Take a Risk or Crash and Burn

Peak 6 Breck

We experience discord of challenges throughout our lives. Our minds, bodies, environment and other people must synchronize in order to reach our destination. What if we are tested and face plant? What if we are intermediate level and find ourselves on double black? What if something in our path is too big to plow through? What if it’s too steep and we tumble down the mountain?

Some take the safe route to avoid failure, but seldom reach the finish line.


Now visualize a different outcome. Exhilarating journeys could take us to places we have never seen or imagined. The exertion may be terrifying and thrilling. Afterward, our hearts will pound and our exhausted muscles will burn. The experience of success will build confidence. We will be eager to take on the next challenge.

Peak 6 snow fence  breck 1

It’s your choice. Talk yourself out of taking risks or imagine an adventure where all the moving parts work together in perfect harmony.

All you need are four little words:

“I can do this.”

Take in the beauty around you and…


susie lindau skiing peak 6

How do you seek harmony in your life? Do you enjoy a sport? When was the last time you crashed and burned?

This is a response to the Weekly Photo Challenge – Harmony.


62 thoughts on “Take a Risk or Crash and Burn

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    1. Thanks Peg! Although I usually go for it most situations, I know that uneasy feeling of “I don’t want to,” and always ask myself ‘Why?’ If I don’t have a reasonable explanation, I push forward. The fear of the unknown is never a good enough reason. So far, I’ve lived to tell the tale! 🙂


  1. I’ve crashed a lot of times, Susie, but thankfully never burned. I leave that for those who will not get back on their feet and keep trying. Failure is not an option….., it’s a choice !!! 🙂


  2. I was “burnt toast” about 1:30 p.m. on Friday – the last day of the State Legislative Session – so glad it is over and moving forward again. I have been escaping to nature quite a bit 🙂


  3. -Nurses’ I like beautiful caring nurses if I am to be laid out, and if seeing double far the better. I once had six beautiful nurses and two wall clocks in my hospital room, I was loaded on morphine and was truly in heaven for six days with a 106 degree fever.


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