The Hunt Continues

In a recent post, Roxy, my fearless Bichon, attacked a hapless and humongous coyote and lived to perch on the back of my couch another day. How she got away with only four puncture wounds, we’ll never know. She is all healed up and has become a house dog for the winter. This is not a big sacrifice since she prefers to stay inside while sleeping on a fluffy blanket and pillow.

Over Thanksgiving weekend, my son brought two of his furry friends for a visit. When Danny and I took them for a walk, we spotted a more normal-sized coyote hunting in the open space near our home.

We see you

The coyote looks much farther away than it was.

We stopped and stared at it. Would it stalk us? Would it ignore us? Would it howl? While we thought about whether to continue our walk along the trail, it sat down and stared at us.

Luckily, a fat rabbit struck out of its hiding place. They began a new staring contest.

Jack Rabbit: You can’t see me because I’m playing statue.

Milly Coyote: Ha! A much better feast option.

Jack Rabbit: Ha! You are looking right through me. I am so good at this.

Milly Coyote: How stupid can rabbits be?

Milly Coyote: Ha! I scared off that couple with their tiny appetizers. I am so powerful. Where did that rabbit go?

We let the animals play their game and walked up the hill instead. I glanced over my shoulder several times to be sure the coyote wasn’t following us. When we arrived home, the three fury friends piled into bed, thankful to be alive another day.

Three friends are we

I haven’t seen Adolf, the gargantuan coyote, but I ran into a couple who had. They were surprised to see one that huge. After a comment from List of X, I looked it up. A hybrid of coyote, wolf, and dog, called a coywolf, is taking over parts of the country. According to Field and Stream, it is a “super-predator.” That makes Roxy even more lucky.

Why did Roxy go after it in the first place? Vanessa-Jane Chapman said it best – “I often think domestic animals behave oddly because they retain part of their wild instincts, but they’re generally protected by us, so aren’t always as streetwise as they think they are, and hence don’t always make the best decisions!”

How did Roxy get away? Pegoleg and TedBook suggested Adolf laughed hysterically when he saw my ferocious pipsqueak. Maybe he couldn’t get a good grip.

Would you rather sleep inside or look for an outdoor adventure? Do you have predators in your neighborhood? Do you hibernate for the winter?

The first post about Adolf the Coywolf



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  1. That photo of the 3 pups is oh so CUTE 🙂

    I no longer hibernate in moving to Florida – love being able to be active outside all year long. I think there are predators no matter where you live and unfortunately some look more like us than a wild animal. I prefer my nice comfy bed and favorite pillow and blanket. I do like to get out in the great outdoors and enjoy camping in a trailer or cabin. Be Safe and Take Care!

    Happy Weekend – Enjoy 🙂

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  2. I love nothing more than waking up in a tent – but not in December!! The only predators where I live, on southern Vancouver Island are the occasional cougars that wander into into more populated areas. I’ve never seen one and remind myself when out hiking that they are well fed here with all the deer. Love your blog, Susie, and I always read it even if I don’t always comment.

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    1. I have never seen a mountain lion either although I saw something big with pointy ears one night while driving home. It was one of those moments when I thought I’d imagined it.
      I plan to camp next summer, but I’m with you. Not in December!
      Awww! Thanks, Sally. You made my day! It’s always great to “see” you.

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  3. Here in suburban northern California, we humans are the interlopers. I once saw a coyote on a hike (I was on the hike, not the coyote) along our coastal trails, and mountain lion sightings are a fairly regular occurrence. Of course there are deer everywhere, though they don’t count as predators unless you’re an ornamental bush.

    I enjoy hibernating but it isn’t the same without snow.

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    1. God help those ornamentals… Ha! Yep. We are the interlopers. I am very respectful of their range and have kept Roxy on a very short leash.
      More snow on the way here in Boulder. Woohoo!


  4. We have Coyotes in the dunes. They have been known to snatch a small dog off a leash. We all know not to walk near the dunes at sunrise or dusk with little dogs. I like the idea of Adolf laughing at poor Roxy. Of course, he might have been so surprised to see an appetizer attacking him and opened his mouth to scream, and Roxy in her zeal threw herself at the coyote and happened to hit the mouth area. (fiction writer after all)


    1. Bring it on Old Man Winter!
      We all survived. YAY! My neighbor told me that she had seen a huge gray fox running through her yard toward my house every morning. That’s the coywolf. I would love to get a picture of it.


  5. Ooh, how exciting to find myself quoted on here! 🙂 A coywolf sounds pretty scary.

    I love to sleep in a tent, but I don’t really like all the other aspects of camping – the bathing/toileting facilities (or lack of), trying to prepare food, trying to get dressed, all of that I’m not keen, but the sleeping in a tent I love.

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    1. I haven’t been camping in a while. It’s on my list, though. I love cooking and eating outside. There is something about it. EVERYTHING tastes better! Good thing too since camping…


  6. Predators? We’ve got Bigfoot over here in the Pacific Northwest. I haven’t seen him, but I’m pretty sure I’ve smelled him a time or two. I think he mostly preys on tourists, though, so I imagine my Chules would be safe.


  7. We have mountain lions mostly. But, we’re in and out as we like both the outside, and the inside at this time of year. I suspect Roxy would be best served inside right now. Besides, it looks more cozy that way. :O)


  8. Last weekend I took my love bugs out to do their biz in the wee hours of the morning .. 4:52 to be exact. I ALWAYS look before opening the gate and thank goodness I did this time. To my right was am albino possum chewing on something. I walked over to get a better look and left the love bugs behind. It was so still chewing away, so we went in. Later, when it was light out, I went to see if it was still there. Sure enough it was! That’s because it was a Coors Light box. Swear to God!!
    You know I LOVE that photo of all the cousins snuggling ❤


  9. That puncture is awesome! Like Christmas -card worthy! Duuuude be careful with those predators we had coyotes out here by my uncle’s house and my Dad showed up with his chihuahua let him roam in the backyard (which was on a giant hill) with the other dog, and my Dad’s dog never came back up. Duuuuuuude it was a sad day for my Dad, we totally suspected a coyote.


  10. I like sleeping outside. There’s something about that oneness with nature thing, for sure. As for that coyote, it looks pretty close to me. I dig the best of both worlds quality of a hard winter. Skiing, snowball fights, igloo building, tubing, skating……AND…….binge watching, game nights, books, books, writing. It’s all good.


  11. Animal advocates and wolf fans are pretty annoyed about the mixed breeding. Some want laws banning breeding for profit…not much you can do about the strays. Whew does sound like a serious stalking.
    Roxie may have sounded too much like a squeaky toy to the wolf in your yard…no self respecting wolf lower itself play with a dog toy? I vote for the critter cam, too!


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