When March Becomes Monstrous and Mazelike

To me, spring break is synonymous with warm, sunny beaches while surfing, swimming and exploring.

We didn’t plan a vacation this spring.

*cue sound of needle scratching record*

Dj scratching record gif
Not quite what I was looking for, but you get my drift, right?

No worries! March padded in with little lamb toes. They were so cute and pink and soft… Buds formed on the trees and some leafed out. My roses basked in the warm sunshine. I enjoyed temperatures that hovered in the high sixties.

And then, when we least expected it, that baby lamb transformed into a MONSTROUS WILD CREATURE! I live in Colorado, but I still wasn’t prepared.

We woke up to this on Wednesday.

snow covered windows

Snow flew sideways in quarter-sized flakes plastering our windows like a landscape from The Day After Tomorrow.

The day after tomorrow polar vortex gif

So when you just wake up and you can’t see out your windows ON THE SECOND FLOOR it makes you think. Okay. It made ME think.

Me: Whoa! How much snow fell last night? Thirty feet? Is this Snowmageddon? Is this the beginning of a new Ice Age?

Sure forecasters predicted snow, but in the 2-4 inch range. Inches. Not FEET!

If you look closely, you can see the size of the flakes.


Our Bichon, Roxy, wasn’t having it. She’s a hopper and for having super short front legs, she can race across the lawn like a rabbit, if there isn’t any snow on said lawn.

Roxy couldn’t see above the shoveled path.



She was like:

maze in The Shining gif

After my husband, Danny, shoveled a path to the street, Roxy shot through the tunnel-like maze. She continued to the street right past him to an intersection of tire track on the road. I raced out after her, but she wouldn’t come to me when I called.

A neighbor whose flight was cancelled drove up to us. While we commiserated about the snow and beach vacations, Roxy trotted all the way down the long block until I couldn’t see her anymore. As I grew concerned, her little head appeared in the tire track as she ran back with her head down and tail between her legs.

I brought her back inside the house.


Then I built a snow woman.

Do you think it’s fair that snowman is one word and snow woman is two? I don’t.

building a snow woman

We had heard from a very reliable forecasting source, (Okay, so there is no such thing) temperatures would rise into the 50’s the next day.

Although it warmed up into the 40’s, we woke up to this at twilight on Saturday morning. WHAT? MORE SNOW!

another snowy day backyard photo and pond in Boulder

When will it end?

Snow can fall through May. I better start planning a vacation.

Are you ready for a spring vacation or are you already on one? Can I come and visit?

This is a response to the Friday Photo Challenge – Half-Light in the reverse of the old allegory, “March comes in like a lion and goes out like a lamb.”

67 thoughts on “When March Becomes Monstrous and Mazelike

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  1. Yikes, that looks like quite a storm Susie! We had a bit of an ice storm here last week, just enough to remind us that old man winter is not quite done with us yet!


    1. I think you’re right about that cranky old man. I’m cool with snow, but this time of year it can really damage fruit trees. I’m not sure if the storms have nipped all the flowering trees or not. Time will tell!!
      They are predicting more snow here on Wednesday… 🙂
      Happy Spring, Lynn!

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Hey, Mary!
      That storm swept across the country and left all kinds of white stuff in her wake. Last year we got nipped and didn’t have any flowering trees or fruit. It could be another year like that one. Too bad I can’t run out there and cover everything up!!
      Roxy doesn’t mind the snow at all until it’s too deep for her eight inch front legs. I don’t think the snowsuit helped. Ha!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. OMG! I’m so sorry for you, Susie! This is winter weather! Here, March came in like a lion but then it kept roaring and roaring and now at last, it looks like it will go out like a lamb, but all our roaring was with wind and rain – not a year’s accumulation of snow. I’m so sorry for you. I guess you’ll be battling flood waters next. Good luck. And your poor freaked out Roxy!


    1. Speaking of floods, a few weeks ago, we had one after 6 inch storm. We emptied three of pails! I expected to fill a huge container with all the melting snow on our roof, but somehow it plugged itself up. Maybe the wisteria slipped a tendril inside the hole…. Ha!
      This is typical for March, but it came in all sweetness and warmth. I wasn’t prepared! If it snows on Wednesday, I’ll have to rent cross country skis and join in the fun. 🙂
      Thanks, Anneli!

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  3. We left Thursday evening after school let out and snow was falling, swirling, but not sticking to anything but the sides of cars. It is warm where we are and sunny. We were ready for a break. Glad to be here in the Middle Keys. When we get back it will normal Midwestern springtime weather – warm and cold – all mixed together. Have a great week.


  4. And people consistently ask me why I moved to southern climes, lol. Those Colorado “spring” snow storms were the worst. All that wet, heavy snow taking down trees and such. Granted, it usually melted soon after, but man…I was getting too “old” for all of that ;-).


    1. I saw some downed trees in Boulder. Luckily, our bent, but didn’t break!
      I’ve been here for almost thirty years and have never seen snow plastered to windows. Super weird! I felt like I was in a snow cave.
      Catch some rays for me today!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I lived in Denver for 31 yrs – there were several blizzards that left us with drifts along the side of the house that were a good 8 to 10 feet at their tips; window and door screens so covered in snow you couldn’t tell if the sun was shining. They happened at all times of the year, as early as right after Labor Day or as late as the first week in April. I can remember the skiers rejoicing that the runs would be open until late June because of all the snow we’d gotten late into the spring. smh. Those Colorado snow storms have just gotten more unpredictable as the years have rolled on.


  5. Although pretty, I think if I woke up and saw my windows plastered like that, I’d feel like I was in Antarctica and that we were buried under. Its spring here and absolutely beautiful. The sun is out and we can see our mountains all covered with snow…ten minutes from our house. Just the way I like it. I always hated it when we’d have to dig out after a snowstorm. At least it’s pretty, Susie. 😀


    1. Hahaha! I laughed so hard. She was pissed. That is until Danny connected the “tunnel” and she shot out to the street. She must have been unnerved by not knowing where she was and came back. Thank God!
      Thanks so much, Schwister!

      Liked by 1 person

  6. White Dog in a Whole Lot of White Snow – Not a Great Combo – love that you put a BRIGHT Jacket on her though 🙂 We have been in the mid-80’s here, so no complaints from Florida – ha! Happy Day & Maybe You Need to Do a Spring Dance – Enjoy


    1. It is a blast when it dumps. Kids who weren’t already on spring break had a couple days off. It was fun to play in! It’s melting pretty fast now, but more is on the way! Come to Colorado, Steve and play in the snow! We’ll probably ski until the first day of summer.

      Liked by 1 person

  7. Just think full water reservoirs and less fire danger….while toasting in front of warm fire – enjoy the last bite of winter – oh, wait…you guys rarely get to scorch and bake like here. HA HA
    Poor Roxie is going to be like that Denver cat Boots trying to dig out of cabin fever.


    1. Ha! I hadn’t seen it. That is hilarious! Roxy has taken to kicking up her back paws and flinging dirt about 15 feet behind her. Animals crack me up!
      The day before the storm, I tweeted that there was a fire in the foothills. That won’t be a problem for a while! I do love that our reservoirs fill up. Water is one of the best commodities. No one can live without it!

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  8. Wow, now that is a super impressive snow dumping. Sounds like you need to come over to Australia to thaw out, though I do like building a good snowman. Stay warm.


    1. Miriam!!! I’m taking you up on that. *checks flights*
      It was impressive and after a super dry month, very shocking! March is generally our snowiest month, but this storm came out of NOWHERE! Another one is on the way. Who knows what that will bring????
      Thanks for stopping by!


  9. Weather has been weird everywhere. I remember when we lived near Lake Tahoe in California we had similar situations; 70’s one day, 2 feet of snow the next.

    Here in Vicksburg we’ll have a 30-35 degree difference in temperature from one day to the next. I never know what to wear. Fortunately I’m home most of the day so I can change if I have to, but it’s such a shock to my system; cold, hot, cold, hot.

    Hang in there. Summer’s just around the corner.

    Patricia Rickrode
    w/a Jansen Schmidt


    1. You know what I’m talking about! Layers are the only way to go. It is melting, big time, but more is on the way. Roxy and I just took a walk and both needed showers after our “mud bath!”
      Thanks Patricia!


    1. I bet it will take a while to thaw out in Ontario! It’s warm here and “they” are predicting rain for the next three days. We can always use the moisture no matter what form it takes. 🙂


  10. Roxy’s face says it all!
    My husband has been dealing with someone in Colorado regarding his retirement plan and the guy had a message stating he was out due to the snow, which was hard to imagine when our windows were open. I’ll show his this to give him a clue on what Bob is dealing with.
    You need 2 tickets to paradise!


    1. Do you have two tickets? Ha! Roxy would like to go too! Usually I’m down for snow, but this late could mean no fruit again. GAH!
      Yep. It was intense!!! Most couldn’t go to work for at least one of two days. Now they are predicting temps in the 40’s and rain for three days, but who knows???? All that snow came down when temps were around 37 degrees!


  11. That is an insane amount of snow, Susie. It’s like you’re living in Siberia! I love the shots of Roxy. She’s such a charmer. The picture of her sitting before the patch of cleared path and looking over her shoulder seems as if shes asking, “Do you see this?!”


    1. I know! Roxy was pissed. I cracked up at her demeanor. She realized she had escaped the yard and took off like she would anytime, but not being able to see must have been unnerving. Ha!
      She was much happier on our walk yesterday when she kicked up mud and barked at dogs. Yep. It’s mud season here in Colorado with rain predicted instead of snow. We’ll see…..

      Liked by 1 person

  12. I am predicting Melting, lots of melting, and I hope in that the buds upon fruit trees do not freeze and fall off. Whenever we get a spring time freeze and lose the cherry buds it is sad but for the local fruit orchard farmers its’ tragic indeed. And I love snow fall, I use to wake up and ride my mountain bike across town at 4:30 am to enjoy the awe of winter blanket hush, the deafening silence of snow fall, and then just riding in virgin snow is awesome, no bird tracks, nothing, ahead and all around, just my bike tire tracks behind me….I miss that about living in Coeur d’ Alene, Idaho. But I never dared ice skate the frozen lakes, as Ice Skates always make for lousy swim flippers.


    1. I love your reverie and know what you are talking about. We have a pond behind our house which supports a ton of wildlife, but there were no tracks for a while! I’m worried about the budding trees. Last year, we didn’t get any fruit, not even raspberries. I hope this spring isn’t the same.
      I grew up in Wisconsin and skated on frozen lakes, but that was back in the day when it got really cold during winter and the ice was maintained. They would put “thin ice” signs out there in spring and still some stupid ice fisherman would break through. I was always respectful of those warnings… Lousy swim flippers is right! 🙂


    1. It’s melting like crazy here and they are predicting rain instead of snow, but that could change anytime. Welcome to Colorado. Roxy had fun in the mud yesterday! I’ll have to make a video of her crazy new habit of kicking up dirt! Ha!


    1. It is relative and without snow. 🙂 I remember going to the Keys and we had to buy warmer clothes. We had brought sweaters and jackets, but left them in Lauderhill after being mocked by my in-laws. Ha!
      Thanks, Pat!


  13. Sounds like my February. My thoughts are with you. March has been lovely here in New England AND I head out for Las Vegas on Friday. 80 degrees in the shade. I will think of you there!


    1. Oh!! Lucky you and I hope that luck pays off too! 🙂 The beginning of the month was beautiful, more like late April. That storm was EXTREME! Enjoy your vacation. Nice to “see” you!


  14. There’s room for you here in Puerto Rico!! I’ve been here since 3/19 and am heading back to reality on 4/2. You know me and snow, so all I can say about your unexpected storm is: AYYYYYYYY!! Poor Roxy! I hope by now it’s warmed up some over there! 🙂


    1. Hey, Maria! How are you???
      I’m on my way! It has warmed up and a lot of the snow has melted. It’s raining and I’m expecting to wake up to more snow! Ha! I love it, but worry about the fruit trees and my raspberries. Last year all the buds got nipped.
      Great to “see” you!


  15. I love the image of the snow on the sun loungers. Super poetic! Thankfully Storm Katie has moved out of South of England and we have some blue skies but wow, snow on the ground in early April is pretty radical. I like your snow sculptures. Thank you for sharing this incredible weather.


    1. Thanks so much, Lita! I plan to take a break on one of the sun loungers later today. It is summer-like now!
      We can get snow through May, so I’m not counting it out…yet.
      Glad to hear you survived too. Snowstorms can be a lot of fun!
      Thanks for stopping by!


  16. I like your half-light entry … kind of makes me feel guilty about the sunset pic I took overlooking the observatory. We did a staycation … not too much traveling other than Legoland. But you could come visit us any time, maybe we’ll go paddleboarding next time 🙂


    1. Why the guilt? The storm coincided nicely, although I thought it was a stretch on the poetry prompt. I don’t think anyone cares! 🙂
      I would LOVE to come visit and paddleboard! I’m overdo for a California vacation!


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