Breckenridge’s Short-Lived Masterpieces – Photo Essay

breck snow sculpture

Last weekend the International Snow Sculpture Championship began in Breckenridge, Colorado. Sculptors from around the world came to compete. They all started with the same block of snow.

These were my favorites.

breck snow sculptures and me

Bright colored lights added quite the theatrical dimension.



snow sculpture hands

A mighty fist bump.

fist bump snow sculpture


Breckenridge snow sculpture

The widow maker. An entry from Breckenridge, Colorado.

Breckenridge widow maker snow sculpture

A Martian’s space ship?

breck snow sculpture space ship

The new Barbie and Ken. Ha!

breckenridge snow sculpture man and woman

Artists travel from all over the world to compete in this challenge. They know their works of art won’t have much time before being destroyed by natural elements. Time ticks as the sun rises higher in the sky.

Imagine if you traveled from Europe, sculpted your entry and then watched it melt in the intense sunshine.

That’s what happened last Saturday. Temperatures hit the low 40’s. Two German entries, very intricate in design, fell apart in the intense Colorado sunshine. Luckily, they both won awards before melting.

As a writer, I know my words will last a little longer. They won’t melt in the internet or evaporate from my hard copies. Although they may not have much meaning over time, it’s how I touch people right now that is important to me.

Extraordinary writers change the way readers think. Their words have power. They become part of us. Their books are passed down through generations. Most writers only dream of being remembered that way.

But these sculptures will remain in my memories. I learned how the extraordinary can be formed from an ordinary block of snow. Some created with a stronger foundation will last longer during the heat of the day. Others, although brilliant, proved too fragile a design. No matter how long they exist before melting, they become timeless for those who view them.


There’s still time. The event runs through this weekend. They will remain on display until they become a puddle, evaporate and once again become Colorado champagne powder.

More of the Wild Ride!


Frozen Words – A Photo Essay 2013 International Snow Sculpture Competition daytime photos

Information on Breckenridge’s International Snow Sculpture Competition click HERE and HERE.

Click HERE to see more snow sculptures.

This is a response to the Weekly Photo Challenge – Time.

Have you seen snow sculptures other than snowmen? Would you like to create something that lasts the vestiges of time? What book changed the way you think about your world?

Click for dramatic night photos of Breckenridge Snow Sculptures and links to this years event! Travel Colorado, outdoor adventures, nature, arts, North America #Colorado #snowsculptures #Breckenridge #travel #arts



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  1. This takes me back to a wonderful holiday I had some years ago in Breckenridge. I visited in June and it was lovely, sunny and warm .. until night fell and then it was freezing! I walked back to the hotel late one night from a fabulous place called Eric’s Downunder (best burger I’ve ever had). I’d been wearing shorts, tee shirt and flip flops and I nearly froze to death. Great memories .. I got drunk on one glass of wine due to the altitude


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