When You Put A Dog In Charge Of Your Birthday – Vlog


funny baby

It’s my birthday! I survived another year of my Wild Life. That’s worth celebrating, don’t you think?

Every year I make plans to do something special. Last year, I made a plan that included a pedicure, a hair appointment, lunch, shopping, meeting family for dinner, eating some kind of chocolate dessert and then dancing, of course.


This year, I let my dog, Roxy, decide:

Did you guess what Roxy chose to do? How do you celebrate birthdays? 

77 thoughts on “When You Put A Dog In Charge Of Your Birthday – Vlog

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  1. I was enjoying the animated conversation you and Roxy were having, and then when you both came out smiling on the bike, I burst into laughter. Great wild ride, Susie — and happy birthday!


  2. Great little dog – sooo like my daughters. Plenty of advice to offer too … bet it was his idea to do the cool bike ride, (while secretly thinking you would think it was for you…?.) 😊


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