Drop and Hop for New Followers, If You Dare…

Boston graveyard

Want new followers? The party starts right now. It will be fast and fun. Speed is good especially when zombies may lurk and your name is whispered by the wind. OooOOoooOOOoooo…..

DROP a link to your blog in the comments, including a pitch, describing what you write about.

haunted drop and hop

HOP to other blogs and check them out. Like what you see? Subscribe. Want them to know you came from the Drop and Hop Party? Tell them, “Susie sent me,” and they should click back to your haunt.

Blast this link on Twitter and Facebook or whatever flavor social media you prefer. The more that participate, the more followers you will gain.

The witch’s brew is bubbling and the finger sandwiches are fresh. The barista can make anything you like. The bar is always open.

The party will last as long as the ever living dead, so stop by anytime. 


Please consider following my blog too, or else…. *insert cackle here*


72 thoughts on “Drop and Hop for New Followers, If You Dare…

Add yours

  1. Susie – you are a gas and awesome that you do this for your fellow bloggers. I’m a bit fashionably late to the party. Damn work travel gets in the way of fun! Hope it’s not too late, and I’ll check out some blogs here.

    Hi all! My name is Phil and I’m just a regular guy that blogs about my NYC life. Lots of food, events, drinks, ranting and raving, and my own oddball twist on my pet peeves and daily observations of living in the big city. I try to be a bit humorous and keep it real too.

    The Regular Guy NYC – Just a regular guy’s view of life, food, cocktails, fitness, and fun!



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