Valentine’s Day Drop and Hop Party!


2016 Valentine's Day party 1Happy Valentine’s Day!

It’s time to make some new friends by dropping a link and hopping to other blogs! It’s a great way to #sharethelove on Valentine’s Day.

  1. Drop a link to your blog in the comments.
  2. Invite others to your place. Include a short hook. Tell us what you blog about.
  3. Check out links to other blogs.
  4. Hop to a few. Tell them, “Susie sent me,” and they should click back to your place!
  5. Subscribe!

Be my Valentine and make some new friends. Maybe they will follow your blog.

Shout it out on social media with #Sundayblogshare, #Weekendbloghop, and #sharethelove!

While you’re here, grab a drink from the bar or barista. Help yourself to the Valentine’s Day buffet. Delectable treats have been flown in from around the world and everything is calorie-free.

DJ KSmash is in the house. So don’t forget to DANCE!

Make my Valentine’s Day really special and follow my blog.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

151 thoughts on “Valentine’s Day Drop and Hop Party!

Add yours

  1. Hi Susie!
    I’ve been away from the reader for so long. What a gift to see your smiling face the moment I open it up.
    What a wonderful way to spread the love. You da bomb diggity!

    I’m working on something decidedly different and romantic this weekend.
    Part 1 of 2 in a new team-writing fictional series;
    Part 2 coming later this morning.

    Thank you for giving us the space. I’m off to find some new writers!
    Happy Valentine’s Day!

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      1. Awe, thanks Susie. The shoulder is coming along nicely. Will be a little while before I have full range of motion but I am getting there! Thanks so much for asking.


    1. Readers will love your blog, Linda! This story is hilarious. It’s one of my favorites. I can just see that little dog. Ha! Thanks for bringing it to the Valentine party and Happy Valentine’s Day to you and Steve!

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    1. Thanks for stopping by the party! It’s a busy Valentine’s Day! Ha!
      Readers will love your blog! Lots of great advice too.
      I have gotten so many of these spammy requests. Now I ask them, “What’s in it for me?” Better to be direct than be taken.


  2. Happy Valentine’s Day Susie and fellow blog readers. Hope everyone has a lovely day. I know I will. I’ll be indulging in lattes and chocolate while basking in 80 degree temps and clear blue skies in the desert southwest!

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  3. What Rhymes with Stanza? Bonanza!

    Strike it rich with a look at my “extravaganza” of poetry, photography, humor, and sometimes attempts at deep philosophical ponderings. Well, scratch that last one. I don’t go far past the shallow end, but it’s still fun to splash around, right?

    “What Rhymes with Stanza: Words at Rest, Words at Play” —

    Thanks for the party, Susie! I was wondering how I might spend Valentine’s Day, and then along comes this! With DJ KSmash, no less!

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    1. Hey, Hey, Maggie! Glad you could make it. I thought it would be a great day for a party. Happy Valentine’s Day!
      Your blog is a lot of fun and your photos are fantastic! I’m sure my friends will LOVE it!
      Have fun hopping and don’t forget to dance! Yep. It wouldn’t be a party without him!

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  4. Thanks for inviting me to the ‘sock-hop’ Susie. Yes, I am still in my socks. To cold to go out today; -13 without the wind chill.

    Here – – – the Thermos is full; I brought some ‘hot-todie-potables’ for those who enjoy such things.

    And here is a simple short story from my blog of short stories. Stay fixated on the typewriter for a few second and you will see magic appear – – – followed by the short poignant story.

    Then, if you like it, look around. There are many more; some better, some worse, some horror, some sublime, some silly.

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    I’ve posted some excerpts from my novel, “The Fog of the Caveman’s Blog. I finally finished the e-book version. I’m tired and maybe a good party will wake me up. I guess I might as well because the world is coming to an end anyway (maybe). But there’s a banana cream pie fight twice: once for a sex game and once in battle during a sword fight. And the UFO finally lands… Almost everyone is charming except for the villains.

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  6. Happy Valentine’s Day, Susie. This was a nice thing to do today and I want to thank you. My blog has something different each day. Today I run a feature titled Fifty-Two Views of the Gulf. I take a photo of the Gulf of Mexico each week from the same spot. (I know it should be titled Fifty-Two photos of the Gulf from the same spot) Come March 31 I will have taken all 52. Here is today’s link: Thanks again.

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    1. Happy Valentine’s Day!
      You should have a view party, John! That is such a super cool idea.
      My friends will LOVE your blog! You have something for everyone including a best-selling book.
      Thanks for stopping by to hop. There are a lot of new faces here today. 🙂

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    1. Happy Valentine’s Day to you!
      Great story, Kassandra! I love your point of view on this. Check out Misterio Press! There are several contributors and lots of stories and wonderful information!
      Thanks for swinging by to hop! Have fun and don’t forget to DANCE!

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    1. Thanks for stopping by, Chris! It’s a great party so I’m glad you could join us.
      I just followed Chris’s blog! You will love his travel tales and beautiful photographs.
      Have fun hopping and meeting the guests!


    1. Happy Valentine’s Day, Audrey!
      You will love Audrey’s fantastic blog!
      Thanks for stopping by with a great story. WOW! Everyone can relate to this. I think we all want views, to be read and go viral. 🙂
      Thanks for bringing this to the party! Have fun hopping and don’t forget to DANCE!

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    1. That is a really fun blog series! Wish I was from somewhere exciting, but alas I’m not (I’m from Maryland). But if you’d like a perspective on Northern Florida (vs. south Florida which is where most tourists go) let me know. That’s where I live now.


    1. So great to “see” you, Ted! I love this flash fiction piece of yours and the POVs really work. It’s fantastic! Everyone will love your blog!
      Thanks for stopping by! Have fun and don’t forget to hit the dance floor! DJ KSmash is in the house as usual!


    1. Readers will love your satirical and hilariously funny posts, Austin. They are most excellent!
      Thanks for bringing this post by the party! There’s a lot of truth in it. Ha! Bloomberg probably happy danced last night.
      Have fun meeting the guests and don’t forget to dance!

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  7. Howdy doodly doo!
    Art (not my own),
    Beer (I drink or occasionally brew),
    Garden (The is it dead yet corner & visits to places who don’t kill plants)
    Musings ( I was a nutter who Pole Vaulted for a time – anything can come out of my mouth) and some tunes
    My blog is all me in some respect, including the dodgy grammar.
    I hope you like, this is this weeks blog
    Enjoy the party everyone


  8. Having a fab Valentine’s Day hopping around these blogs–you have amazing followers, Susie, from the wildly outrageous like Hook to the warm-hearted and emotionally insightful (well–they’re all that!). My blog features illuminating photos with a bit of explanatory text on adventures with my husband, most recently our 5-month hike of the Continental Divide Trail, with the wickedly irreverent take of my pink-haired doll, Amber:

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  9. Susie, I hope you and Danny are having a wonderful Valentines Day, and if you’re not… I hope you both are having a lovely Sunday. Failing that perhaps you’re still basking in the afterglow of last weeks Broncos victory in the Super Bowl, or maybe you and Danny are in overtime celebrating your anniversary. Either way, have a fantastic Valentines Day, Super Bowl Sunday after party anniversary celebration on the heels of a Presidents Day 3 day weekend. ‘o)


    1. You will love AtticMan and his hysterical views on life!
      Thanks for stopping by! Danny is sick and in bed. He snuck out this morning and bought flowers and chocolate covered strawberries, then crashed. Poor guy!
      I hope your Valentine’s Day is Mahvelous! Thanks so much!
      Have fun meeting the guests and don’t forget to DANCE!


  10. Hello Susie. Nice to “see” you. Was just visiting to pick up your address to share with another blog supporter, and here you are supporting bloggers. Does that qualify as a tongue twister? Here’s my hope for the Supreme Court: AND — here’s the link to Dream Big, Dream Often, who is sharing all over the place: Cheers —


  11. Thanks for your generous invitation. touches upon an unpredictable set of topics, since it it blown about by two winds: recent events that puzzle me or that I might have something useful to say about, and miscellaneous thoughts about culture, and especially about why people and animals act the way they do, including how humans became so mentally versatile, and the feelings of animals.


  12. What kinda party is this anyhow ??? No Pizza ! No Beer !!! Just a bunch o’ people sittin’ around eatin’ candy hearts and talkin about inspiration an’ love an’ a bunch a dufus stuff ! I’m gonna get an Irish Valentine – Guinness !!! 🙂

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  13. Awesome party! I might be a tad late, over on the western side of the International Date Line… I posted today on cool science tricks NOT to use microwave ovens for

    Not really a Valentine’s Day kind of post. Or maybe it is, since it involve things blokes can do to clean the household microwave and so maintain their domestic popularity…


    1. Readers will LOVE your take on science, writing and blog post prompts.
      Cleaning a microwave might score big points in some households. Ha!
      Great to “see” you, Matt! Thanks for coming to the blog party. It’s not too late to hop to other blogs and say howdy do! Tell them “Susie sent me,” and they should click back to yours.

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  14. Susie, seeing you on that meteor at 5:24 in the morning just kicked this day off to a good star with a big ole smile. I would love to join this party, but I’m coming off a weekend in NYC and I’m too tired…lol…and that’s a good thing!


    1. It was! I am recovering from going to The Addams Family musical last night! It went pretty late, but was a hoot!
      Great to “see” you. Don’t forget to leave a link. Partiers are still hanging out and mingling !


    1. LOVE your blog! There is something for everyone.
      Thanks for coming! I’m going to make it a monthly event. Click on some links and tell them, “Susie sent me from the drop and hop,” and they should click back!

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