A Canine Crime Caper

A crime of passion occurred in our house last Sunday. The result of a love so strong she would risk everything including her health and her place in society. The best of the beasts crafted and succeeded in pulling off this caper. But which beast?

tug of war

It started with a brilliant plan. It would have worked if she had only covered her tracks. She fooled all of us, for a while.

First she lulled us in a relaxed setting.

Hanging out

She used an accomplice as a decoy.

Canoeing on the pond

While we paddled in the pond, the culprit took action. The sun had set and it became too dark to navigate. We went back inside for dessert.

My daughter, Courtney, gasped when discovering the decoy, Piglet, licking pieces of a broken butter plate. My son, Kelly, had brought her along for a visit. One of the dogs had jumped onto the table and knocked the plate onto the floor. The butter had vanished. An entire stick!

Neither dog pleaded guilty. Roxy kept a straight face. So did Piglet. I accused Piglet. After all, she had been caught with the goods. She is only a one-year-old and Roxy is seven. She knows better. 

Which dog ate the butter and broke the dish? How would I ever figure it out? I needed evidence. The search had begun. I put on my detective’s hat and sniffed their snouts. 

Only one dog smelled like a butter vat at the Sun Prairie Corn Festival. ROXY! She had let her guest, Piglet, take the fall. 

The culprit

Now that the mystery was solved, I sprang to my computer to find out if she would survive the night. The first question that came up when Googling “eating butter,” was “Will I die from eating a stick of butter?” More than one person had asked that question. That is so sad in so many ways. 

I looked further and found out most dogs would get sick, but would survive to eat butter another day.

Our dog was quiet all night. I wondered if she had buried the stick of butter somewhere, like in the yard or in our couch. Maybe she didn’t eat it at all.  

Yes she did. I found out later in the afternoon, when butter took its revenge. 

Another classic canine caper case closed.

Have you ever been in denial over your pet’s behavior? Has your pet ever eaten anything they shouldn’t have?

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  1. Exact same thing – Danny got his snout up on the counter and wolfed down an entire stick before we could stop him. And it came back up hours later, adding insult to injury because we had to clean it up. What is it with dogs and butter?


  2. My dog Sheba, a mix of terrier and poodle, once managed to get on top of a cabinet adjoining the stove top where a skillet full of left-over roast beef slices and gravy sat cooling. We heard the sound of her dog-tags clinking on the cast iron skillet and knew we were ordering pizza for supper that night.


    1. OMG! Those terriers are jumpers. What a bummer. They really are like two-year-old children their whole lives. I felt like the defensive parent of a child when I first saw Piglet licking the plate. “Roxy doesn’t jump on tables.” Ha! She left evidence all over the yard.


  3. LOL Our dog when I was growing up stole butter out of the fridge. One time she did bury it. Maybe more than once. I only found it once though. We had to lock the fridge.


    1. That is amazing! I can’t imagine how your dog managed that. I thought for sure ours had buried it since she buries all her treats, but unfortunately, she ate the whole thing! Yuck!


  4. Roxy is so cute! 🙂 A friend of ours had a mastiff that ate a cob of corn when our backs were turned at a bbq, it was only discovered when she’d stopped eating and became very lethargic. Many vet visits and hefty bills later, the corn was removed. Needless to say, at gatherings we now attach the lead to keep her away when the food is unveiled!


    1. I didn’t know corn would be bad for them especially since it’s used as a filler in cheap dog foods. I guess it’s those kernels that get them. But it probably ate part of the cob too. Who knew?
      Thanks for stopping by!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. She did eat the cob and because the body couldn’t digest it, the poor thing had blocked up her organs. Corn itself is fine, it’s the cob that’s dangerous. She’s fine now though after surgery! 🙂


  5. Hilarious!
    A dog of ours once ate an entire batch of fudge left out to cool. It comprised two tins of condensed milk, half a pint of cream, half a pound of butter, and lots of golden syrup and other stuff. Would you believe it – he didn’t even have the grace to get sick, but slept it off wearing a grin of sheer bliss.


    1. Oh my gosh! That is amazing! Most dogs would have been sick. Mine can’t even handle a few M&Ms.
      Thanks for stopping by, Colonist! Always great to “see” you!


  6. You’re dogs are so cute! I have two chihuahuas and am fostering two other ones at the moment. It’s so funny how whenever one of them does something wrong, I can always figure out which of them it is. I just have to put on my serious voice, and all but one acts totally normal while the other puts their head down and shirks away!


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