When Best Laid Plans Go Wrong

While waiting for my name to be called in urgent care, I thought about the last two days. No matter how much you plan, life has its own ideas. And why do they call it urgent care? There never seems to be any urgency at all.


It all started on Monday. Taking my own advice from A Tiny Tale of Terror, I purchased a planner and jotted down to-do lists for the week. It felt satisfying to cross off small steps toward my 2016 goals, but I was up in the air about Wednesday. Our mountain house is in the midst of a remodel and my husband, Danny, planned to drive up to check it out.

Angst formed in my gut. I considered going, but the round-trip drive would take four hours out of my day. “Why are you going?” I asked. “We’re paying a contractor to handle all of this for us.”

He shrugged and said, “You don’t have to go.” Unhindered by my concerns, he drove up. I decided to work at home. The angst in my gut twisted into a tight knot.

After working all morning, the Colorado warm before the storm drew me outside to take down Christmas decorations. It was another chore on my list and forecasters predicted snow to roll in late Thursday.

Angst evaporated in the afternoon sun. I made progress.

As I turned a corner to continue stuffing artificial garlands into a container, I slipped.

My brain went into s l o w  m o t i o n. That has never happened to me before. It’s always in hyperdrive. Talk about a crazy feeling.

One second slowed down to thirty.


I slipped on the ice!

Oh, no! My feet are above my head. This can’t be good.

I don’t want to land on my bad knee. My one-year follow-up is on Monday.

My left hand is catching my fall, thank God!

Wow. All my weight is on my left hand.

Ha! I didn’t know it could bend that far.

It’s still bending! That can’t be good.

Oh, God. My weight is crushing my poor wrist.

When the rest of my body made a soft landing, thanks to my left hand, I let out a series of f-bombs while laughing at the ridiculousness of my cliché pratfall.


I didn’t hear a snap, crackle or a pop. I must be okay. Yay!

I stood and picked up the garland with my right hand, but my left hand’s thumb and fingers rebelled at the movement. My heart sank. I wasn’t in a ton of pain, but the bones felt all grindy and pin-prickly like someone slipped a few items from a junk drawer into my wrist. It needed to be yanked so the junk could fall out.

I pulled up the sleeve of my jacket. There was an egg where my wrist bones used to be. My shoulders slumped.

“Crappin’ geez.”

I drove myself to less than Urgent Care.


No dislocation or fracture, but X-rays showed an interrupted line along my radius indicating crushed bone.

I let out another, “Crappin’ geez.”


They mentioned the name of my surgeon and suggested making an appointment to get his opinion. I already have one. I hope my doctor tells me on Monday it’s just a deep bone bruise. Fingers crossed, with my right hand. 


I can’t go skiing this weekend. I’ll either stay in an air cast for a while or end up in the dreaded PLASTER CAST. Anything but that!


I can type! Maybe I’ll get ahead on those unruly resolutions.


Thanks a whole hell of a lot. Why don’t you be a little more specific next time? It would save me a trip to less than Urgent Care.

Update: Yep. It’s broken. I’ll be in an air cast for a while. The good news? No plaster.

Does your gut ever tell you anything other than it’s time for dinner?

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  1. Susie, that’s what I call breaking in a new year. But, seriously, sorry you had a bad spill there, and I’ll keep good thoughts for you. Well, at least now you know why I say we should make New Year’s resolutions more like…in July? 😀


        1. Thanks, Attic-man. I went to the doc today and it is broken. My knee needs to be fixed too, but I will put that off. He still thinks where it is rubbing could wear down or break off, so I’m going to focus on it healing itself and see how I am next summer. (I had a partial knee replacement one year ago this week. Old ski injury from 1980.)
          What next?????? GAH!!!


          1. No, don’t think about it! Susie, I’d say you’ve been through enough, unless you’re planning on becoming a masochist—which I doubt. You’ve really been through it, though, and I support your approach to trying and let it heal without surgery. At the risk of overkill—be careful. ;o)


  2. Oh no! I’ve experienced that sloooow motion moment as you’re telling yourself, “this isn’t good. This can’t be good.” I hope this is something that will heal quickly. You are in the midst of Ski season. This is no Bueno Susie. Let us know what the doctor says!


    1. Thanks Maggie! It is quite a moment of dread. I’ve experienced long tumbles on the slopes when I have time to think, “So far, no damage,” while hoping for a soft landing, but this was so different, as you know.
      I’m sure I’ll be motoring soon. In the meantime, I’m hard at my writing projects.

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  3. You have made that moment hang around for ever in the space-time continuum. Somehow those slow motion things have a tendency of screwing up something or other, like the index finger of my left hand and now I can’t form a bar on the guitar. Wish you a recovery in fast forward —have an amazing New Year!


    1. I’m sorry to hear about your finger! Did it happen recently? Maybe you still have time to stretch that sucker out.
      Yep, that slo-mo thing was no fun at all, but sort of amusing since I was aware of it.
      Thanks so much for the New Year wishes! I was praying for a break, but this isn’t what I had in mind at all.
      I hope you have a fabulous year too, Uma!

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  4. As women, I think when we get those “feelings” our worry turns to those we care about…husband, kids, parents, and everyone else other than ourselves.
    Hope you get a positive report on the wrist…those slopes can’t ski themselves.


    1. You are so right! I have to think about myself next time. The anxiety was super weird and physical. I hope I don’t experience that again for at least a year or never!
      Thanks, Lisa!


  5. Bummer and crappin’ Jeez. Sorry about the mishap.I guess in the grand scheme of things, it could have been far worse right? At least you didn’t break your sense of humor.

    Hang in there and happy healing.

    Patricia Rickrode
    w/a Jansen Schmidt


    1. My sense of humor remains in tact, but I am really hoping for a miraculous recovery. Enough of this sitting on the sidelines. You can imagine how hard that is for me. SO BORING!!!
      Thanks, Patricia!


  6. Ugh and ouch. And we don’t heal like we used to! Hope its not a long recovery! I laughed at the slo-mo thing… you may have read my FB post a week or so ago. I was out running sprints with my dog and she decided it would be fun to run between my legs. Same thing, everything slowed down, except me of course who was going full speed. Landed on my hand first, then hip, then somersault. It’s funny, the whole thing was probably only 5-10 seconds but I had time to think about all the same stuff you mentioned like it was a 10 minute event! Thankfully I came out with only some bumps, bruises and a nice raspberry on my elbow. Happy healing!!


    1. I did read that and felt your pain and was so glad you survived to tell the tale! It is the worst to tumble and think about it along the way. It happens a lot in skiing. I’ve had long conversations with myself while somersaulting down a mountain face. Ha!
      Thanks for the healing wishes! I’m very hopeful about Monday. We’ll see.

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  7. I know that feeling! The problem with a strong sense of intuition is the interpretation, as you definitely found out. I’m so sorry and hope the surgeon has good news for you on Monday!


    1. No, I didn’t and that was terrible for you, but I found out today, it is broken. I’m out for five more weeks.
      And my doc wants me to have knee surgery again. A double whammy. I want to wait to see if something miraculous happens like the stinkin’ piece of cartilage that is grinding in there breaks off and doesn’t rub anymore. It could happen~ Right?


  8. Yikes! So sorry to hear this less than fun news. I’ve had 2 spills this fall (one about a week ago) and have discovered that falling at 51 is not a good idea. What happened to getting up and brushing it off? When did that take a hike? I hope your recovery goes smoothly.


    1. Thanks so much! I’m so sorry to hear about your falls. In my case, I haven’t built the strength in my left knee, so I favor my right side. That has been creating all kinds of problems. It’s on my list!

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  9. I’m just grateful you’re okay. Fortunately, usually, the times I’ve had instincts about going into a medical clinic, it hasn’t been for me. It’s been hubby. The first time saved his life. His appendix was necrotic. He got rushed by ambulance for emergency surgery. The second time, he was playing league soft ball and the idiot stepped on his hand as he slid for the base. Yup. fractured his hand. Even WE could see it in the xray.


    1. OUCH!!! That sounds very painful.
      I’ll find out tomorrow about both my knee and my wrist. I am hopeful that he will release me into the wild. We’ll see. 🙂
      Thanks so much, Kitt! It’s always great to see you!

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        1. Thanks so much, Kitt! It’s broken. GAH! And no good news on my knee either. Oh well. At least it’s nothing I can’t heal up from, but it was a bummer, I have to admit.
          Hey! Maybe I’ll win the Powerball! That will cheer me up. 🙂

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    1. Thanks so much, Coleen! It should be as good as new in five weeks. Yep. I broke it. Dang.
      Kids guilt out, but never listen. It’s that whole, school of hard knocks thing. Why????? 🙂
      Great to see you!


  10. You’ve got good bones. Most peoples wrist or arm would have snapped. But, if it makes you feel you have company…lol I have a permanent little knuckle-shaped lump on my right wrist, from having to ‘clock’ another Sailor 20 years ago who came back to the ship a little too drunk and swinging at all of us manning the Quarterdeck. 😉


    1. I’m sorry about your lump, but what a great story!
      My wrist is broken and I have to go back in two weeks to make sure it is healing. He wants to operate again on my knee too. I can’t believe my luck. That I can wait on. There’s a chance it will heal itself, so I’m going to focus on it!
      Thanks so much, Kevin!

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    1. Thanks so much, Jan! It’s nothing like what you went through, but I had to share the ridiculous s l o w m o t i o n thought process. It cracked me up while f-bombing on the ground. 🙂


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