Feel Like Summer is Slipping Away?

Once the 4th of July has been celebrated, the lazy days of summer accelerate at warp speed. Soon, our shadows will stretch, the leaves will begin to change and the kids will head back to school.

I’ve learned how to slow down this special time of year while the days are long and warm. Want to know my secret? Make time for yourself and get outside!

These are a few of the hikes I’ve taken in Colorado this summer.

Fitness challenge hikes

Join the Wild Rider Fitness Challenge. Create some memories while exercising your body and I’ll link you up. Take a couple of pictures while walking, running, biking, swimming, cliff diving, or dancing (the very best exercise), and post a picture or two on Twitter or Instagram with the hashtag #WRFChallenge. I’ll include it here on the Wild Ride.

Don’t have a blog? No worries. Join us anyway. It’s a virtual gang of exercising pals. Commit to 2-3 days of exercise a week for at least 30 minutes. Make one of them an outdoor adventure.

This challenge has been great incentive for me all summer. Sometimes it takes an extra effort to get out of the house, but it’s always worth it.

Here are some photos from other #WRFChallengers:

Mary Hone from Tales from the Back Road hiked with her dapper dogs.

August McLaughlin from Girl Boner © shared her hike.

Ted Strutz from Ted Books Daily Pics took a hike and some amazing photos.

View this post on Instagram

Friday Harbor

A post shared by Ted Strutz (@tedstrutz) on

Carrie Rubin from the The Write Transition shared a giggle while out walking.

Nicci from Nicci Carrera Romance took a walk on the 4th.

My daughter, Courtney and her friend Katie joined the challenge!


There are several weeks of summer to enjoy before the challenge ends on September 8th. Share your outdoor adventure with the hashtag #WRFChallenge and maybe you’ll be featured next time!

Have you felt summer accelerate? What’s up with that?

46 thoughts on “Feel Like Summer is Slipping Away?

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  1. I walked the 33 blocks home from midtown to the Upper West Side after ushering a play on Saturday, Susie. I even shot some photographs, I didn’t think of my walk as a fitness challenge. I thought of it more as avoiding tourists on the subway on the weekend.


    1. You exercised without thinking about it. That’s the best way. Add the hashtag and get featured! You’re already on your exercise bike and you walk all the time. The WRFChallenge awaits!


    2. Why does it seem like New Yorkers always talk about long walks like that like it’s nothing? Something in your blood? I wondered that from time to time while watching Sex and the City. (33 for me would be like, “Can I die, now?)

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      1. Ha ha ha! New York is a very walker-friendly city, especially if you’re not walking in a densely crowded area like Times Square. NYC is flat, the sidewalks are wide, architectually, there’s always something intriguing to look at and there are a lot of trees. It’s very easy to walk and think in NYC. I love that about living here.

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  2. Being one who prefers fall and winter, I may be out there walking the dog – running from shade puddle to shade puddle – but I’m counting the days until that first cool front. (Did you vote for Boulder in the 10 Best Urban Trails contest yet? Or hoping no one new will discover it?)


  3. Summer does indeed fly by too quickly. I wish January, February, and March did the same. They seem to last forever.

    These shots people took for you are gorgeous. My local, Ohio neighborhood walks could never compete with these, so I guess I’m glad I went with the poop. 😉 (Thanks for the mention!)


    1. The winter months do slow down. It’s that whole “day in, day out” thing. When no particular memories stand out, the days become a blur…
      Thanks for contributing your poopy sign. 🙂

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  4. Well, I don’t want the year to go by TOO fast…

    …but Star Wars is in December…
    …Mockingjay (pt. 2) is in November…
    …and Windows 10 comes out on the 29th!

    So I guess the year can go as fast as it likes. ^_^


  5. Susie – this is the time of summer that seems to flash by at the speed of light. It’s halfway, actually tomorrow is halfway, but I am on the cusp. Trips, projects, and time just to relax seem to slip away and slide by. I AM GOING to post a photo, just have to remember to tweet while I walk. But, those photos from the western US are amazing, we don;t have mountains like those. Halfway finished with more than half left – making the days count, working to make EVERY day count. Have a wonderful week.


    1. Thanks Clay!
      You can always post a picture on Twitter or Instagram after the adventure. Hashtag them, “WRFChallenge.
      Glad you’re making every day count. 🙂


  6. Super-excited to see all these great responses to your WRF Challenge, Susie! Love that August finds trees rad, and am ROTFL at the going back and forth between you and Lame Adventures. ;-D


      1. We finished New Mexico and Wyoming, now crossing back and forth on Idaho/Montana border on our Continental Divide Trail adventure–Porter hiking and me resupplying him from remote trailheads, also hiking, swimming, yoga. Accumulating some really fun photos for a blog post for ya!


  7. I’m thinking about taking you up on this exercise challenge, Susie (plus photos), or rather my wife is thinking about making me take you up on this challenge. Something about…he’s not my husband, he’s heavy. I told her I thought she had that turned around, and she said “Not yet.” :O)


  8. This was such fun to be a part of. Thanks for sharing my photo — in, holy smokes! — a gorgeous collection.

    I’ve made it a goal to not let time feel like it’s speeding by. Meditation and counting daily blessings seems to help. Right now, I’m grateful for you! Thanks again, Susie. 🙂

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    1. Thanks so much, August and for joining the challenge! Loved your photo. That is a great reminder to take time to be present. I feel more in the moment while outdoors than any other time!


  9. Feels like a million degrees in Massachusetts these days. I’ve been keeping my commitment to the Wild Riders by hopping on the treadmill in the cool, cool basement. Heading to Niagara Falls with the kids on Friday. Hopefully I can get some outdoor activity there!


  10. Dude these outdoor pics rock! I love how everyone is just hiking now. And I agree with you about the summer at first you feel like it’s going to be forever, but then bam! September shows up. Although it seems like summer until November around here. But I do agree with you friend August, meditation and moments of gratitude tend to slow things down a bit. And as always I’m continue my hour of power in the mornings, five times a week, running. Although today I might hit the pool 🙂


    1. Five days a week!!! You are a beast. Keep those photos coming!
      Getting outdoors really slows it down for me. I’m forced to be present especially when I’m biking. Otherwise, I might ride right off the trail into the prairie dog field…
      Thanks for stopping by, Guat!

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  11. This is fun, Susie! And a good reminder to get out and stay active. Tennis does it for me these days. It’s easy to cancel a golf game but when there are three others counting on you showing up for a tennis game, you do it gladly! Twice a week for sure!


    1. That is so great, Patricia! I saw your photo on Twitter and will include it next time. I miss playing tennis! When I played competitively, I was on the court 3-4 days a week. I’m heading out on my bike this morning before it heats up!
      I’m glad you joined the #WRFChallenge!


  12. Wow, I love your photos of Colorado! All the other blogger photos are fun too. I did get outside last week. I’ll post photos soon, but the hibiscus the other day was evidence of my walking. We walked a lot in La Jolla. And I swam today. It’s hard to make time for yourself and get outside, but you are right, it is the only way to slow down and enjoy the precious days of summer.


    1. I love to hear that you are making the effort! You live in an amazing place for walking. La Jolla is gorgeous! I’m so glad you joined the challenge. I’ll watch for your photos. Taking a break to go outside really slows down summer for me. I’m heading out for a bike ride right now!

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