An Insane Circumstance


This could only happen to me. Have you ever questioned your sanity after an insane circumstance? I never expected that going to a ladies room to pee would cause an alarm to go off inside my head. I seriously had a moment when I thought I might be going crazy. Not in a, “Oh, wow. That was weird,” kind of way. More like a, “So this is what it’s like to lose your mind,” kind of moment. I haven’t questioned my sanity very often. Like never.

Last Saturday, I volunteered at WordCamp Denver. After I helped with registration, took a few informative classes about WordPress and drank three cups of coffee. I had to pee.

While I was in the stall, I heard, “Susie, are you done?”

No big deal, right? I met several nice women who could have followed me into the ladies room. Everyone was very friendly. Someone might have wondered if I was returning to the conference. The problem?

I heard it over the intercom system!

Being a logical human being, I tried to make sense of what I heard.

My first thought: “Did I actually hear that?”

My second thought: “Who would use a loud speaker to find me?”

My third thought: “How did they know I was in the bathroom?

My fourth thought: “Even if they wanted me to return to registration, it’s pretty extreme to blast a message through the intercom system.

My fifth thought: “Did I actually hear that?”

I stepped out of the stall. A cleaning lady wiped down the sink. I decided to risk sounding crazy. If she thought I was hearing things, she could go ahead and judge me. I would probably never see her again, anyway.

“Did you just hear, ‘Susie, are you done?’ over the intercom?”

She nodded. Another cleaning lady walked out of the stall. She showed me her gigantic walkie-talkie.

I burst out laughing. “I thought I was imagining things. My name is Susie, too.”

Neither of them had answered the question. Either the call was for someone else or they were hiding out for a while wondering when I would leave.

It was a relief to know the voices in my head don’t use intercom systems. Insanity averted. At least for now…

Have you ever seen or heard something so strange, you second guessed yourself? Have you ever been to WordCamp?

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  1. That is funny! My name rhymes with ‘hey’ and my hearing is not what it used to be so I ‘hear voices’ all the time. Ha! I’ve never been to WordCamp – sounds like fun. Did you learn any really cool tricks and tips – can’t wait to hear. Have a great week.


    1. I frequently think I hear someone say my name, only to find there is nobody around. I’ve heard other folks say the same thing has happened to them from time to time, so it’s possibly just some mental trick people’s brains sometimes play on them. Not quite the same situation as your story, but it made me think of it.


      1. That’s happened to me too when I’m almost asleep. I’m wide awake after that! I blame ghosts….
        This was the craziest experience. I didn’t tell my husband, but had him read the post. He looked up at me and asked, “This really happened?” Ha! It did…


    2. It was hilarious. I hesitated before asking, but I had to know!
      I bet you do hear your name. Back in college, there were tons of Sues and Susies. It got to a point when I didn’t always look when hearing my name. Now I whip my head around if I hear, “Susie.”
      WordCamp was oriented toward website builders, but many of the classes lent themselves to bloggers. I did learn a ton and will have to share.
      Have a great week too, CLAY! I bet you heard that….


  2. That’s so funny, I was laughing out loud reading it – just the thought that they would put a message out on the intercom to ask if you’re done peeing! The only vaguely similar thing this reminded me of was a colleague of mine at work – he was standing in his entrance hall at home and had his cell phone in his pocket, he’d somehow accidentally pressed the shortdial button to phone his mother-in-law, and he started hearing this little quiet voice calling his name like “Hello John? Is that you? Hello? John?” and he was apparently just standing there, bemused, looking all around trying to work out where this little quiet voice was coming from calling his name, and like you, thinking he must be going insane!


    1. Hahaha! A butt-dial can be disorienting. I can just see him looking all over the house!
      This was so loud, I figured someone else had to hear it…unless I truly was insane. I’m glad I asked!
      Thanks Vanessa!


  3. I was all miced up for a presentation. I needed to use the men’s room. Yes, the mic was on (never thought about it) and no one in the restroom with me but still the familiar noise went out over a thousand heads in the audience. When I walked out onto the stage everyone gave me a standing O. I was really confused since I knew I was not that popular and the person who introduced me whispered that it was for my waterfall performance and the joke was on me. Although beet red my opening line was “Hi I’m John and I have the best urologist.” The rest of the presentation went fine.


  4. I definitely agree that when you hear your name, but no one is saying it, it’s probably the spirits. (Yeah, I’m weird like that…but I think you knew that already!)

    The weirdest thing to happen to me lately was a reaction that only happens to one or two people a year. I feel so special. 😛


    1. That would be terrible. If you read John Howell’s comment, that’s what happened to him!
      Nope. It was coming from a weird source. Good thing I asked! I would have wondered!
      Thanks for stopping by, Coleen!


  5. When I was a kid, my grandmother had this irritating habit of shouting out my name when I was alone in my room, just because she deemed that I was being “too quiet”. I’d shout out, “What?” She’d shout back, “Nothing.” That annoyance has actually made me rather unresponsive to hearing my name called out loud. So, it’s possible that my name has been called over loudspeakers every so often, but I’ve just tuned it out. As for my grandmother, what was she thinking — that I was figuring out how to split an atom at age seven?

    P.S. I’m writing this comment from a plane via JetBlue’s Fly-fi, their free in-flight Internet access. Very cool!


    1. That is the very coolest! A couple of miles high comment!
      Your grandmother sounds like a hoot. It must have been her thing. I would have jumped out of my skin and had my first gray hair by age twelve. My mother was a gasper as you know. That caused enough gray hairs to come in prematurely!


  6. Ha, that’s taking Big Brother to a whole new level!

    On a side note, your post didn’t show up in my reader or my email. Strange. I happened to see it on Facebook, luckily. I’m going to unfollow and refollow. Sometimes that helps. Just giving you a heads-up if you’re wondering what I’m up to!


    1. I noticed that a few other people did that. How annoying. I met a WordPress Automatician, a developer, at the conference. I’ll ask him about it on Twitter.
      It sure is like Big Brother. “Hello!! We need to know your every movement.” Ha!

      Liked by 1 person

  7. Ha,ha! That must have been freaky to hear your name. Candid Camera, perhaps? 🙂 BTW, you were in my dream last night. No joke, we were sitting at a table chatting. I have no idea what we were talking about but it was definitely you! 🙂


    1. Right? I was so glad to find the source!
      Thanks Bruce!
      You must have seen my post notification in your reader or email. Some of my followers aren’t getting them. They have to unfollow and refollow. Now that’s weird!


  8. Love it.
    Reminds me of the story of Neilly Dunne who went down from Scotland hunting for his brother Graeme – all he knew was he had written from London WC1. He went into the first place marked WC when he reached London, and found the first cubicle. His brother wasn’t there, but he thought he might as well use it. Hardly had he sat down, when someone knocked on the door and asked, ‘Are you nearly done?’
    ‘Aye; so ’tis; have ye lost yer accent then, Graeme?’


    1. I love it! Ha! I bet that story has been told a few times. I love bold assumptions like that. Been there!
      It was sort of like that, but not really. It was more of a, “Wait. Did that just happen? 🙂
      Thanks for stopping by, Colonist!


      1. Yes. I am Susan. Was Susie as a child. These days it’s usually Sue, and sometimes Susan. I asked my mother why she gave me such a popular name (there were 5 of us in my 8th grade math class of about 28 students), and she said she thought it was unique. Yeah, her and every third person giving birth to a girl that year. I believe it was the third most popular name given back in 1964.


  9. That truly is hilarious, as is John Howell’s story in his comment! I’ve never been to WordCamp, but my social media strategist/web developer par excellence Bethany Siegler gave a talk there last weekend and I would have loved to have heard it.


    1. John’s story cracked me up. It was the weirdest thing to ever happen to me in a bathroom, so far.
      Wordcamp was amazing. I only went to a couple classes, but I met automaticians and WP happiness engineers who answered a lot of my questions. It was amazing.


  10. I do not care for when a place makes you guess which is the ladies bathroom and the mens bathroom. I had this happen at a brewery and when I saw urinals I knew I went through the wrong door – Oops! At least no one was in there – thank goodness for that saving grace. How embarassing!


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