Me and the Wild Rider Fitness Challenge

Deanne is taking the challenge! She has found a brand new way to exercise. *Hint* She lives near Lake Michigan.


Last month, Susie at challenged readers to her 90-day Wild Rider Fitness Challenge. It’s easy, really – exercise at least two or three times each week, and make one of these an outdoor adventure.

I’ve talked about my exercise routine before. It’s not always easy, but every morning, I lace up my shoes and head out, rain or shine. Or snow. Or ice. The only thing that stops me is lightning or extreme cold.

Temperature readings tell me what to wear on my walkAnd since it’s July in Wisconsin, you’d think I wouldn’t have to worry about that. Did I say July? In Wisconsin? When it’s normally in the 80s and slightly humid? Not today, happy readers.  (Bottom number was the outside temp this morning…)

According to the chirpy TV weatherman, living near Lake Michigan brought luck, though: inland areas of Wisconsin were close to the freezing mark. I felt really good about that – not!–…

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13 thoughts on “Me and the Wild Rider Fitness Challenge

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  1. Deanne’s post is great–I commented at her site–and I love that you’re spreading the word about so many fitness approaches, Susie–thanks!


    1. That is commitment! Good for you Phil! We walked a lot on the 4th while cebrating in Breck. We took a couple of hikes the day before. It’s been raining ever since. GAH! I can’t wait until it clears and I can ride my bike.


    1. It sure does! Steps are the best. Fitbits are the rage here in the States. Most people use them to measure their steps so they are sure to walk 3 miles a day. I could use a gizmo like that!


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