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DJ KSmash

Ready to gain new followers? The party starts right now. It will be fast and fun. It’s like speed-dating for blog followers!

DROP a link to your blog in my comments and include a pitch that describes what you write about.


“Susie Lindau’s Wild Ride” is about my wild Colorado adventures. You’ll find photos, humor and what’s it like to be a Wild Rider who has faced a few challenges. “Bring it on, life!” is my mantra. https://susielindau.wordpress.com

HOP to other blogs and check them out. Like what you see? Subscribe. Want them to know you came from the Drop and Hop Party? Leave a comment on one of their blog posts or come back here and comment on their pitch.

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The freshest bakery has been flown in from France and the tables are laden with buffet-style brunch. The barista can make anything you like. The bar is always open.


My son, DJ KSmash, is in the house, so don’t forget to dance!

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Thanks for stopping by the Wild Ride! I hope you’ll follow my blog.

Click to follow my Wild Tweets here – @susielindau and Susie Lindau’s Wild Ride on Facebook. I post photos on Instagram at Susie_Lindau.

164 thoughts on “Drop and Hop! A new way to gain followers.

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    1. Love your blog! What a crazy experience you had. I would have been totally freaked out.
      Thanks for stopping by to DROP! Have fun clicking on a few links and HoPpInG to other blogs. Tell them, “Susie sent me,” and they should click back to yours!


    2. Re: “Exits”
      It sounds like sleep paralysis, a disorder of the sleep cycles. When we are dreaming the body paralyzes us so that we don’t physically act out our dreams. But in the different stages of sleep we’re supposed to return to normal. Some people don’t. Have you considered that it might be this? Your awareness and odd sleep pattern seems to fit in with a sleep disorder like “sleep paralysis.” However, the visitors does sound like a whole other issue. Scary stuff. Also, I was thinking that your “meditational healing routine” might be putting you in an altered state-of-consciousness which maybe you should end and wake up from before going to sleep. Meditation does often involve being “relaxed” and awake at the same time. Maybe you’re telling yourself to “relax” too much and not waking up the body to normal action and you’re falling asleep with that self command still extant.

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  1. Yeah, yeah, I am so sorry to be dropping in here so late. Hope it’s ok to crash the party. You rock for always doing this. I promise I won’t have the cops show up here again.

    There are some new partygoers here that I will check out.

    The Regular Guy NYC – Being a NYC dude my blog is just a regular guy’s view of life, food, cocktails, fitness, and fun. I cover a bit of everything, from the restaurants I eat at, to the events around town, and the people I have to deal with on a daily basis. Some posts are just my warped humerous spin on life here too. Rants and ravings! It’s all in fun.



  2. Howdy. I write funny stuff. I create some characters and I borrow others. I created My Agent 54 character for my blog.


    Agent 54 : Is a regular guy. He has a sense of humor and an active imagination. He works for the Nominal Secrets Apparatus (NSA) under the DORD (Department of Redundancy Department) as a Listener/Reader. His job is to read, view or listen to data collected by the NSA and determine if there is a risk to national security. He reports to his bosses, H. Cuffs and Max (Agent 86). He doesn’t take his job too seriously because he knows he’s spying on regular people most of the time.


  3. Just discovered your blog…..love it!

    At mine, https://teresamiller.wordpress.com you will find a wide range of topics, mostly those things I feel very passionate about and LOTS of introspective musings about myself and my experiences. I also like to toss in some cool winery, restaurant and store reviews as well. I’d love it if you’d skip on over and take a peek! 🙂


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