Ski Therapy in Beaver Creek

Aspens in Beaver Creek

My family went skiing at Beaver Creek Ski Resort, Colorado last weekend. I wondered if my knee would be stable and strong enough in the heavy wet snow. I knew it would be therapeutic to exercise in the fresh air.

I had a partial knee replacement over a year ago. Although my doctor thought I would be back to my wild life in a few weeks, it started squeaking and then became really noisy last summer. Now it grinds and squeaks! Weird right? What’s really weird is it’s totally painless, but can swell. My orthopedic surgeon thinks the scar tissue could wear off as I use it. I am keeping my fingers crossed.

Anxious to get back into shape after a broken wrist, I overdid it a few weeks ago. Stationary biking, walk/running, working out with weights and playing tennis was too much in one week. My angry knee swelled up like a gargantuan grapefruit. It took a few weeks to calm it down.

I knew skiing would be risky and I didn’t want to endure yet another setback. But sometimes you just have to go for it to find out if you’re ready.

My son, Kelly, me, Leksy Wolk, and my daughter, Courtney.  Do I look confident?

Kelly, Susie, Leksy Wolk, and Courtney Lindau at the entrance to the terrain park

I survived the first run without a problem.

Skiing under the chairlift at Beaver Creek

The April, ice cream-like snow was smooth and easy to carve. Although I felt my muscles work hard, my knee felt great.

I’m the one behind the camera.

Skiing the slopes at Beaver Creek As the day wore on, my confidence grew. I even skied a rail in the terrain park. Ha! Sorry. I have no proof. You’ll have to take my word for it.

My husband, Danny, and daughter, Courtney, clowned around in the snow. 

Clowning around trick skiing

The day after, my muscles were sore, but it was a good kind of sore. Although my knee was a little swollen, it resembled a knee and nothing from the produce department.

We drove down from the mountains and I took our Bichon, Roxy, for a walk. No running. No weightlifting. No biking. Just a walk.

This time, I’ll get back in shape by adding a small amount to each workout. Maybe my knee will quiet down and someone will record me in the terrain park.

That would be WILD!

Do you have a tendency to overdo it or do you ease into activity after a setback? Have you ever been to Beaver Creek? 

This is a response to the Weekly Photo Challenge – Landscape.

80 thoughts on “Ski Therapy in Beaver Creek

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  1. Here come the knee jokes: Perhaps I could barrow you for your squeaky knee to call in geese to the pond for bird watching this weekend. It seem to have misplace me goose call. 🙂


  2. So instead of your’ applauding at the theater you flex your barn animal knee instead – classic hoots I say – You need to bring Your husband along, then you can just face -palm when the your farm –land knee go off, as if it was coming from Danny. We Husbands are best pals like that for our wives. My dear wife barks like a seal at night, and I snooooor, so our wee baby boy cannot fall off to sleep without the midnight family bassoon and wind band.

    -Is it giving you any troubles? Does it only act up when the weather is going to change. “Oh mom’s knee is hawing and squawking again, storms coming in from the west.” You know like an old farmer’s almanac? “~


  3. Getting out there is bound to make you want more! Gorgeous day….and noticed some already in bare arms instead of ski coats.
    Sigh. This year dog nannying so others can hit the slopes…not near as much fun (Next you’ll be getting a GoPro camera – now that would be really wild….and so in character, right?)


  4. So happy you got this much needed time skiing. I’m totally an overdoer (unsurprisingly!) so I know how hard it can be to be patient, to trust your body is doing what it needs to do and you’ll get back to 100% someday. Sending good thoughts! xx


    1. Thanks so much, Liz! I’ve been careful which is NOT in my character, as you know. 🙂 I’m pretty sure I overdid leg presses two weeks ago, so I’m avoiding them. I appreciate your good thoughts! I hope all is well with you too!


    1. Keystone isn’t far away at all. Beaver Creek is just past Vail on I-70. It does have that feel with the mountain views, but the little town is pretty upscale. Very fun to visit!
      Thanks for stopping by!

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks, Peg! It is doing better considering I’ve been on it a lot the last few days. I think it got angry with overexercise. It needs to learn how to become more zenlike. Maybe it will start saying, ohmmmmmm instead! 🙂


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