When Life Imitates Art

The Addams Family 1

Danny and I embrace our weirdness and dress up as Morticia and Gomez Addams every Halloween. I find it transformational when donning a wig, applying dark makeup and slipping into Morticia’s character for the night.

I remember the original drawings of The Addams Family created by Charles Samuel Addams. He had an interesting fascination of the macabre and drew over 1300 cartoons in his lifetime. He inspired and consulted for The Addams Family TV show, one of my favorites while growing up.

addams family cartoon
“Just the kind of day that makes you feel good to be alive.”


Perhaps that caption inspired Andy Grammer’s hit, “Hallelujah.”

We discovered the Boulder Dinner Theater would perform The Addams Family musical and had to go. It exceeded our expectations.

When Wednesday Addams falls in love, she trades her dark, sadistic personality and garb for sunshiny, daffodil yellow and shocks her family. Her brother, Pugsley laments the loss of her torture. She confides in her dad, Gomez, she is engaged, but makes him swear not to tell her mother, Morticia. The musical becomes a wild romp when the uptight future in-laws arrive for dinner.

It made me think about how much truth there is in judgement and secrets. I could care less about being judged. It’s no secret how different I am from everyone else. You gotta love the skin you’re in.

Gomez and Morticia in fog


Have you watched The Addams Family? Do you like dressing up in costume? Do you think you’re pretty average or ‘out there’ like me? 

This is a response to the Weekly Photo Challenge – Life Imitates Art.

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84 thoughts on “When Life Imitates Art

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  1. So there is a saying that the kids these days are using on social media “#relationshipgoals.” Aka when couple is just so damn cute. You two, my dear, are #goals! You always know how to have fun!


  2. I loved the show. As I’ve gotten older I appreciate it even more now in reruns. When I was a kid I leaned more towards The Munsters, but I feel now that The Addams Family aged better. Halloween was always a hoot when we were kids because it offered a chance to be something else. No wonder i was bitten by the theater bug. Yeah, I’m out there, just hope they don’t lock the stage door while I’m out there! 😀


  3. I love the Addams Family. Who did you dress up as Cousin It? – looking good you two! I am not the costume type though. I do like to dress up and go out on date night with hubbie though.

    I have not been social accepted throughout my life, however; I am comfortable with who I am and the older I get I could care less if you like me or not. I am fun and full of life! I think part of it is not being raised in one place – I went to 7 schools in 12 years throughout MN, was home schooled as well until I was 14 in living with my grandma either in MI or FL. I have made 2 cross country moves in my adulthood. I have traveled to multiple countries. I have been told that I am a bit of an acquired taste. I did not have those friendships that started in preschool. I had to learn how to make friends at 14 in 9th grade – it either makes you or breaks you – ha!

    Happy Weekend – Enjoy 🙂 You are such a Wild Rider!!!


    1. I think you’re amazing! That would be hard to not have the time to develop friendships. After a while, it wouldn’t be worth the effort, right?
      Cousin It is a wooden stool on wheels. It would be funny to attach it to a remote and make him move around when kids come to the door!
      Thanks, Renee! Have a splendid weekend!


  4. I remember when you guys did that. The b&w photo is kind of creepy, btw… I love it. I have not heard of this musical. How fun that would be to stage. I’ll have to look into it. I’ll bet you went to the show in character.


  5. Love that photo. You guys must have so much fun. I’ve always liked Halloween, even though I don’t dress up anymore. But I’d say overall I am definitely more “out there”. I certainly don’t care what others think of me anymore. I have more fun that way.


  6. If you dress up as Gomez and Morticia every Halloween it seems to be a consistent enough habit not to be considered weird. Maybe that’s the real subconscious you trying to get out and dressing normal the rest of the year is the weird and unusual habit.


  7. I love dressing up and playing…life is too short to be too serious. I am so comfortable in my skin now as compared to when I was younger. It looks like you had a great time. Yay!


  8. I love this post Susie, it’s awesome I was raised by the Adams family although I am sure like the ‘Ghosts’ the Adams family would never emit it! Carolyn Jones’ she was so beautiful, like my Great late mother of my birth. Upon my Page of Favorite Quote along with Helen Keller; Herm Albright; Joan Jett; Tom Waits; Samuel Longhorne Clemens; and others. I have this Adams Family Quote I taught you might enjoy as ‘this post appropriate.’

    -Morticia Adams: Gomas…

    -Gormas Adams: Querida?

    -Morticia Adams: – Last night, you were unhinged. You were like some desperate howling demon. You frightened me. Do it again…

    Liked by 1 person

  9. Not meaning here to promote my blog, but I Collect terrifying Encounter stories, a vast archive of Werewolf – (aka Dogman). Sasquatch, Wendigo; Mountain Monsters (19 feet tall four toed People eaters the local Canadian Indian tribes fear. And others. But this coming All Hallows’ Eve I will be posting a very frighten Victorian era Ghost story, It has to be one of the most frightening ghost stories / Encounters I have ever read of, it was an encounter posted in a eastern States New Paper, it’s an arm chair armrest detacher, as a pop corn tosser on a one to ten scale I rate it as a 27.

    -I recommend any whom read come to read it, to be wearing adult nappies… and an address where they can be dumped off just in case they well. Um, deceased from fright… They start to gather up here and there’s just no more empty spots in the gardens, and the neighbor’s Mausoleum is full up; with ghosts…

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