Take the Challenge

Have you been chained to your desk this summer or have you channelled The Hulk and broken out to enjoy the nice weather? It’s not too late to join us.

Here’s how:

Share photos of your outdoor fitness adventures through Twitter and Instagram with #WRFChallenge. I’ll link you up!

Deanne Schultz posted a selfie while taking the Challenge on her birthday. Happy Belated Birthday, Deanne!

Patricia Sands has been playing tennis to enjoy the outdoors.

My daughter Courtney Lindau and her friends took an epic hike near Red Rocks.

Others have posted fitness adventure updates on their own blogs. Make sure to check them out!

Gail Storey updated us about her wild adventures exploring the Continental Divide.

S. Henry Da Frankmann took an epic bike ride then camped in the woods.

Nicci Carrera went on a walking adventure in La Jolla.

Knowing there are others in my virtual posse who have joined the WRFChallenge has been great incentive for me too.

I took an epic bike ride with my husband, Danny, last Saturday.

It’s hard to tell, but Danny is pushing his bike up a really steep hill. See that road at the very top of the photo at the horizon line? That’s where we started. We rode into Boulder from Eagle Trail then headed east to LOBO Trail then collapsed.

The Boulder Res

There is still time to post your adventures. Take a photo and post it on Instagram or Twitter or blog about one of your adventures.

Your virtual posse is waiting for you. 

Are you ready for some adventure in your life? Have you been outside exploring this summer? Are you ready to join the Wild Rider Challengers?

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25 thoughts on “Take the Challenge

Add yours

        1. That’s the cool bonus when they leave the nest. I no longer live my life by semesters. It took a while to get out of the habit. Now we plan vacations in September. 🙂


            1. The oldest is the worst. It shoves us into a “the next phase” of empty nesting.
              I was lucky in having both kids go to college in state. It wasn’t as hard as if they had gone to New York or California.


  1. Thanks for the mention, Susie! Just got back from lifting weights at the gym – the WRFChallenge continues. If I could only score tickets to the PGA Championship, which is being played right down the road from our house… 😉


    1. Good luck! Try Stub Hub. You never know.
      That’s so great that you are exercising. I need to hit the weights too. Thanks for the motivation. I’ll add it to my list when I #setgoals on Twitter.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Inspiring – spent time away from screen to do yard work and get outside. Felt great. Today, inside cleaning desk and getting ready for school to start. Then I can inspire kids to greatness, at least that’s the plan. Have a great day.


    1. Excellent Clay! Yard work is a great way to get exercise outdoors. Getting ready for Back to School can be exciting with all the possibilities out there waiting for you! I’m sure you’ll be very inspiring.


  3. You know, Susie, I DID get outdoors this summer, and on a mountaintop, no less, but the only pics I shared were on Facebook. The weather was terrific, I’m glad to say. Good post!


  4. Sorry to be so late coming to this party… it’s been crazy here! I just wrote my first story since… February!!! I always forget about Instagram. I will have to look at my photos and see if there is one of me doing anything remotely resembling fitness. Does a strenuous photo shoot count??? I’ll post one now and you let me know. In the meantime, I’ll try to post something for your next Fitness Photo Post.

    BTW… when do I get to come to that bookstore in Boulder?


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