dig dead ones out. As Midwesterners it has to be pretty bad to hire anyone!
      I’m ready for summer! I’ve been riding my mountain bike on the road since my road bike needs new tires. Ha! I’m probably getting a better work out, but I love the seat. It’s like a barcalounger!

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      1. Just for the record, four hours of lopping Gum and Buckthorn really wears a person out. The sight lines on the trails are fantastic now. I was so wiped at the end, I tried to take my bike out on the trails and could only manage ten minutes.

        Hmmmm… barcalounger seats are for old ladies……


          1. Don’t tell anyone, but I kind of like a cushy bike seat for bopping around the neighborhood. My daughter’s bike has a seat as big as the moon and with enormous wrap around handle bars. I love stealing her bike to tool around on.


  6. Wonderful Susie. I know some of your medical but not all, but I am very happy for your being able to get out and bike around such a beautiful area. It was hot, sunny and humid today until this evening, when thunder, lightning, and rain replaced it for an hour. Fork lightning, awesome! :O)


    1. Thanks Cluttered!
      You probably know about my double boobectectomy two years ago. I had a partial knee replacement in January. Now I am new and improved and done! I’m still rehabbing the knee. The replacement (plastic behind my knee cap and metal plate replacing cartilage) rocks, but my leg muscles atrophied after surgery. I’m still working to build muscle in my quad.
      I love to bike, so it feels great to have the ability to get out on the road again.
      I love a good thunderstorm too!


  7. I’m loving those pics! The first one is my favorite … Looks like it was ready to storm for sure. I’m glad that you got out on your bike! That’s awesome. Giving you a high-five for working it! Hope your knee keeps getting stronger.


    1. Thanks Guat!
      The knee is fantastic! I’m still working to build the atrophied muscles in my thigh. I came home and looked in the mirror while flexing my quads. This little tiny half inch muscle appeared. Ha! I was super stoked! It’s growing!

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  8. It’s tennis time and I have been getting back in the swing. So far, the swing is kicking my ass, but hey, I’m having fun. Played in a charity softball game yesterday that I’m gonna have to post on. The game can best be described as my own personal “Bataan Death March”. But again, all in all….I had fun.

    I love getting outside though. Nice pics!


    1. I love how this summer has snuck up on us! It sounds like you’ve been having fun in the sun!
      I’m playing tennis Tuesday night for the first time since November. Should be interesting…. Ha!
      Thanks Cayman!


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