The Key to Success? Dancing!

Life can be ironic. I was just thinking about the correlation between dancing and blog views. Then this photo challenge appeared. Really!

Dancing for Rain

I’ve snow danced, rain danced and dance bombed. I’ve danced after finishing my handmade Christmas cards and before Polar Plunging.

dancing with a new friend

I’ve danced on New Year’s Eve and at Two Jews and a Blonde.

Then the tempo changed.

In the last twenty-four hours, I’ve looked back on successful blog posts from 2013 while adding alt text and description to the photos. I Will Follow You, posted on April 7th, had almost 300 comments and 150 likes.

What happened?

Need to try something new? Dance!I was diagnosed with breast cancer nine days later on April 16th, 2013. Although my humorous Boob Reports spiked huge views, my oncologist predicted they would drop as soon as readers found out I would live. Ha! He was right.

I always blamed my drop in views on cancer. Everything was going well until then.

This morning I had a Eureka moment.

I need to DANCE.

There’s something about dancing that is so uplifting and happy. It transcends everyday life and all the setbacks. And you burn calories. Bonus.

Dancing was my thing!

I laughed when I saw this week’s challenge. It’s as if the Universe was saying. “Yup.”

I’m back.

DSC00048 (11)

And we need more Roxy.

DSC00068 (2)

Do you need more dancing in your life? Are you a closet dancer? A chair dancer? Do you head bob in your car?

This is a response to the Weekly Photo Challenge – Dance

77 thoughts on “The Key to Success? Dancing!

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  1. Other than a nice slow waltz or some jivy swing, I didn’t dance much til I started to learn some Spanish dances….., salsa, samba, rhumba. They move you whether you’re ready or not !!! Keep on keepin’ on, Susie. 🙂


  2. I hum or sing all day long, but my dancing is mostly in the car where I have the music cranked up! It’s head bobbing but a lot of bouncing, too. I’m sure I look silly, or at least questionable, but it definitely raises my spirits like nothing else! And by the way, I literally cringed at the thought that your stats went down because you lived! Ouch! Please keep dancing! ox


    1. Thanks, Debra!
      Head bobbing is so much fun especially when it’s my favorite tune. I may not get all the lyrics right, but no one knows. Ha!

      Yep. I think it has to do with my brand. I started out as the Wild Rider and took adventure by storm. *cue needle scratching record* And then cancer added “survivor” to the mix. Cancer repels a lot of people and who can blame them. It used to repel me. I could take down my “Poster child photo,” but if one person catches it early because of the reminder, it’s worth it!
      Thanks for stopping by, Debra!


  3. I dance in my kitchen, living-room, bedroom and sometimes in the shower. Dancing can be a form for therapy for me at times.
    We should all be dancing more. So keep on dancing! 🙂


  4. Oh I love you blog here, it’s what life should be, ‘live well’ there was a word for living life well, which my Step family taught to me, but I have lost most over living with vast diverse cultures around me. Not ‘having and using words of such joy, perhaps life around is too traumatic, to arid, too hateful and thus not enjoyed by most everyone. you know it was that fun throat scratchy dancing tongue frase which I once considered having ‘Tattooed across my forehead in protests to my Jewish Stepmothers horrid and harsh actions. In fact I am not sure any step child of a Jewish –American Stepmother or a Jewish Mother has a non complaint of the horrors we have survived.

    -Oh one other thing’, ‘were able to save the two potted Plants pictured above?’ IF so awesome, if not, I bet your appreciation of life, and love for life is immense…

    ‘La – high um, la hah –yum; something like that but it was shouted from within and very well meant at every festivity. Thank you for your awesome blog and for being you. I am Brock Buildersteel which is I believe now my fifth alias… How do you like my beard? I am incognito hiding from my Jewish Stepmother – it’s what we children and step children of Jewish – American mothers do… a lot! She really screwed me up! –

    -oh’ I live in the Pacific northwest, and upon one sunny summer day I walk into one of my favorite markets in town (with too high of prices, Manischewitz) “~ And this gorgeous blonde haired women spans out her arms and come rushing towards me and squeals out: Babbi! I pause wide eyed, and smiling, but before she got to me and smothered me in kisses and hugs, I felt Guilty, kicking myself for being honest, I sadly said no, not Rabbi… and she smiled saying you have no Idea how much you look like Rabbi from New York City. I pursed out my lips and spanned my arms and winked my blue eyes, and then she patted my cheek and said nice try buddy! And call your Mother!

    -I do hope you’re still clean, free from the Manischewitz and cancer both. Oh I just tried to find La –High elm – but all I found was this:

    At chamuda/ata chamud — [aht chah-moo-dah/aht-ah chah-mood] you’re cute (to a female)/(to a male). Hey you, at chamuda. If you want to hit on a gorgeous Israeli girl, you better know how to do it in her language. Israeli women are notoriously difficult to crack, but a compliment is a good start. Sorry for the book 😉 but you did ask for it 🙂 Brock… divad… I write is tiny codex….


  5. I’m a bit late catching up on a few posts here, but I couldn’t pass up one on dancing. YES dancing! I used to want to be a dancer, I auditioned and got into a good dancing college in London when I finished school, but curse me, over the summer break before I was due to start there, I instead decided to move in with my boyfriend which meant I had to start working full time instead to help pay the bills and so my dancing dream was over. I know they say you shouldn’t regret things, but yeah, I do at times regret not taking up that dancing college place. But hey, I can’t know that things would have turned out better for me in life if I had gone, so I try and not lament too much over it, plus it was 30 years ago so I really need to get over it! I still dance around the house plenty 🙂


  6. You take the best photos’ these with Roxy and you’ the flowers’ dancing on the wooden deck’ and those awesome snow covered mountains and your family Skiing are the best out of all the best images.


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