Drop and Hop! A new way to gain followers.

DJ KSmash

Ready to gain new followers? The party starts right now. It will be fast and fun. It’s like speed-dating for blog followers!

DROP a link to your blog in my comments and include a pitch that describes what you write about.


“Susie Lindau’s Wild Ride” is about my wild Colorado adventures. You’ll find photos, humor and what’s it like to be a Wild Rider who has faced a few challenges. “Bring it on, life!” is my mantra. https://susielindau.wordpress.com

HOP to other blogs and check them out. Like what you see? Subscribe. Want them to know you came from the Drop and Hop Party? Leave a comment on one of their blog posts or come back here and comment on their pitch.

Blast this link out on Twitter and Facebook or whatever flavor social media you prefer. The more that participate, the more followers you will gain.

The freshest bakery has been flown in from France and the tables are laden with buffet-style brunch. The barista can make anything you like. The bar is always open.


My son, DJ KSmash, is in the house, so don’t forget to dance!

Free download:

Thanks for stopping by the Wild Ride! I hope you’ll follow my blog.

Click to follow my Wild Tweets here – @susielindau and Susie Lindau’s Wild Ride on Facebook. I post photos on Instagram at Susie_Lindau.

164 thoughts on “Drop and Hop! A new way to gain followers.

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  1. Love this idea, Susie! I’m a retired psychotherapist turned mystery writer, so I blog mostly about psychological topics that I think folks will find interesting. I’m the main blogger at a group blog. We also chat about writing, life in general, and anything else that strikes our fancy over at http://misteriopress.com

    Can’t wait to check out some of these blogs. Oh, and you all should definitely pop over to Barb Taub’s blog. She’s hysterical!!

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    1. Thanks for stopping by to hop, Kassandra! I’m sure readers will love your informative blog.
      It looks like you did a little hopping already. New faces have appeared in the crowd, so stop by anytime!


    1. After what you have been through, I am amazed at your positive outlook! Everyone will love this inspirational blog.
      Thanks for Dropping and Hopping! More guests are still arriving, so stop back anytime.

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  2. I’m late to the party, but I’ve filled up my queue with all new blogs to read! Thanks Susie for hosting a party. 🙂

    My name is Jess and I blog about the humorous things in life – whether it’s sh*t my husband says while sleeping, phone calls with the government, or home teeth whitening! I’m also a total book nerd and occasionally share book reviews or book lists. https://jesswitkins.wordpress.com/

    Come by and say hi! Or follow on social media. I’m a big fan of Twitter and instagram.

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  3. Thanks a million Susie!!!!!!!

    My blog is … http://theivorytide.com/ and presently I’m writing articles related to my novel “Into the Vines.”

    I’m busy but totally in control of my life —–> right!?! I have two other blogs, one for poetry and posts, and finally my author blog using my pen name, carolineclemens.com. I’ve had a lot of fun learning and trying new things over the last five years thanks to Susie and others on the net.

    I never do anything social and today I’m totally booked, so my newest article at theivorytide.com will appear tomorrow, when I’ll be back to read your comment section. Tonight I’m going to a Billy Joel tribute band.

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    1. Sounds like you are a busy lady, Caroline! It’s always good to “see” you. I’m sure others will enjoy checking out your blog and books!
      The party is still rolling, so come back anytime!


  4. A clink of the virtual cocktail glass to you, Susie, and all the “party people!”
    I blog about the the joys of small plot and suburban gardening in the Kentucky part of the Ohio River Valley with Ms. Professor, two offspring, one dog and one cat. Plus anything else that might strike my fancy. Cheers, Ben

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  5. I like to write about observations in life, the benefits of taking risks, and being an inspiration to yourself and others. Let’s all lift our hands off the safety bar as we take the roller coaster of life, and feel the wind in our faces as let go and enjoy the journey. Also I like to introduce people all over the world to the little bit of paradise where I live, a small town in British Columbia, Canada named Penticton.
    https://dfolstad58.wordpress.com/ to visit my blog

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  6. Thanks, as always, for the opportunity to share and discover new bloggers.

    I blog at http://www.audreykalman.com, where I share in-the-trenches observations from a novelist, ideas about storytelling, and the challenges of marketing in the cacophonous online world. More recently, I’ve started sharing more personal reflections on life from the viewpoint of a somewhat angst-ridden writer. I also often write about various aspects philosophy, science, culture, and technology–and generally what it means to be human.

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  7. This is great, Susie! I love your blog posts. Always so inspirational!

    I don’t really have a particular theme. I write about whatever interests me at the moment. I do have an “Authors Give Back” series which features authors who give back via their favorite charitable organizations either through time, donations, or giving part of their book proceeds. I really love this series and have had some fantastic guests over the years. If any of you are interested in being featured, just contact me via my website contact form, and I’ll let you know what I need from you. I’ve also shared posts on my favorite books, book reviews, and on societal issues such as domestic violence, alcohol/drug addiction, and posts about family court and child custody. Pretty eclectic, huh?

    Rhonda Hopkins, Author of Dark Fiction ~~ Where Reality and Fiction Collide

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    1. Thanks so much!
      I’ve known you for a while, Rhonda, and didn’t realize you had written so many books! You are a busy lady! I’m sure my readers will love to stop by to see what you’ve been up to!
      Thanks for stopping by my Drop and Hop! There are so many new faces in crowd. Stop by anytime to meet new bloggers!


  8. This is so fun, I’m very glad you came up with the Drop and Hop!! I look forward to meeting new bloggers!
    My blog is for my thoughts, I write about what I’ve been doing in my life, movie reviews here and there (of my take on them, of course!), short stories I’ve written, and just really anything! Come check it out to learn more, and stay awhile if you wish. 🙂 http://aidyl93.wordpress.com

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    1. So you’re in a band and are starting a channel too! Most excellent. Loved your creepy flash fiction. Lots to read on your blog!
      Thanks for stopping by to Drop and Hop! Come back to click on few links, anytime!

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  9. This is great and I look forward to discovering many new blogs here.
    My blog is called Lessons from my daughter and is about Emily (my daughter) who has cri du chat syndrome and although all doctors agreed she would do nothing, she learns and continues to define herself as opposed to letting her diagnosis define her.

    Below is one of my favorite post. I hope you will enjoy it.


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    1. You are such a fabulous mom! I loved reading your blog. I’m sure that others who stop by will be inspired too!
      Thanks for Dropping a link! Have fun Hopping to other blogs. There are wonderful bloggers here today!

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  10. Woo hoo! A party! Thanks for the invite. After a crazy busy day, I finally made it. Please accept my gift of a plate of 7 layer nachos and some margarita mix.

    My blog, Life Is A Journey, Not A Guided Tour (https://mariner2mother.wordpress.com/) began over 5 years ago as a place for me to write my “stuff” out, as writing has always been an outlet for me. Along the way, a weird and wonderful happened: I woke up spiritually and discovered this thing called energy healing. It totally caught me by surprise and has given me a new perspective on life. A former merchant marine deck officer, I’m now a stay at home mom to one special and challenging 12 year old son, who has given me an unexpected education on invisible disabilities. Curious by nature, and a lifelong learner, I’ve been writing about my healing journey, life as a mother, and sharing my passion of photography.

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    1. I love your blog and I’m sure others will too! I especially admire your honesty when facing life’s challenges. They seem to come in waves, don’t they?
      Thanks for dropping a link! Have fun hopping to other blogs and don’t forget to dance!


  11. This is a great idea and opportunity! Thanks for the invitation of drop by!

    My blog is Gossip From the Girlfriend Gatherings http://www.gossipfromthegirlfriendgatherings.com

    I listen to the lives of the women in my family and friendships to blog about those things that interest and enlighten them.
    The idea for my blog sprung from questions posed to me every month by a male friend after my attendance at the monthly brunch with my girlfriends. Every month he would basically ask the same question, “What do y’all talk about while drinking all those mimosas?” and every month I would reply with a smile “What do you THINK we talk about?”
    My blog exist to present some of those discussion topics and to invite women to participate in a “virtual” girlfriend gathering as we share positively and learn from one another.
    My tagline is “Learning from YOU to empower ME!”

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    1. You have a very eclectic blog! I love your concept of a girl’s night out kind of banter. I really enjoyed clicking around.
      Thanks so much for stopping to Drop! Have fun HoPpInG to other blogs to meet the guests!


      1. Yes I will definetely be checking out DROP more! It´s both sad and enjoyable to think upon distant memories! Coincidences are found everywhere :-). Thanks you so much for liking my photography!


    1. Fun times! I love your blog! I love how you are a reluctant adventurer. Ha!
      Thanks for bringing a link to DROP! Have fun HOPPING to other blogs! And don’t forget to dance.


    1. Woohoo! Glad you stopped by, Guat! The party is rollin’. There are so many new faces. All brought links to most excellent blogs. I’ve worked my way from the bottom! There’s a ton of new people too!

      Hey everyone! You’ll love my friend, The Guat’s blog about life in California. She is a wild adventure girl, like me!


  12. Evening all. Hope you are enjoying the banging party.

    I have noticed there are a few of you on here I like to read and there are new peeps whom look exciting. Thanks for the Party Susie.

    My blog is no doubt different, just like me. I’m an artist (although not that good or even paid), I’m a brewer of the beer (bit better than an artist and paid) and I love the garden/outdoors. So that’s pretty much my blog with some musings thrown in and some tunes for good measure. Here’s last weeks blog. Hope it is to your liking.


  13. Wow – what a generous thing to do Suzie (having read your posts for almost a year now I am not surprised, you rock!)

    I am a Scot, living in the UAE and spending as much time as I can in the desert. I blog about our journeys in the UAE and Oman, about life in the UAE as an expat and occasional hints and tips on offroad driving here. I love to take photos and share some of these on my blog – one culture’s normal is another one’s bizarre!


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  14.     I grew up in a cave where we survived using the Apparatus of the Gods.. I’m traveling with the High Priestess and trying to make alliances to stop the former High Priestess from taking over the world. It’s a bit stressful, but I am also writing free-verse poetry and trying to help the Guardian of the Forbidden Zone make the World’s Largest Pizza times two. I have the poems at home, and the ENTRIES for the adventures at the “Latest Posts tab” : it’s a work in progress.
    I’m here:


    1. You are the poetry king! Thanks for dropping a link. The party has died down, but it’s never too late to click on a few links. Tell them, “Susie sent me,” and they should click to your blog!


  15. “Drop and hop” instead of “Use and Abuse.” Probably gives off a more uplifting vibe. 😉 Your place is always the hip and happenin’ joint, Susie. Hop on!


      1. Thanks Peg! I’m still cleaning up. What a rager. Ksmash is already playing at his next gig!

        The idea is to pitch your blog instead of a post. It’s much faster for people to hop from blog to blog. It’s speed-dating for new blogs to follow!

        The You May Like was getting abused by people following hundreds a day for followbacks. There may come a time when following more than 20 at a time throws people in spam prison or sends a warning. I went to a blog of someone who had liked my post. She just started in May and had a few thousand likes on one post. WHAT??? Spam blogger.


  16. Is it too late to crash this party?

    I’ve been doing some hoppin’! Here is a link that is part of the fun we have in 3D. It part of the amazing escapades of a charmed 7 year old girl and part travel blog as we check out the sites of a beautiful town, Charleston, SC. http://ourlifein3d.com/2015/08/04/6654/

    I mean really how many 7 yr olds get to spend the weekend sleeping on a real air craft carrier, watch dolphins play, hear some real pirate stories all on one weekend? And the package was just given to her… She’s a wild original one, not unlike our host here at the Drop n Hop. Party on Wayne!


    1. Thanks so much for dropping a link! I love reading about your family’s adventures. You’ve been on quite a few of then lately.
      I’ve been cleaning up after the party animals, but it’s not to late to click on a few links! Tell them, “Susie sent me,” and they should click back to your place! Keep on HoPpInG!

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