12 New Blog Post Ideas and Writing Prompts

12 New Writing Prompts and Blog Post Ideas to BANISH writer's block! Garden, Fountain, Writers, Bloggers, Authors, Writing tips, Blogging tips, #writers, #Bloggers #writingprompts #writing

Need a new blog post? Seeing a lot of the same ideas floating around the Interwebs and don’t want to drown in oversaturation? Trying to come up with something new but just can’t think of anything? Here are 12 new blog post ideas for whatever time of year it is, even if it’s not November and NaBloPoMo.

I thought NaBloPoMo was a new game of swimming pool tag.

“NABLO!” I shout with my eyes closed.

“Pomo,” replies a meek little voice while splashing away.

When I discovered it stood for National Blog Posting Month, where participants are expected to post something (anything), every single freakin’ day for one month, I knew I was out. I had looked forward to NaNoWriMo, National Novel Writing Month, and had planned to finish a couple projects. Well, that isn’t happening either. Last year I enjoyed riding the super soaker tidal wave of tireless typists. (Say that three times fast.)

I’ve noticed a few blogging friends huffing and puffing their way to the halfway point. Some have posted about how hard it is to come up with new ideas. Many blank out under pressure. The stage is empty as the restless crowd murmurs. Someone in the cheap seats coughs while the clock ticks away. Tick…Tock…Tick…

Nanowrimo 5

My problem is having too many ideas, which comes from having a creative, ADD mind and not enough time, so I thought I’d share a few links. I hope to fill your stage with self-effacing stories, snowstorm driving, swooping airplane jockeys, crazy dreams, imps, and wimps, but first things first.

Relax and click on the blue links. Let ideas flow onto your empty stage with a new storyline and cast of characters. Open your mind. Release the tension from your neck and shoulders. Feel yourself float above your computer as ideas rush into your head. …zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz…..

*snort* What? Oh, you’re still here. *clears throat*

Here is a list of 12 blog post ideas to make writing a lot easier. Not a writer? Sit back, relax and read on and try not to fall asleep:  

nanowrimo 2014 2

How about sharing your most mortifying moments?

My list is long. I could add more embarrassments to it, DAILY. Here are My Most Mortifying Moments just for You! 

WARNING: With this prompt, it is helpful to have no shame, but we’re all friends here. Right?

Susie the goofball

Write a photo essay.

Tell your readers something interesting about where you live. I posted about a slippery hike in Boulder. Or tell us about a place you’ve visited, like our crazy trek to an island. We might enjoy a little armchair travel.

I often take advantage of the Weekly Photo Challenge and posted, Boulder Twinkle – Photo Essay last year during the holidays.

The Daily Post is a great place to go for inspiration.

I was stoked when they included An Open Letter to My Boobs as a suggestion for NaBloPoMo among several other ideas. 

Share a blast from your past.

I wrote about the time when I hitchhiked a ride…..on a plane in The First of Many Wild Rides.

Write about one of your crazy dreams.

Mine are ridiculous. I can’t believe how I waste them when I could be “hanging out” with Tom Mison. They are still pretty, well, click on the link – I Dream of Dreaming.

Fiery garden for writing inspiration

Tips are always a winner.

We all love life hacks. One of my first posts still gets hits when it’s time once again to drive through winter snowstorms. That’s my favorite kind of driving. Winter Driving Tips from a Wild Rider.

How about a list?

The more random the better. I wrote about seeing the bright side after a prolonged winter, but that’s kind of my thing. The Bright Side Top Ten List. 

Or try the combo pack: Lifehacks in a list Letting You in on Ten Little Secrets.

Write about someone you know.

Happy Birthday, Kelly, AKA DJ KSmash! He worked eighteen hours yesterday and is snowboarding today. He is truly living the life of a Wild Rider.

DJ Ksmash

One of my favorite posts is I Can Honestly Say My Kids Almost Killed Me. Don’t let their innocent faces fool you.

Back to school 3

Write about how you’re different from everyone else.

Celebrate your idiosyncrasies. I did in My Inexplicable Idiosyncrasies.

Author’s note: I clipped almost all of those little plastic strings that hold the price tag. But I noticed one hanging from a basket in my bathroom. I’m sure I’ll get around to it someday. 

Choose a photo and use it as a prompt for stream-of-conscious writing.

Keep it short and twisted. Call it flash fiction. I wrote The House Sitter – 450 Word Flash Fiction by typing the first words that popped into my tiny cranium to create the opening sentence. That’s how I write all of them.

Write a poem or prose.

I also used the same method of writing for, Played by Inspiration. Hey. Stream-of-conscious writing is one of my top ten blogging secrets. I’ll have to post about them. Maybe once I’ve clipped all those plastic tags.

Post a list of old posts like I this one.

List your favorite posts or in some other kind of post category, but whatever you do, post something. ANYTHING.  

So, is your stage filled with all kinds of new ideas, circus animals, freaks, and scary clowns? Then start writing. I’m rooting for you from the sidelines. Good luck!

Are you participating in NaBloPoMo or NaNoWriMo? Have you played Marco Polo? Did this list help you in some way? Are you getting sleepy from all these questions? 


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48 thoughts on “12 New Blog Post Ideas and Writing Prompts

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  1. It’s not the lack of ideas that keep me from doing NaBloPoMo but discipline. No way, Jose, would I ever be able to post something every day. And who would want to read me every day? I don’t even want to read me every day!

    But it’s a great list, Susie!


  2. Good tips all, Susie. I’ve used some of them in the past. I like the one about circus animals. I think I’ll write about a circus elephant and I’ll call him Dumbo. And I’ll make his ears be so big he can fly. Do you think readers will like it?


  3. I don’t really understand why these things are set up for November. It’s such a busy month. Why not January when all the holiday hubbub is over? Maybe it’s too gray and cold then. We’d all fall asleep. 🙂


    1. That is excellent, Marcy! Way to get into the groove. I’m looking forward to writing during the second half of NaNo. I took some time off for family.

      Dreams can be so crazy. Write a post about them!


  4. I’m participating in NaBloPoMo this year, and it hasn’t been difficult up the this point, but I am running out of ambition. And ideas. I’ve done some of the things you suggest, and you listed some things that I’m eager to try. Thanks for the list! But I, too, think that people probably don’t appreciate getting posts daily from me, so I’ll gladly cut back in December.


  5. Wow – that’s a lot of posting. I think I’ll stick with my usual Monday morning blog and let what happens, happen. I’ve actually used a lot of your ideas in my own blogs so now I’ll have to come up with more crazy ideas. Buying an inn, moving half way across the country certaily provides a lot of interesting fodder as well.

    Thanks for the fun ideas.

    Patricia Rickrode
    w/a Jansen Schmidt


  6. I have never done either of these writing projects, I barely enjoy writing twice a week, let alone every-single-day! Not only that, as a reader I get a bit annoyed when there are sooooooo many posts to read. I tend to just scan instead of read at that point. And that’s just not fun. 🙂


    1. I think a blogger’s views go up the more they post, but it’s a double edged sword. I would guess many of my readers would unfollow if I blogged every day. On the other hand being inconsistent can kill a blog too. The happy place for my blog is two to three times a week.

      Liked by 1 person

  7. Susie, I had never heard of NaBloPoMo, in fact, I had never even read of it until I read your post. Now that I have, I may pursue it. Be afraid be very, very afraid! However, I tend to feel writing in a blog every day (especially if I’m doing the writing) is probably a bit too much for anyone to digest. And even when I manage to produce just one post a week, I fear WordPress gets hate mail asking them why am still being allowed to continue polluting Freshly Pressed minds. To which I feel they must be issuing a standard form letter stating, it’s simple, Freshly Pressed minds don’t make time to read my drivel for fear they might be lobotomized somehow. And anyway, as of now, I’ve only been accused of weirdly, if not strangely confusing only a minuscule amounts of the populace, or better known as—my followers. But, after reading your post here, I feel it may only be a matter of time before I cave in and attempt the challenge. Thus, ending blogging as we know it. 😀


    1. Ha! “Postaday” is an ongoing thing with WordPress where the NaBloPoMo is waning. It’s just for the month of November for those who want to write every day, but don’t have a book in them.
      I would be nervous about posting every day too. I can’t keep up with the notifications of posts blogged a few times a week! If blogging was my only thing, it would be different. Then I would spam everyone up, and just like you said, ruin those Freshly Pressed minds.


  8. It is so difficult for Mathair and I to find the time to post something everyday, but these are some great and innovative ideas. We completely agree with Carrie Rubin; that January would be the perfect month for all of this, but c’est la vie. LOL


    1. I wrote about the January idea last year! November is my busiest month next to December. January is a yawnfest. I guess they didn’t like the sound of it: JaNoWriMo…. Hey. We could start our own!
      Thanks so much and for the Facebook blast!

      Liked by 1 person

  9. Some great ideas here, Suzie! Made me giggle as usual. I’m going to have to come back and read some more of these posts you’ve linked! So curious now…


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