Drop and Hop! A new way to gain followers.

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Ready to gain new followers? The party starts right now. It will be fast and fun. It’s like speed-dating for blog followers!

DROP a link to your blog in my comments and include a pitch that describes what you write about.


“Susie Lindau’s Wild Ride” is about my wild Colorado adventures. You’ll find photos, humor and what’s it like to be a Wild Rider who has faced a few challenges. “Bring it on, life!” is my mantra. http://susielindau.com

HOP to other blogs and check them out. Like what you see? Subscribe. Want them to know you came from the Drop and Hop Party? Leave a comment on one of their blog posts or come back here and comment on their pitch.

Blast this link out on Twitter and Facebook or whatever flavor social media you prefer. The more that participate, the more followers you will gain.

The freshest bakery has been flown in from France and the tables are laden with buffet-style brunch. The barista can make anything you like. The bar is always open.


My son, DJ KSmash, is in the house, so don’t forget to dance!

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Thanks for stopping by the Wild Ride! I hope you’ll follow my blog.

Click to follow my Wild Tweets here – @susielindau and Susie Lindau’s Wild Ride on Facebook. I post photos on Instagram at Susie_Lindau.

164 thoughts on “Drop and Hop! A new way to gain followers.

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        If you want to add BEV’S BLOG to your reader, click on the cog next to the “Following” on the blue bar above Freshly Pressed. Simply paste it into the “enter a blog url you would like to follow.” Shazam!


    1. I love reading about your adventures across the United States. You were in Denver and now you’re close to my home town, Madison! I’m sure there will be lots of people who will enjoy virtually traveling with you too.


  1. I write about everything but for the last 6 months I write about local history. You have it, I have it and if someone does not keep it alive we are doomed. Did you know there was a wallpaper tax? Did you there is probably murals hidden under years of wallpaper? It does not matter where you live the history of life amounts to all the same.

    The Mystery Murals of The Queen’s and Mississippi Hotel

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    1. That is super cool, Linda! Good thing for wallpaper!
      I’ve been following you since the first post I blogged on Open Salon. You have such expressive writing often with a little humor and have really embraced your community. I love your blog! I’m sure others will too!


  2. https://domingosaurusrex.wordpress.com/

    As the title of my blog (Not Necessarily About Dinosaurs or Anything Else) suggests, I follow no theme, and until my very latest post I didn’t even really ever talk much about dinosaurs. (Until my latest post that is.) Over half of my blogs are autobiographical self deprecating humorous stories about ridiculous things that I have done. (And I have done a lot of ridiculous things) But sometimes I just ramble on about stuff.

    Also I had planned to write and post one blog per day throughout the entire month of August, and so far I have succeeded! (A Herculean task if you know my usual habits.)

    I have bookmarked this page and I promise I will come back and visit each and every blog showcased here later on this afternoon, but to be honest I have a bunch of stuff to do today, yet here I sit in front of my computer, procrastinating. Later! 🙂

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  3. http://aminaberg.com – “The Journey of an Unbroken Spirit” is about my life and experiences (including my pain and sorrows) as a passenger; discovering a deeper connection to my authentic self and the world around me. I’m an aspiring author. I write poetry, life lessons and inspiration. I hope to inspire or even engage as I share with you my story, thoughts and emotions.

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    1. Nice to meet you, Mandi!
      Love your blog. Being a mom can be stressful, but you take the tense moments and find the sweet spot! How very cool!
      Thanks for stopping by to DROP and HOP! I hope you enjoy meeting new bloggers. More are rolling in the door every hour!


  4. I’m looking forward to visiting lots of new blogs today 🙂
    Norm 2.0 is mostly photography with my #ThursdayDoors series really starting to gain some traction these days, but every once in a while I manage to put words together in complete sentences too. Here’s one of my recent fave humor pieces: http://wp.me/p4yv1P-Cs


  5. “What Rhymes with Stanza? ~ Words at Rest, Words at Play” is where I share my love of writing, poetry and photography, usually with humor but making occasional forays into seriousness. You might say it’s an eclectic compilation of wordery and photogery. (Or you might not say that, since wordery and photogery aren’t real words.) Hope you visit ~ http://whatrhymeswithstanza.com/

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    1. You also have the most extraordinary adventures abroad!
      Thanks for stopping by to DROP and HOP, Barb! Have fun meeting all the guests. This should be a little faster than usual. Speed-dating for bloggers. Ha!


  6. My husband and I moved to a teeny, tiny state, Brunei about 2 months ago and while he works very hard to earn our bread I stay home planning our next adventure, which doesn’t always quite work out the way we hope/expect. But that’s life I suppose- full of funny surprises. So now I try to capture some of that humour (as well as our surroundings with my trusty camera and/or not so trusty iPhone 5). You can read all about our travels here: http://thetravellingdish.com/2015/08/18/water-fools/

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  7. Hello, Susie. Thanks again for bringing folks together. Sorry, I’m a little late, but between Windows 10 grief and finally, spending a little time with last night’s baseball box scores and today’s upcoming match ups, I couldn’t get here any earlier.

    Hello to your guests as well, some of whom are already blogging buddies. To the others who care to meet me, come visit me at Ram On. I write from the SF Bay Area.

    There’s no particular theme here on Ram On, so I’ll mingle with Susie’s party guests and discuss all sorts of things with you.


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    1. I LOVE how you did your “about” page! And, even though I’m not really huge on sports, I wrote a blog about baseball recently, myself. It was my own take on the infamous “Twelve Cent Beer Night.” which I personally think is the funniest baseball incident ever. (A close second being Disco Demolition Night.) It’s the scandals I love.


  8. Hi Susie, and thanks! My blog, http://fredrifephotos.com, is “mostly photos, occasionally words” in which I attempt to find beauty in the world…as an outlet leaning towards art and not strictly documentation. Wyoming/Colorado photos and photos from my travels or my back yard. Life can be challenging (wife’s ovarian cancer last year, but doing well) but life can also be full of hope and beauty. Take care, and be well!

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    1. Amazing photographs!
      I’m glad your wife is recovering. I’m a breast cancer survivor. It’s still hard for me to say that. I can’t believe I went through it two years ago. I’m Rockin’ and Rollin’ now! It’s way behind me in the rear view mirror.

      I’m in Colorado too. We hiked Brainard Lake this afternoon. Shhhh! I skipped out of the party for a couple of hours. We saw a moose (cow) and a calf in the woods and a HUGE bull moose in the meadow on the way back. Super cool.
      Hope you have fun meeting the other guests!


      1. Thank you, Susie! I’m glad you’re rocking and rolling now. I found your blog when my wife was going through surgeries/treatments last year and I really appreciated your attitude and approach…thanks for being inspiring! And it sounds like you had quite a day of hiking yesterday…super cool indeed. Thanks for the Drop and Hop…I’ve met other guests and it is indeed fun…thanks!


    1. I love your blog and have enjoyed traveling vicariously with you through my State of Colorado to my home State of Wisconsin. I can’t wait to see where you’re headed next!
      Thanks for stopping and Hopping!

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  9. I see you all started early, but kept the party going, of course, with Susie as your hostess, I knew this party would be awesome!!!
    Thanks, Susie, for giving us this opportunity to meet and greet other bloggers!!! 🙂
    My name is Donna, I blog over at http://yadadarcyyada.com about, well, life the universe and everything with a lot of humour…
    I just celebrated my 2 year Blog Birthday so drop over and share a link http://yadadarcyyada.com/2015/08/06/shout-shout-my-2-year-blog-birthday-let-it-all-out/ and check out my archives. 🙂
    Thanks again, Susie, I’m now off to share and drop in on some amazing bloggers!!! 🙂

    Liked by 3 people

    1. I thought your name was Darcy! Ha! There’s gotta be a good story behind your blog name.
      I really enjoy your take on life and of course your snark is the best!
      Thanks so much for the shouts on Twitter. The party should roll into next week! I’m paying the barista and bartender double overtime…


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