Amazing Outdoor Photos from WRFChallengers

Have you wanted to commit to exercise, but can’t seem to get into a routine? Here’s what’s working for me.

Take the 90 day Wild Rider Fitness Challenge. It ends on September 8th with a Wild Party. It’s super easy. Really! Exercise two or more times a week and get outside at least once. That’s all! You can walk around your neighborhood or scale a mountain. It’s up to you.

Post photos on Instagram and Twitter of your outdoor adventures and tag them #WRFChallenge. I’ll continue to feature some of them here. Or you can blog about your own adventure and link it to Join the Wild Rider Fitness Challenge, so more can join.

Here’s what the WRFChallengers have been up to!

Ginger Calem ran with an eagle in Texas.

Gail Storey has been exploring the Continental Divide in Wyoming with her husband and son. She stopped to wave hello!

Of course, my husband, Danny, had to join in the fun here in Colorado.

The Guat competed in the Tin Man in California yesterday. I know she has a humongous heart!

I took a new trail on my mountain bike last Friday and found this super old cottonwood.

Want your Tweet or Instagram post to be featured? Tag it #WRFChallenge and I’ll link you up!

Have you been sitting indoors all summer? Are you planning on getting outside this week? 

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42 thoughts on “Amazing Outdoor Photos from WRFChallengers

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  1. What a great variety of creative responses to Susie’s Wild Rider Fitness Challenge! You all inspire me!


  2. These are wonderful. I’ve bookmarked this post so the next time I go for a walk outside, I’ll try to snap a picture and post it to you on Twitter. As you know, I workout to DVDs at home, but I often go walking in the evening. Now, if only I remember to snap a photo…

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  3. So fun to have my eagle encounter included. Was a huge life-moment for me, as silly as that sounds. I absolutely adore being outdoors, whether working out, wakeboarding, lounging in the sunshine with a book. I can’t wait to see more #wrfchallenge posts! Bring on the inspiration! Thanks, Susie, for sharing light and love around!


    1. Thanks Ginger! Your Eagle was a big hit!
      That must have given you shivers. I had a Great Horned Owl fly over me yesterday. They’re pretty huge. It was gone in a couple of seconds. Nothing like your soaring Eagle! That was super cool. Keep your photos coming and I’ll include them and link you up.


  4. Beautiful that you’ve inspired so many people, Susie. Will be posting my run in the mountains this weekend on Twitter. The Smokey Mountains are gorgeous this time of year and it’s finally cooled off a bit so that running uphill’s bearable. lol


  5. Look how you’re inspiring people – good for you, Susie! Although I don’t think that Gail is getting that much exercise RIDING that Jackalope. Shouldn’t she be running with it?


  6. Great range of participation captured there! The only exercise I did this week was running through the streets of London at night on Monday, having just been to the theatre, and then racing to catch a train back home. It also involved running up and down escalators on the underground. The whole thing was quite a run actually, and left me breathless, and I probably looked quite a sight because I had a shortish skirt on which was riding up as I ran. No photos though, which is probably a good thing in this case.

    I feel inspired to get the bike out this weekend though.


    1. Fantastic! I bet your pictures would be gorgeous. I hope you find yourself outdoors soon. Running all over the city is great exercise too.
      Not sure how I missed your comment. Happy trails!


  7. Twittering me walking to my corner and back or doing my daily exercises lying down does not appeal to me; however, I am getting stronger and reading about all these people does rev me up a bit. We will see.


    1. Oh excellent! I need to post another update. We’ve gotten a few more hikes in. It’s rained here for days. I’m hoping to get out on my bike this afternoon. I’m still rehabbing my knee, so any exercise except for running is good. 🙂 Even walking to the corner!
      Thanks for stopping by! It’s always great to “see” you!

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