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Monday morning, I drank my first cup of coffee of the day and alternated between checking blog stats and answering comments. Then a very loud voice shouted in my head.


I stopped what I was doing. Did you say Think big?

“YOU’RE THINKING TOO SMALL,” the voice bellowed again.

I sat up and pondered this scream from my sub-conscious self.

It usually criticized and said cruel things like, “Are you ever going to stop surfing the Internet and get something done today?” Or “You are such a gimp. You wouldn’t have broken your wrist if you had gotten into shape after knee surgery last year.” Or, “You have no life. Make a plan.”

I immediately thought of how my voice was right. I was thinking too small. As part of my resolutions, I had committed to blogging more frequently and have been working to get into a daily routine to finish old and new projects.


  1. Catch up on blogging and social media.
  2. Write a new blog post.
  3. Hit the exercise bike.
  4. Write a few chapters in my new book
  5. Work on querying first book series.

Like I said, I had been working on it, but hadn’t quite mastered the routine.


  1. Checked on my blog and social media.
  2. Wrote a new blog post.
  3. Checked on blog and Twitter.
  4. Postponed hitting exercise bike until afternoon.
  5. Checked on my blog, Twitter, and Facebook.
  6. Wrote one new chapter.
  7. Checked on blog stats and social media.
  8. Thought about hitting the exercise bike.
  9. Rewrote the blog post.
  10. Checked blog stats and comments.
  11. Finally rode a few miles while reading a book.
  12. Watched The Bachelor while checking my blog stats, answering comments, live tweeting, and rewriting my blog post and then checked stats again.

Do you see a vicious cycle occurring?

Tuesday morning, I had a conversation in my head. Yes. I’ve embraced talking to myself:

ME: So how can I think bigger?

THOUGHTS: How about hiking Everest?

ME: Too big and I think you were talking about something more career-related, right?

THOUGHTS: Sure. How about contests?

ME: Cool. I won one for a screenplay this year, I could enter a few more.

THOUGHTS: You don’t have to brag to me. I’m you.

ME: What else you got?

THOUGHTS: Write an article for a major magazine.

ME: Huh. That’s good. Keep thinking.

THOUGHTS: Before querying that debut novel series again, make it BIGGER.

ME: How? I’ve already rewritten it 876 times.

THOUGHTS: You already know, Grasshopper, you just need to do the work.

ME: I am not going to talk to myself if I’m referred to as “Grasshopper.”

THOUGHTS: Deal, now put on your thinking cap.

ME: Okay. I will.

ME: What else you got?

ME: …….Thoughts! Wake up!

THOUGHTS: Finished already?

ME: No, but I thought I’d hit you up while you’re thinking.

THOUGHTS: *sigh* How about submitting your blog posts to bigger sites or to the newspaper again?

ME: I could do that.

THOUGHTS: Or start your own BIG site.

ME: Pshhh. There’s no way. Nope. Not going to happen.

THOUGHTS: *yawns* How about stand-up or inspirational speaking? *yawns again*

ME: That could happen. I impersonated Michael Jackson without knowing the words to the song. Impersonating an inspirational speaker would be cake in comparison. I do a form of stand-up all the time with strangers. As you know, I have no shame.


ME: Those are great ideas, thank you. But next time, shout something really enlightening, like the winning lottery numbers, or who will be my agent, so I can query that person next and skip the rest. Deal?

THOUGHTS: zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz………….

ME: Thoughts?


ME: ………Dang. I guess I could check out what’s trending on Twitter.

Think Big

This actually happened to me. Do you ever have AHA moments like this? What does your inner voice say?

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88 thoughts on “THINK BIG!

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  1. It happened and the real battle is how am I going to deal with it. Here in my country letting your voice heard sometimes measured with connection and status in society, so no matter your idea was awesome you need to strive very badly to make things possible. But even if, I keep on trying and never gets tired of trying 🙂


  2. I don’t think my Big Thoughts are nearly as witty as yours. More loopy. But the most recent idea was a doozy.

    “Stop thinking you can’t set financial goals for what you can earn writing. You’re using that as an excuse not to step too far outside your comfort zone in the wading pool. You CAN set a goal based upon how much each submission COULD earn.”

    That happened while I had my hands in the dishwater. No lie.

    So, now I have a goal based on the potential earning, and I’m going to beat that goal! =D


    1. That is so cool! Woohoo! The trick is to remember what they say. Oftentimes it’s spot on. I should write down what it says so I don’t ignore it. Today it said, “Resubmit to agents who were interested in your book. After all the rewrites, they will connect with it.” Okay. Okay. 🙂
      Thanks for stopping by!

      Liked by 1 person

  3. What a fantastic one there. I could see myself in that cycle. I finish my work out in the morning but other than that, I hardly do a thing after work. Some days I blog and some days, I just let the time fade away. Stats, what a magnet that is 😦


    1. Thanks so much, Parul!
      Checking stats is totally addictive. I told myself I couldn’t look at them for four hours in the afternoon yesterday. I made it to three hours and forty minutes. Ha! 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  4. Susie, when I first saw “Think Big”, I automatically thought of Robert Muldoon who was a Prime Minister years ago, and created some big dams for electricity in NZ and was very much a controversial P.M.! Your Think Big is much more positive 🙂


      1. I should have said Muldoon was the instigator for some big developments, his motto was “Think Big”! We all need reminders and isn’t it fun to read back on older posts about what was happening or what we were thinking about!


  5. You’ve just described most of my days! 🙄 my ‘thoughts’ are a lot harder on me though. It’s really annoying when I do have a good idea but then forget it and realised I haven’t written it down Doh! 😊 enjoyed reading this, I think because it’s nice to know we’re not alone 🌼


  6. This sounds all too familiar, Susie!! I am currently making a 40th birthday cake…..well in my head anyway. I am delaying going back to the kitchen to ice said figures by checking facebook, finding BUYB thread and here I am on your throwback!!! Tell me – did your voice work and how is your schedule a couple of years on? C x


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