Cher Abstracted

Cher on a tall column

There is something about theatrical lighting that transforms a performance. Geometric patterns create new spaces. They embrace the stage projecting structure in a facade. They appear in dramatic form and texture and then transform like a vaporous ghost into something quite different. Imagination is the only limitation.

Sonny and Cher reunited

To say that I pounced on free tickets to Cher would be an understatement. Her Las Vegas show on tour in Denver entertained and amazed. Nothing stopped her.

galaxy created with lighting at cher concert

From being elevated above the stage on top of a small column to playing Madonna and hovering across the audience on a wire, she transcended performance.

Cher as madonna hovers above audience

This is a response to the Weekly Photo Challenge – Abstract.

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  1. Cher, in Denver? And free? How cool is that? So glad you got to see her Susie. It looks from the pictures like it was quite a show. Score! 🙂


    1. One of our friends had bought tickets for his wife’s birthday and they couldn’t go at the last minute. Courtney and I had a blast! The level of the performance far exceeded my expectations. It even included a lot of acts similar to Cirque de Soleil. If you ever get the opportunity, you should see her!


        1. Like Prince, she doesn’t hold back or make excuses for her out-there personality. My heroes!
          I’m still in shock about Prince. My brother taped a show for Dateline at his house last night. I’m calling him to get the deets later this morning.

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  2. I saw her once with my friend Steve. NO not that Steve a 6ft5 drag queen Steve who looked more like Cher than Cher herself:) These photos are amazing.. Everyone should see Cher at least ONCE:)


    1. That sounds like a blast!
      I dressed up a little, but hardly anyone did. I was so surprised.
      Her show was spectacular. In between costume changes she had a Cirque de soleil-like show. I’d see her again in a heartbeat.

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    1. That is such a great point. She really has taught everyone. She is quite a role model too. I’m pretty bold about sharing what happens to me, but she is super brave and doesn’t care what anyone thinks!!! You should follow her on Twitter. What a riot!


  3. Hello Susie, I have only ever been to one music concerts, I and my wife do remember our date to the Local Town Concert Center, where we sat center stage upper loft and enjoy an awesome Le Grand Tour du Cirque Du Soleil. The Music Performance one and only of my life time, was when my wife and I were accompanied by another couple and deer friend’s whom she has known sense she was 14 years old.
    The four of us walked into this little local town theater here and sat in a time warp.

    -The entire little theater was filled with older hippies wearing their finest vintage attire, bell bottoms, beaded head bands, not Saturday market tie die but authentic velvet clothing, beaded chained necklaces, all the real deal. Authentic hippy culture, these people lived the times man and still are. The Performing artist that evening was a renowned Canadian Singer Song Writer, Humanitarian a man that preached his soul in his songs, his style and class; you know the kindred type I speak of here. His name is Bruce Cockburn – a master of Fingering or finger dancing the electric and acoustic guitars.

    -I once liked following Cher’ s Music, but I lost touch after the Beat Goes On 1967, the pathetic redundancy of Radio ruined a few groups and songs for me’ I was eight years old back then, she was lovely, long flowing hair all the way down to her… and her wearing her buck skins and love beads. When love beads were stitched and worn as tokens of love and of peace, when love and peace was an ache in ever humanities heart.

    -I suppose I will have to go and view Cher’s videos now.

    -But for me there are other Ladies who perform music from their hearts as well that I would love to see perform live, like Miss Tracy Chapman, and like Reba, and like Bonnie Raitt my wife’s favorite. And my all time pick of a women of pure class preforming music that holds top honor and I define the word ‘Class’ by is ‘Sade’, oh’ is she a lady indeed.


    1. I can’t believe you have seen only one concert. I’m not a big collector of music but have seen tons of them live! There is something about the atmosphere, the sound, the stage and performance that transcends the music you hear through regular sources. It’s like comparing digital to vinyl. Ain’t nothing like the real thing!
      Summer is coming and a lot of musicians will be on tour. I hope you get to experience another performance soon. I would love to see the Cirque de Soleil.
      I saw Bonnie. She was great and played all her popular music. I’m more of a Muse fan. Ha!

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    1. Thanks so much, Miriam!
      I had high expectations, but the were BLOWN AWAY!!! She really is a performer’s performer. She pulls all the stops and knows how to reach her audience. The only disappointment? Hardly anyone dressed up!

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