Beware, My Friends. Today Could Be WILD!

Prepare yourself. This is a day of tomfoolery and shenanigans. It takes punk’d to a level of abject humiliation, targeting the gullible and naive. Wild lies, funny pranks, and practical jokes take center stage and you could be the leading character.

Polka-dotted Bichons and purple coyotes could be pointed out at any time.

purple spotted dog

You don’t want to be made a fool of by over-reacting…

Your friends will laugh at you.

The good news? It only lasts one day.

Hallelujah choir

So keep your blinders on and don’t listen to anything anyone says.

dogs covering their ears

You’ve been warned by a Wild Rider. Just don’t run into me, I’m locked and loaded full of April Fool’s Day fun.

Do you dish it out or take it on April Fool’s Day?


33 thoughts on “Beware, My Friends. Today Could Be WILD!

Add yours

      1. nothing like bratty little sister when you wanted a truck or something…HA HA…and no one ever believe it was one of their birthday’s – much less birthday for both. The universe has a sense of humor …oh, some email here said you won a grand lottery in Europe – I’ll forward it on to you so you can pay the “registration of winning” fee – with gift cards from a designated merchant…Congrats!


    1. Thanks, Patricia! Sounds pretty calm in your neck of the woods.
      Danny and I forgot about it this morning or I would have come up with something. The day isn’t over yet! Ha!


  1. Forget it. I’m not a gullible person. I can’t be taken in my simple April Fools jokes. Sorry to spoil your fun.

    I have to leave now, going to check out some land I just purchased online. Someplace called Okefenokee in Florida.


  2. I’m not big on practical jokes, probably because I fall for everything. But I did see a crazy practical joke played by Katie Couric on Late Late Show host James Corden. It was too crazy. I couldn’t believe it. I would have been freaking out too.


    1. Dying a dog’s coat is considered animal abuse in Boulder! I will have to check the laws before doing anything permanent. I had considered trimming her like a poodle and dying her pink! Ha!

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