Friday Photo and an Invitation!

Happy TGIF Wild Riders!

Want to have fun and get one of your Instagram or Twitter posts featured? Tweet or Instagram your photos while walking, running, hiking or having any kind of outdoor adventure. Include the hashtag #WRFChallenge. I’ll pick a few to post here on the Wild Ride.

It’s summer. Time to enjoy the longer days and explore the great outdoors. It’s easy to let it slip away.

ChautauquaIf you haven’t already joined, it’s not too late to be a part of the Wild Rider Fitness Challenge. Exercise two or more times a week. Once a week, go outside to exercise your body.

There are many ways to share your adventure. Post about it on your blog and link me up, email me to guest post, or meet me and the other Wild Riders on Twitter or Instagram at #WRFChallenge.

On September 8th, I’ll host a party! You know me. I’m all about parties. We’ll have a Wild Rider Fitness Challenge Day where we can look back on our summer of fitness fun.

Adventure awaits, right outside your door!

Have you been enjoying summer? Do you have plans to get outside this weekend?

30 thoughts on “Friday Photo and an Invitation!

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  1. Thanks for keeping us motivated to be physically active and fit. I’ve been a walker for 30 years and about 18 months ago, started weight lifting. It’s really improved my strength, posture and physique. Love the photos – if this is what you look at while you exercise, it has to be rejuvenating. Enjoy!


    1. I’m so glad you are out there exercising. Weight lifting is key. That is so cool that you are really making the effort.
      I can’t tell you how much this virtual group is motivating me. I told Danny that it’s supposed to rain tomorrow, so we have to get out early. It would be tough hiking on a wet slick trail and taking pictures in the rain is something I’d like to avoid. 🙂
      I hope to see some of your photos on Twitter and Instagram too!

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    1. That sounds miserable. It’s been hot (high 90’s) and unnaturally humid here too. After tennis on Tuesday night, I had to paper towel myself off! The sweat usually wicks away in dry heat. I’m heading out on my mountain bike right now. It’s only supposed to hit 75 degrees today! I’m enjoying it while it lasts.

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  2. I don’t usually bring my phone with me on such outings, but, if I remember, I will take it with me and try to remember to actually take some pictures. I so rarely use my cell phone, it’s not a habit to carry it with me. Stay tuned.

    Patricia Rickrode
    w/a Jansen Schmidt


  3. Sounds awesome! But I won’t be able to post until Sunday…our TinMan Triathlon is in Sunday morning and the Guats are soooooooo ready to not come in last place! Pumping it up!


  4. I would love to do the fitness challenge. I had a back injury and had to be pretty still, but I’m looking forward to moving again.

    And if you’re interested, I’m going to be launching a wild ride of my own. Here’s the deal. This summer I’m going on two-month RV trip with my nearing-ninety Godmother and her cat Pepe le Mew. I leave for the US in a week. The RV is huge, 37-feet. My Godmother will be driving and towing an SUV the entire way. She was a Flamenco dancer during her entire professional life. I’m going to try to blog about our trip and write a book about the 64 beautiful years she and my Godfather, a Venezuelan movie star (I kid you not!), were married, until Raul died last fall one month shy of his 97th birthday.

    Follow along if you like. Wild ride, indeed!

    Hugs from Ecuador,


    1. Hey Kathy! It is so great to “see” you!
      Join in at any time at any level.
      Your wild ride sounds fantastic. You come from the most interesting family! Ha! I will follow along. 🙂


  5. I put a lot of photos on fb, but always forget about Instagram. I’ll put one on now for you. I don’t even know how to tell you how to find it. But you can always troll my fb page for exciting scenic shots!

    As far as your exercise challenge… uh, maybe.


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