There’s No Way to Know…

flowering apple tree

As I watch clouds gather and raindrops ripple in concentric rings on the pond, maternal instincts kick into high gear. A storm is coming.

I find it hard to suppress the urge to cover the fragile, tender buds in warm blankets to prevent them from freezing, but snow could accumulate to a couple of feet and sopping wet blankets would crush them. One mature tree would need twenty or more. I would need hundreds of blankets and a cherrypicker to cover them. I shrug my shoulders and sigh.

Just as roses and bushes have leafed out, flowering trees are at their peak and fruit trees in bud are about to emerge, a huge snowstorm was predicted to slam into Colorado. Yesterday, I rushed through the yard to take pictures while inhaling the heady fragrance of flowering trees. High clouds whispered the same news. 

Last year it snowed every Wednesday for eight weeks and froze all those fragile buds. We had nary an apple or raspberry and our springtime consisted of monotonous shades of green. 

Maybe forecasters are wrong, but it’s quiet. Too quiet. Not one leaf ruffles nor bird sings as nature stores its kinetic energy for what is to come. I can feel it deep in my vertebrate.

flowering crab

Will I hunker down and wait for Mother Nature’s fury? No way. The same forecasters are predicting two to four feet of snow in the mountains. I plan to hit I-70 before the rush and the snow becomes too deep to travel. 

I will keep my fingers crossed and hope temperatures hover above freezing down here in Boulder. They’ve been wrong before. 

I’ll keep you posted…

Do you worry about the weather or do you sing Que Sera, Sera?

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  1. Last year on this day we had snow which ruined the beauty of all of our flowering trees. This year it’s in the mid-70s with sunshine. From these experiences, which remind me of a ping pong game, I’ve become rather mellow about what happens outside. I can’t do anything about it, so “Que sera, sera / Whatever will be, will be.”

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  2. Here’s hoping your fruit trees are spared. Even when trees leaves have been eating away by caterpillars, I’ve seen them put out a new set of leaves. But the flowers and following fruit are a one time shot per year. The latest snow I ever experienced was back in 1980 when I was in high school and we had snow just outside of Boston on May 10. Lots of broken branches.

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  3. Mother Nature has been showing her devilish side here as well! Just when we think spring has arrived, she tosses a little more snow or freezing rain our way! The next week is looking very promising. Here’s hoping her nastiness is out of her system! Hope your beautiful trees are okay!

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      1. They say all the ski slopes are planning to stay open for a while and y’all are getting 1-3 inches of snow an hour? Get the fireplace going.
        Lake Travis near Austin is 100% full for the first time in years. They are warning downstream residents that the flood gates will probably open Sunday/Monday as the front clears the Rockies and falls this way creating flooding. The big MS 150 (miles) charity race 2 day race from Houston to Austin has already called the 2nd Sunday leg. Already windy and stormy here.
        And yet another El nino pattern has formed up off MX west coast – gads …We are due an ordinary average year! (Keep thinking wild flowers happy…if they were smart and haven’t raised their heads up yet)


  4. I’m pretty que sera sera about the weather. Falls into the category of that which I cannot control. Besides my husband obsesses enough about it for both of us. 🙂 When we lived up north, winter was torture for him. He worried about every predicted snowflake, whether it ever actually ell or not.

    I like your approach, Susie. Head for the mountains!


  5. We don’t worry about severe weather here in Southern California. Even when El Niño is supposed to bring lots of rain, it’s possible to avoid danger if you don’t try to cross flooded streams or camp in dry washes. Sometimes, even when El Niño rains are predicted, it doesn’t always happen — like this year. But I’m sorry for you and your buds.


    1. Thanks, Sue!
      Part of the reason why I live in Colorado is because the weather is so extreme. I’m originally from Wisconsin where we had all four seasons and everyone of them was wild!!! So far, no snow in Boulder, but tons in the mountains. Woo hoo!

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  6. Pertaining here to Mother Nature’ she’s a fickle b’ indeed., Ms. Susie. Why she has tried to kill me many of times, but when she threatens to freeze my cherry buds’ that is just outright mean and it irks me! But still I won’t call her out on it or taunt her, because I know she can get me anywhere, anyway and whenever she wants to. It’s because of her that I decided it was just too high of a risky venture to slap pie tins over my head and folk festivals, after learning about dry weather lightning strikes.

    I use to state we don’t have tornadoes here in their beautiful State of Oregon. But that’s changed in the past ten years or so. Just do be careful playing in those mountains women’ you scared the hell out of me when I read of you Canadian Helicopter adventure. From your equipment failure, to your being way out of your comfort zone and capability level, your kids and Roxy are very lucky you came back in one piece and thawed out at that. I never had equipment failures but I have damn near died in the mountains from Hypothermia and to struggle to regain sanity and survive the imenseness of delirium of Hypothermia is an understatement by far. If snow is coming, stay home near the fire and cuddle up to a good book. People like us that love the rush and thrill of adventure, we have to prepared for Natures fickleness in all seasons to include lovely fair weather. Those trees will survive and bear fruit next year or another.

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    1. Hey Brock! So far those cherries are safe, but time will tell. It’s a three-day storm!
      Thanks for reading about my wild adventures! Yep. Getting stuck on a ledge with no way down was a bit nerve-wracking. Luckily, the snow didn’t slough out from under me as I sidestepped UP!
      I hate getting super cold too! Coming from Wisconsin, I spent a lot of time on frozen lakes. Frost bit my toes more than once.
      You better trade in the tins for paper plates! 🙂


  7. Gorgeous photos. I am a nature nut and trees are my absolute fave. I hope the snow isn’t as heavy as they say. Last winter we had endless snow but this winter we had hardly any. I’m usually pretty accepting of weather but when there’s 8 feet piled up I get antsy.


    1. Thanks, Darla! I went skiing in it today! 15 inches of the fresh stuff. More is coming in tonight. I only hope my tired, worn out body can handle another full day of it! Have you ever skied, Darla?

      So far, our trees are safe, but tonight temps are going down and the snow is falling in Boulder. Fingers crossed! After not having flowering trees last year, they look gorgeous and surreal!!


  8. Such an elegiac piece, Linda! I was blown over by the poetry. Nature may ravage and trounce the nascent foliage or life in its fury, but there is a mother in its bosom too. Surrender and trust!


  9. I complain and whine about my weather. But after reading your story. I should be thankful and rejoice when we get small inches of snow and temperature rarely hover in the single digits. I now love my wintery southeast Virginia weather.


  10. I truly understand the feeling, and can’t help but grieve the frostbitten blooms of early Jane magnolias, in particular. They’re such hopeful, stubbornly optimistic trees, fighting so very hard to beautify a frigid and gray March landscape. Such a shame to see them stung year after year, and such a hopeful and encouraging thing to see them keep trying…


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