Transition – A Photo Essay

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Seasonal transition in Colorado often means snow, one of my favorite things. What’s your favorite?

This is a response to The Weekly Photo Challenge – Transition.Β 

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      1. We have water looking out our kitchen window also (a canal leading out to a lake). So very calming and a great way to start every day, n’est ce pas?


  1. I am in a new state now and enjoying the 80 degree temps – loving being active pretty much every day here – biked, hiked and walked every day over the long holiday weekend πŸ™‚ Sold the snow shovels and about a month ago put the snow chains for the truck in storage. I miss the snow globe snow and the mountains at times. Beautiful – thanks for sharing – you can share the snow and I will share the sunshine – Happy Day – Enjoy!


    1. I’m hanging in there, thanks! It was great having my brother and mom come for Thanksgiving. She hasn’t traveled for five years because of my dad’s health.
      The pond is one of my favorite muses, but most of my photos are taken with snow. I love the contrasts!
      Thanks, Maria!


    1. Thanks, Diana! It is nice to walk right outside without a care and not have to hunt for a jacket, hat, and gloves. I can find something about all the seasons that make it my favorite. It’s like having four children. Ha!

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  2. We had a very similar scene last week here, Susie. As for my favorite thing…, I think you know…it’s white…, but it’s not snow. Sunshine, 80deg, and a warm white sandy beach. As for snow…, I think it’s beautiful to watch from the comfort of my recliner in front of the fireplace ! Ha ! πŸ™‚

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    1. I would think many can relate to your armchair love for winter and I love hitting the beach after being landlocked here in Colorado. Most of all, I love the change from one season to the next and get antsy for the next one after a few months.
      Thanks, Paul! It’s always great to “see” you!


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