Are You Adventurous? Take the Quiz!

Are You Adventurous- Take the quizAccording to Wikipedia, adventure is an exciting or unusual experience. It may also be a bold, usually risky undertaking with an uncertain outcome.


Although I have a reasonable amount of fear which prevents me from doing anything super crazy and life threatening, I get bored doing the same old thing. I tend to seek out new experiences in almost every aspect of my life.

soap tastes yucky
Soap on a rope tastes yucky, but at least I tried it.

When we were children, we approached new experiences with wonder. 

My family went on Sunday drives to explore Southern Wisconsin. I have memories of hiking, camping, canoeing and making new friends.

Girl Scout Camp

When was the last time you made a fun weekend plan that didn’t include mundane tasks or a trip to Home Depot?

Kootenay 2009 Chuck's Photos 003

Routine is the death of adventure.

Schedules, work, and obligations get in the way of trying something new. When we have so little free time, it can be risky too. Will we enjoy ourselves? Will it be worth the time and effort? We become creatures of habit.

barefoot skiing

Barefoot skiing! Woohoo!

Search for challenges.

Unlike personality types, being adventurous has more to do with bravely challenging yourself. This means trying something even if it means getting out of your comfort zone. I have always thought of myself as having an adventurous spirit.

Dog tricks
“I’ll give you a treat if you pull our wagon down the hill. We’re as light as feathers.”

10 adventurous characteristics. How many pertain to you?

You get an endorphin rush from new experiences.

You choose the road less traveled.

You seek out new locations to explore.

You get bored easily.

I am so bored
Oh man. This photographer is killing me. *yawn*

You have positive expectations before every new experience.

You aren’t afraid to rely on instinct, maps or research instead of memory.

You say, “Yes!” to new opportunities.

Even if the adventure appears to be a metaphorical uphill climb, you are willing to at least try.

You are willing to face your fear or worst case scenario and plod ahead.

You still see the world with wonder.

baby I'm ready to go
Are you adventurous like me? Baby, I’m ready to go!

The results:

You answered yes to 8 or more. Congratulations. You are adventurous!

4-7. You are tentative or adventurous depending on the situation.

1 – 3. You are cautious.

0. Really? I double dog dare you to try something new.

Challenge yourself in some way this week. Maybe you’ll make a discovery. How cool would that be?

I better get going or Danny will give me a little push.


Are you adventurous? What other attributes could you give someone with an adventurous spirit? Did you barefoot ski as a baby? 

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