A Glimmer of Gold – Photo Essay

Aspens Pre-season

Swaying in the wind, trees keep rhythm in nature’s dance.

Aspens Lost Lake

The brisk wind gossips with the aspens while dressing them in brilliant gold.

Early aspens

Their gowns swish as winter’s breath blows their brilliant leaves and scatters them through the night.

Early aspens 1

Soon golden leaves will blanket roots until skeletal remains rot under silent snowflakes. By the time the aspens are stripped bare, nature’s dance will have ended and they’ll be sound asleep to dream of dancing once more.


This is the end of the Wild Rider Fitness Challenge. Do you have an outdoor adventure you would like to share? Leave a link in the comment section. Thank you for virtually challenging me to go outside and exercise!

Are the leaves changing in your neck of the woods? Do you love fall or do you miss summer already? 

86 thoughts on “A Glimmer of Gold – Photo Essay

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  1. Your pictures are beautiful. I’m already missing summer. I think I need to move somewhere that winter doesn’t visit. The fall colors are beautiful, but they always make me feel melancholy.


    1. Thanks Catherine! There will be more to come with planned trips to the mountains ahead.

      I have the opposite reaction to the fall color. I look forward to baking, decorating for Halloween, preparing for upcoming holidays and of course, skiing! Late winter always gets to me. Then I’m ready for the magic of spring. 🙂


    1. I missed your comment, Miss Peg!
      Thanks so much. I’m ready too. It rained early this morning and it’s clouding up again. It’s dropped twenty degrees since Sunday. Yay! I’m ready for fall color down here in Boulder.


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