How to Add Excitement to Your Life

Remember when you were a kid and you went out exploring, wide-eyed and full of enthusiasm? What happened to that childlike wonder? Are you so bored, you find yourself watching Bachelor in Paradise and realize you’ve hit a new low? Here are a few ideas to keep summer from becoming a yawnfest.

Take a stay-cation. Become a tourist in your own town. Check out new shops, restaurants, food, festivals, music, museums and events.

Pearl Street Mall

Check your city’s calendar. Many have summer events like outdoor movie night. Google: calendar of events for your city. Your local newspaper or Chamber of Commerce should have a website with a list. Search the web for activities. Google: summer fun. I found this! Colorado Summer Activities.

photo 2 (5)

Take a spa-cation. Eat a healthy breakfast then go out for a brisk walk. Schedule a haircut, manicure, or a massage or all three. Meet a friend for lunch or dinner someplace new. You’ll look and feel a lot better about life in general.

Go on a picnic.  Have a patio? Bring your coffee and newspaper outdoors before work. Instead of taking your lunch break at your desk, find a place to eat outside.

Plan an outing. Go on a big explore even it it’s in your backyard.

Flatiron view

Hunt for treasure. Hit a few Saturday morning garage sales, amass some goodies and then go out for coffee.

Buy tickets for a show. It’s the time of year for Shakespeare plays and concerts in the park.

Take a bike ride or a go on a hike. Join my #WRFChallenge and Tweet or Instagram your photos. Blog a post about your adventure. I’ll link you up!

the swamp

Take a home or garden tour. As summer winds down, tours heat up.

Pick out a recipe. Go to the local farmer’s market and make a farm fresh dinner. Eat it al fresco. (In the open air…)


Too hot outside? Most cities and towns have an open art gallery night once a month. Some will offer wine and cheese. Bonus!

Go to a sporting event. Tickets may be hard to find if your team has been winning, but there are tons of Rockies tickets.


Play outside. Brush the dust and spider webs from your croquet or badminton set. Challenge your family or friends to a game. Don’t have a yard? Take your games to a park and challenge new friends.

garage 2

Still feel bored? Go to a park like you did when you were a kid. Bring a blanket, a good book and pack some art supplies or pen and paper. Look around and draw, paint or write a short story or poem about what you see. Check out this list of artist’s apps for your iPad – The 8 Best iPad Apps for Artists – 2015.

artist at Coot Lake

Pick out a few of my suggestions and fill your life with adventure. Put the WILD back into your LIFE. You’re welcome.

Take this quiz to see if you’re adventurous.

Which ideas seem like fun to you? Do you have any other suggestions for readers who are bored out of their minds this summer? Are you waiting for the snowflakes to fly? Is your life already exciting?

65 thoughts on “How to Add Excitement to Your Life

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    1. I’m so glad to hear that, Eric!
      Even though we traveled a ton last summer, I feel like I wasted a lot of opportunities do fun things when at home. This year, I adjusted my attitude. We’ve had a ton of adventures and there’s still time for more!

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  1. Hope this doesn’t sound too woo-woo, but I’m almost never bored, because I have so much going on inside with my meditation practice it’s an endless interior adventure! My adventures in the world keep me grounded. Yesterday I had an exciting but restful staycation in my hotel room by alternating meditation and yoga all day, then went out for a really fun dinner at a restaurant with an outdoor patio. It was fascinating to be in the midst of the other happy diners on a beautiful summer evening!


    1. We’ve been doing that all summer. Last year we traveled a lot, but chilled when we were home. This summer we’ve been out exploring and it’s been so much fun! And if something isn’t what we expected, we go with plan B or go out to eat. Eating is always on the top of my list. I should be 300 pounds. Ha!

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  2. This is the summer where I’ve been so busy I wish I could add six hours to my day, Susie. Even though I do a lot of what you suggest regularly (attend the theater, shop at the Farmer’s Market, walk all over the place because NYC is a walker’s town), I have been overwhelmed. My workplace is in the midst of relocating and that’s been total chaos and I’m in the midst my own move which could take through the end of the year. I’m not bored at all. I’m seriously sleep-deprived.


      1. No, you haven’t missed any posts. I’ve had no time to post and I’m so behind in reading posts and commenting. The Grind is moving by month’s end. As for my personal move, that’s incredibly complicated and still several months away. New York real estate is Big Bureaucracy, and as Milton recently observed, “The biggest Lame Adventure of [my] life.” He, of course, is involved in this, too. Looking back, I think that pigeon that flew out of my chimney last month was delivering a message: “Move the hell out of here!” I’m heeding the call, but it is SO complicated.


  3. Fab ideas! When I first read the heading, I read it as “How to Add Excrement to Your Life”, naturally I was curious and started reading down, looking for the excrement. Finally went back up to read the title again, Ah, EXCITEMENT! By the way, after reading your post about the screening of Jaws at the pool, I discovered that there had been plans to show a screening of Jaws at the beach last week, near where I live (A lovely beach called Joss Bay), that would really up the stakes for scariness wouldn’t it if you were in the sea watching it! Apparently they cancelled it for fear that too many people were going to turn up, but are planning a new date that will be by invitation only or something.


    1. You made me gulp! I thought I had a terrible typo. That would not be good, especially on a Manic Monday.
      I would definitely go to the screening. It was a blast! Jaws has really stood the test of time. I hope they reschedule, so you can go.


  4. You are absolutely correct–there are often wonderful things around our own nest we fail to explore. My problem is not being bored–it’s having too much to do to be able to enjoy these things. But maybe when the oldest is off to college next week, I’ll have to take a weekend day with my hubs and the youngest and see something nearby. Great idea and wonderful pics. The mountain shot is gorgeous!


    1. Thanks Carrie! The Flatirons have become my muse this summer. I’ve taken similar shots while mountain biking at the reservoir.
      Kids make all the difference. I raced around with mine until they went to college. Then I would occasionally hear the sound of crickets. Okay. More than occasionally.

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  5. Well living in a new town certainly provides lots of opportunitites to be adventureous. I never did any of the usual things in my old hometown, because I’d already “been there, done that,” hundreds of times. It was the same old thing year after year. But here in Vicksburg everything is new so we’re checking out a lot of stuff.

    Thanks for sharing your lovely photos. I always enjoy seeing your life.

    Patricia Rickrode
    w/a Jansen Schmidt


    1. Thanks Patricia! Taking photos makes me stop and take it all in. Otherwise, I’d race right by.
      Your relocation will provide adventure for years to come. I can’t wait to read about them!


  6. Every saturday at 10:15 you can find me doing my 60 seconds of Historical Facts of my local town at the farmer’s market. I personally do walking tours and just finishes a weekend with my Elvis puppet at Puppets Up! in Almonte. I always do local things.. always.. do miss California though:(


  7. You’ve inspired me. We live a block from the Chesapeake Bay. I’m going over to go crabbing (well, watch my dogs go crabbing anyway).


  8. These are all fabulous suggestions Susie! There are so many wonderful things that go on in the communities where live but often we are too busy running away somewhere to enjoy them!


    1. Thanks Lynn!
      That is so true! Last summer we traveled so much, when we were home we relaxed and hardly went anywhere. This year I made a pact to get out there and explore while rehabbing my knee. It’s been a blast! Packing a lot into the summer, no matter what you do, makes time slow down.

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  9. Eek, do I dare admit to watching Bachelor in Paradise? In my defense, I get in plenty of daytime excursions and relax in the evening by realizing what a smart person I was when I was in my twenties. Because, I would never ……. 😉


    1. I can’t imagine being on that show when I was in my twenties. I would have been ridiculously verbal and dramatic. Ha!
      I am a huge Bachelor/Bachelorette fan and that probably won’t change, but all the drinking and the resulting crying is hard for me to watch. Not only that, but I swear it’s a 20 minute show they’ve blown up into two hours. I’ll watch if it’s recorded and I can fast forward. I do think the cast is fun, but I’m not in love with the editors.

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  10. Great post as always! I’ve enjoyed, more than enjoyed, I mean I loved your posts and enthusiasm. I also forgot to say goodbye. Goodbye for now!
    I’ve become so busy I must take a leave and dwindle down some activities. I smile when I think of you. Wish me luck on selling my novel. I need it!


  11. Hi Susie … I am guessing by your photos that you live in or around Denver. I may stop out that way for a few days at the end of this week. Any adivice for things I should try to see within a reasonable driving distance from the city for the short stay?


    1. Fantastic! I used to live in downtown Denver, 26 years ago. I’m in Niwot just outside of Boulder, now. Denver has changed a lot, for the better.
      Here’s a site that lists everything.
      I would make sure to go on a hike near Red Rocks or drive up to Golden State Park. Take in a Rockies Game. Like I said, terrible season, lots of tickets. The Rapids are a pro soccer team. You can see the most amazing soccer games at a very low price. Game on Saturday night –
      Go rafting or zip-lining – that’s in the “Denver things to do” above.
      Drive to Boulder, hike Mt. Sanitas and then go to the Pearl Street Mall. It’s a pedestrian mall. Tons of restaurants, microbreweries there too.
      Does that help or are you looking for other kinds of adventures? There’s everything from water and theme parks to bike bar tours —

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  12. Great ideas, Susie. We went to the drive-in movie last weekend. Packed a grown-up picnic (the usual stuff plus a cheap-but-decent bottle of red) sat in our lawn chairs and watched Minions. It was a ton of fun!


    1. Fantastic! I love Minions. I would love to see the newest movie. Watching while outdoors is the best especially with a picnic or popcorn. Now I’m hungry again…
      Thanks Peg!


  13. Just last week, my son and I went out on a whale watch. My first official whale watch tour boat ever! And saw orcas and puffins for my first time ever! (That said, when I was in my early 20’s I studied humpback whales for a short summer course and spent 2 weeks on the Atlantic watching whales while on a schooner). Then, just a few days ago, he and I went for a beautiful kayak paddle on the coast in a beautiful little bay and just outside it. We’ve spent a lot of his summer break playing. Now to get some work done around the yard and house while the good weather is still here. Once the rains come here to the Pacific Northwest, that’s it for painting projects outside.


  14. I do like the reminder to be more attentive to local events. I lived in Shanghai for seven years and slowly grew immune to local festivals, events, classes, concerts, etc. It wasn’t until I started working at Time Out Shanghai that I became aware again of all the great stuff going on every day. When I visit my parents in the US I always try and figure out what’s going on locally and they would never think to check out local listings for festivals or movie nights in the park. For some reason you only pay attention to these cultural opportunities when you travel.


    1. I think we get into routines and habits that are hard to break. It takes effort to seek out new adventures and energy to get out of the house. Effort and energy are two things we can count on when we are traveling. I have given myself that extra push all summer. It’s been a blast!
      I bet there is a lot going on every day in Shanghai.

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  15. Luckily I still have that childlike wonder and like to explore and wander and adventure – oh so curious and love when I can tap into it 🙂 Just get out and try new things I say – be silly, dance in the rain, laugh until it hurts, find the joy, take in the pleasures, be healthy and happy! Happy Day – Enjoy – WILD RIDE ON & ADVENTURE!!!

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  16. I need the spa or something like it, that’s next.

    I have been doing overnighters to different locales. SImple excursions packed with lots to do and see. Went to Philly, Gettysburg, Ocean City. Have Richmond, New York and Washington coming up.

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