Heads UP! Something New for You.

head's up

So you’re a blogger and your stats are down, your regular commenters seem to be on vacation and your steady stream of followers has dried up to a trickle.

Two reasons why:

  1. We’re all busy. There’s a lot of competition out there.
  2. WP Engineers pulled the “You May Like” from alongside the “Blogs I Follow” in the Reader. This is the first crack down on Spam Following. There may be more to come. Lots of scalawags were abusing the system. Have you seen brand new bloggers with over a thousand likes on one post? I have. They “spam follow” thousands to get tons of views and follow-backs.

So how can I help you?

Many don’t have time to sit and read blog posts during blog parties, so I came up with a brand new party idea.


DROP off a link to your blog in my comment section on Saturday with a hook or one line to tell us about it. HOP to a few other blogs. Like what you see? Subscribe. Maybe they’ll click back to your blog.

FAST! EASY! It’s like speed-dating with blogs.

The very first Drop and Hop Party begins this Saturday, August 22nd at 6:00 AM Mountain Time.

Stop by anytime. My parties always become ragers. Spread the word and don’t forget your dancing shoes!

Do you like the idea of a Drop and Hop?

UPDATE: The Drop and Hop is HoPpInG! Click HERE to join the Fun!

56 thoughts on “Heads UP! Something New for You.

Add yours

  1. Susie – it’s that time of the year when I drop off the radar, so to speak. School is back and it is RAGING! I still write, I really enjoy it and reading, but I can only read so much – you’re one of those I love to read and leave messages and there are many more. I’ll be back and I’ll hop…. Let’s go do the hop…. Sent you a tweet!


    1. Thanks so much, Brenda!
      Back before the “You May Like,” I used to host Use Me and Abuse Me Days to boost followers. Bloggers dropped off links to a particular post. I read ALL of them! I don’t have the time and neither do a lot of others, so I thought a drop and hop might be a better concept. Speed dating for bloggers! Ha!
      Hope to see you tomorrow. 🙂


    1. Tomorrow my blog will become a site for everyone to mingle and speed date. A much faster way to meet others. Drop your link along with everyone else with a short hook and click on a few. No need to read a ton, just check out their blog and maybe you’ll find some to subscribe to!
      Hope to see you tomorrow, Carl!


    1. Thanks Linda!
      Like you, I have a lot going on. Working on three writing projects takes a lot of time. I thought a Drop and Hop would be a faster way to meet other bloggers and pick up a few new subscribers!
      See you tomorrow!


    1. If you use the WordPress Reader, it was at the bottom of your list of topics/tags for a long time. It’s still alongside Freshly Pressed.
      This is a party that won’t require a lot of reading. I used to host Use Me and Abuse Me Days. They started out HUGE before the You May Like feature. Everyone left a link to a particular post, but I don’t have time to read for hours like I used to, hence the Drop and Hop. Leave a hook about your blog and hop to as many as you like!
      Hope to see you hopping here tomorrow!

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    1. Me too! I had posted the date of the party on my About Me page two weeks ago, but I came up with the Drop and Hop idea while taking a walk last night after we talked on Twitter.
      “Speed dating” to build community may be a lot less time-consuming and a lot more fun! Maybe this will bring new followers and commenters to all of our blogs. 🙂
      See you tomorrow!

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    1. Thanks Lynn!
      I used to host a party where everyone brought a link to a particular post. I read ALL of them. It took way too much time, hence the Drop and Hop concept. Should be a fun time!
      See you tomorrow!


  2. It’s a great idea, Susie. Like you, my blogging time is just limited, especially during the summer. I’ve been doing some art shows for my photography and with gardening, working, etc., etc., blogging gets put on the back burner. I’ll stop by in the morning and participate. You’re such a great hostess!


    1. Thanks Cathy! My Use Me and Abuse Me Days are over. Like most people, I don’t have time to read thirty or forty blog posts at a party. Dropping a link to a blog and Hopping to a few others to check them out should be super fast and easy!
      See you tomorrow!


    1. Thanks!
      Ha! That’s what I was thinking too. I’ll include this example tomorrow:
      “Susie Lindau’s Wild Ride” is about my wild Colorado adventures. You’ll find photos, humor and what’s it like to be a Wild Rider who has faced many challenges. “Bring it on, life!” is my mantra. http://susielindau.com
      See you tomorrow, Maggie!

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    1. Hey Catherine! You’ve been busy with your artwork and your kids.
      This party will be a little different. Drop a link to your blog with a hook telling us what it’s about, then hop to others. I think it will be a lot faster and fun!
      See you on the dance floor!


  3. 6:00 AM Mountain Time is early for any sort of get together. Make sure you have plenty of coffee. I’ll hop on over to your Drop and Hop once I pour mine.

    You are quite the blog party hostess, Susie.


    1. Thanks Bruce!
      It will be afternoon for my European friends. Ha!
      The tables will be loaded with the usual virtual brunch fare and coffee will be flowing.
      This should be a lot faster than the old Use Me and Abuse Me Day Parties. DROP a link with a hook about your blog and then HOP from blog to blog. You may want to put a lid on your coffee to prevent spills. 🙂


  4. WordPress simply refuses to allow it’s site owners the capability to remove followers. Just plain stupid… I have said for years that this and other practices by WordPress put’s them square in the middle of the spam problem by helping spammers. If I find something better than WordPress in the future, I will move.

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    1. Here, here! I can’t tell you the number of followers I have who have never read a single post. I have no issues with people who check me out and decide I’m not their cup of tea. But following just to hope for a follow back is just tacky.

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      1. That is exactly what’s going on. I met a WordPress Web Designer who said they would be cracking down on Blog Follow spamming. That must have been the first step. He alluded to creating some kind of warning, but I’m not sure about that. Maybe they’ll go straight to spam prison! Ha!
        Hope to see you tomorrow!

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    2. The spam I’m talking about are real writers and bloggers, but follow for follow-backs similar to Instagram and Twitter. This platform is really different. WP wants its bloggers to build community not numbers. I spoke with a WP Web Designer and he said there are a lot of improvements in the works.

      WP cleans out most of the real spammers. Askimet does a pretty good job. I’m glad my readers don’t have to type in random letters or numbers in order to leave comments.

      Hope to see you tomorrow, John!

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  5. What a great idea! Your parties are always fabulous, and I’ve connected with some fabulous bloggers. I’m getting my running shoes on to get ready to hop around! Your comment above says no need to read a ton, but as I hop, I know I’ll be reading, reading all sorts of blogs. Better make sure I’ve got my readers on!


    1. It will be great for those of us who have our weekend mapped out, but want to join in the fun and follow a few blogs. I like the idea of checking out their blog, but not having to read tons of posts. For me, that has always meant burning the midnight oil, reading every single one.
      This should be so much easier!
      Thanks so much, John!

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  6. Great idea…. catch you in the morning. I waved as we passed by your old stomping grounds (Madison) the other day. Now I’m sitting at a friends home in Marshfield WI….. cows, cornfields, and cheese 🙂


  7. An updated “Use and Abuse Day” – cliffnotes style.
    Time is an issue – especially as fall arrives and who wants to stay inside?
    As much fun as it sounds, I’m not around blog land much on weekend – I try to get some writing done normally, but this time it looks like we’re going to prep for some remodel projects (not looking forward to this but better with just one dog around trying to eat workmen)
    Always interesting people checking into the parties and I can run by later for that or any of the other posts. Who needs the WP “You may like” suggestions when the comment sections always have icons/people to go visit?
    Have a great weekend and a super party!


    1. Right on, Phil! I agree with every one of your points. Come by anytime. The links will be in the comments! I’ll put a photo to click on in my sidebar so everyone can find it later.


  8. Great idea! Yeah, WordPress has had its share of spamming, alas. I also think there’s something odd about the way likes work – I’ve had posts which initially gain a lot more likes than views. I gather that mobile views don’t count, which may explain it. Not sure. I’ve also had spam followers, and I figure that if the WP engineers crack down heavily on spam blogs, all of us genuine bloggers’ follower counts will drop. But it’s better to have a few genuine followers than a lot of stat-bloating numbers. And, to me, what really counts is a wonderful community of like-minded people, around the world, sharing ideas & having a wild ride!


    1. No likes count as views. Since readers can like from the reader without clicking to a blog, a blogger can get more likes than views. They won’t change that. I asked. The spam follower thing is a carry over from other social media sites where people follow for follow backs.
      My party is raging with a lot new amazing bloggers to check out! Drop and hop, Matthew!

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