Dissolving Bone, Wimping Out and Shaping Up

Hey, Wild Riders! How was your weekend?

Would you take a pill that dissolved bone?

dissolving bone

You’ve seen the commercials. Almost every drug has side-effects. My oncologist switched me from Tamoxifen, which can cause uterine cancer to Anastrozole, which breaks down bone. You can imagine I’ve been more than a little concerned. I picture a vinegar-like substance hitting my bloodstream. It rushes through my veins and arteries. When it comes in contact with my bone, Tsssssss, it dissolves it like acid. Not good, right?

I’ve become obsessed with everything that strengthens bone. I’m 5’4” and don’t want to lose any height. As it is, I have a hard time reaching the top shelf on tippy toe.

With all the calcification they saw in my breast tissue before my double boobectomies, (the radiologist said my boob x-rays lit up), I was reluctant to go back to taking calcium supplements. Instead, I’ve been on a calcium-rich diet. My oncologist also mentioned, weight-bearing exercise.

You might remember how I broke my wrist the first week in January. Are you thinking what I’m thinking? The fall could have broken anyone’s wrist, according to my doctor, but you never know. After being relegated to sitting inside my house for eight weeks, I hit the gym way too hard. My knee ballooned up like a basketball. I overdid it, so I cut back. Waaaaay back.

Have you ever seen a penned up mustang? That’s how I felt, without the mane.

penned horse

My daughter texted me last week. She has been taking classes to become a certified personal trainer. The next best thing to having a doctor in the family. She told me in order to build bone I needed to engage in weight-bearing exercises including quickness, speed, and agility.

Parkour jumping from ledge to ledge

Whoa. That sounded a lot like tennis and skiing. Parkour looks like fun though.

I looked it up. Walking, hiking, running, weight-lifting, tennis.


The next morning, I scheduled the ball machine. I couldn’t imagine sprinting again after weeks of taking it easy. Even though I had been on the exercise bike (which is NOT weight-bearing exercise), and had been walking, I felt weak.

Would I dog after the ball like an old lady? Would I injure myself in some other horrific way?

I quickly banished those thoughts. Geez! I’m a Wild Rider, after all.

The last person who used the machine set it so the ball would go straight up the middle. I sighed and set a big span. Yep. I would run for every random ball that was fed.

tennis player's racket turns into light saber

I felt like a Jedi warrior.

Soaking wet and out of breath afterward, I felt great. The true test was the next day. No pain. My knee was normal-sized. Wow. Ha!

I had been babying myself, BIG TIME

No more.

Danny and I skied on the first of May. I plowed through the moguls and hit the trees. Not literally, thank God.

Take a look!


view of A-basin from the top

The weather has changed once again and it will be a lovely week. Time for Wild Adventure!


Are you shaping up for summer? Have you challenged yourself recently? How do you feel about videos on the Wild Ride?


77 thoughts on “Dissolving Bone, Wimping Out and Shaping Up

Add yours

  1. Nice ride Wild Rider! Enjoy the snow now because me thinks it may be the last of it. Ha, ha, ha, May, get it? Sorry, that was bad. But hey, I don’t know what to tell you about the new drug. Bone loss is not good for a woman of a certain age. Yet, Uterine cancer doesn’t sound like much fun either. These drugs can drive you crazy. I do know that weight strengthening exercise is good for our bones. So it will be good to have a personal trainer in the Family, eh? Otherwise, I guess you’ll have to choose your poison. May the force be with you!! 🙂


    1. Thanks, Karen!
      You had all kinds of “good ones” in your comment. Ha!
      Yep. Courtney is a wealth of information. After overdoing it, I was afraid of yet another setback. We skied yesterday and I’m rockin’ today. It’s all about slowly building muscle.

      The drug thing is horrid. I really don’t have much of a choice since psychologically alone it does wonders for me. I’m counting down to the end. Two years and three months….

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  2. I usually hate gifs, but that one where she misses the ball and stares at her racket like a lightsaber is very distracting.

    I’d love to play tennis, but I have zero hand-eye coordination. (Which is why I suck at softball and badminton. And I don’t like getting my arms beaten, so volleyball is out, too!)

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  3. Hi, Glad you’re on the road to being fit again. After doing so well for so long I lost my edge…trips to Cabo, Key West, and France contributed. My big failing was not exercising enough and consistently while on these trips. I did walk all over Paris but in Avignon I spent too much time sitting and enjoying great food and wine. I leave again soon for LA and, I guarantee you that my running/walking gear will be in my suitcase.
    Good luck with your weight bearing activities. Have fun!


    1. Thanks so much, Lori!
      Sounds like a great adventure. Walking is fabulous, but sitting is so easy to do if everything is within a short distance. I’ve experienced both kinds of trips. LA beaches are a great place to exercise. I’m overdue for a trip. Have fun too!

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  4. Glad you are better Susie! You look great skiing along. When I skied years ago I never had access to a mountain, just pimples by comparison. Kelly makes some good tunes. 👍🏻


    1. Thanks so much, John!
      Gone are my days of “pretty skiing” with my knees together. I’m all about keeping balanced, weighted and not falling!

      I grew up skiing on the bluffs of Wisconsin, so I know what you’re talking about. I was in awe the first time I skied in Colorado, back in college.
      Kelly does make some great music!

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    1. At least granite doesn’t dissolve with a tiny pill! I would like to think my bones are super strong. 🙂
      Thanks, Vincent! I’m learning a new video program and will work on my YouTube channel.

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  5. I hope climbing stairs strengthens bone, because I sure go up mine a lot. Here at the Inn we have 22 stairs to the second floor and 15 to the basement. I go up and down both staircases numerous times a day. Please tell me that counts for something.

    Keep up the good work wild rider but don’t overdo it. Slow and steady wins the race. And we need you around for a good long time.

    Patricia Rickrode
    w/a Jansen Schmidt


    1. Awww! Thanks so much Patricia. We need you too!
      Stairs are the BEST! That is an amazing workout. Keep it up, Patricia and don’t put in an elevator.
      I am careful, but being consistent is my new goal. I need to stay on my feet! This writing job requires a lot of quiet time, but I’m standing as I write this! Ha!


      1. Oh goodness – don’t stop writing. I’ve often thought about taping a tape recorder to my mouth and walking. That way I can just speak my book, rather than sitting and typing. People will thinks I’m nuts walking around talking to myself, but who cares.



        1. I will always write. It’s my passion. Standing while I type is good for me! I have taken notes with my phone while walking. I think most people are used to seeing that, but I’m with you. Who cares, is right!


  6. It’s been ten years since my back hit the edge of the footrest as I tumble and turned in mid air trying to board a train that was gathering speed. Many complications later, I have been sentenced to a lifetime of calcium tablets which are all somehow ending up in my arteries and choking out them. But the sight of Wild Rider skiing with gay abandon and hitting trees has given me so much hope. Carry on, Wild Rider!


    1. That sounds horrible. Accidents suck.
      I’m so glad I inspired you. I’m trying the alternative, diet and exercise and will see a year from now if it was enough. *gulp*
      I feel so much better getting back to my wild life. It’s much more fun than watching, anyway!
      Always great to “see” you Uma!

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  7. Susie – you’re an inspiration! Truly. I have just enough energy to make it through the day…. I get several sets of steps but I need to get out and walk in the fresh air – it does wonders when I do. Weight lifting would be a good idea, but it’ll have to wait for summer. Keep it up!


    1. Thanks, Clay! Great to “see” you!
      I’m on a roll and rented the ball machine again tomorrow. I’m hoping to keep adding slowly to my new routine. Fingers crossed…
      You will have plenty of time this summer!


  8. Glad that you’re back to doing what you love, Susie. My biggest challenge is trying to leave my sanctum sanctorum ten minutes earlier each day to get to The Grind on time. I have officially become A Very Dull Person.


    1. Hey V! How the heck are yah?
      It’s hard to break old routines. I’m trying to get into a new one and step it up, literally. I know all about Dull, but I get antsy like that stallion. Ask Danny! Ha!


      1. I’m sure you’ll hit on a new fitness routine that won’t lead to another injury, Susie. I think you’ve finally read the memo about that. As for me, I’m recovering from a cold and I’m still in withdrawal from my epic move. This is such a monumental lifestyle change; the first place I’ve resided since leaving my parent’s house that is easy living. It’s so cozy and lovely in my new space, when I come home at night all I want to do is veg. Recently, I scored a free virtual reality headset from the New York Times. I downloaded their VTR app and popped my iPhone in it and did virtual reality whale watching. The closest I ever came to doing anything remotely like that in my old sanctum sanctorum where I was stress incarnate was opening a can of tuna. No longer living in a shabby, chic-less dump is such a culture shock for me. I feel like I’ve won the lottery. Milton loves my new digs, too.


        1. I’m so happy for you!!! I hope you’ll recover quickly. You deserve some veging time. I mean, you work all day long anyway. Virtual reality sounds really cool. Even cooler that you scored one free. I bet Milton has eyed that rollout couch more than once.
          I hit with the ball machine again today and survived. *whew*
          BTW, I don’t recall the word ‘lovely’ in your vocabulary. It really must be!!!!

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  9. Loved the video! Looks like that particular run wasn’t too hard on the knees. Makes me miss skiing. Stoked for you! Here north of a Seattle, we hit 89 degrees in my yard and I mowed it. Looks awesome.


    1. Thanks so much!
      I think that was a greenie – beginner run. We have to hold the camera while recording, so we can’t video on anything that requires pole planting. It was fun and condition were fantastic!
      89???? Wow! It hit 70 here today. I love the smell of fresh mowed lawn.

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  10. Video’s are cool …. that’s some serious mane-tossing! … love the Jedi tennis player.

    Getting past that fear of movement after an injury is always tough. Bravo. 😀


    1. Thanks so much! I’m still learning the program.
      My knee swelled up so much, it didn’t seem stable enough to do anything for a couple of weeks. I was afraid of a repeat performance, but so far, so good! I just have to keep at it this time and gradually build the muscle. Key word “gradually.”


  11. Your videos rock, Susie, especially the one of you skiing. You make it look so easy. You go, Wild Rider! The guy jumping from ledge to ledge is pretty amazing, too. Wow! I’m so glad you’re back to doing the things you love. You’ve sure had some rough patches. I hope there are no side effects from that pill. Very unsettling. Congrats to your daughter deciding to become a certified personal trainer. Happy Mother’s Day, Susie!


    1. Thanks so much Lynn! Happy Mother’s Day to you!
      Parkour looks like so much fun, but I think I’ll have to wait until my next lifetime to take that “leap.” It feels great to challenge myself again. I think I’ll be okay as long as I stay on the exercise and calcium-rich diet. We’ll see! No broken bones since January. Ha!
      Courtney is stoked!


  12. WOW, how cool! You are way more tech advanced than me. What are you 21 or something. I like the ski video. Keep up the hard work. You look great!
    Jason Kruse


    1. Hey Jason! Great to “see” you.
      I’m a Wild Child trapped in a grown woman’s body. Ha! I used to make videos and I’m back at it. We’ll see how it goes…
      Thanks for stopping by!


  13. I’m not into athletics. I end up hurt whenever I try to do something physical like tennis or skiing or running. I’m much better at sitting still, which in a perfect world, would be in the Olympics… and I could earn a Gold Medal. *sigh*


    1. I would be a major fail in those Olympics. No gold medals for me! My muscles are always pulled and sore too after exercise. I’m stiff today. But it’s a good kind of sore.
      Happy hump day, Ally!

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  14. That’s a Wild Ride Susie

    Bone dissolving Pharmaceutical do not sound good, I dread the thought and refuse to read my mile long rap sheet on the Pharmaceutical side effects and reactions upon the Pharmaceuticals I have been prescribed. (I try them out on my Neighbor first, crazy coot is still leaping about for invisible’ imaginary birds in the garden, but hay’ Better than I’ … 🙂

    No real Crazy coot neighbors were harmed in the making of this cruel yet necessary joke.


  15. I bet Courtney is a well of helpful information to you, When I had my industrial accident and failed surgery, which has put me on a 34 year journey with varying degrees of pain. I was sent to a Chronic Pain Center where I trained and schooled for months. After 34 years of it, I have run the gauntlet from treatment to avoiding addictions. I lived some frightening moments as well, like when I had lived so much pain that I stopped sleeping, which was cool for a 6 days and nights, until the lights went out, and I suddenly was void of serotonin in my brain was depleted, then my mood plunged and it was sudden and night and day, and very bad, and I mean lights out and I was in a very negative mindset. SO be careful Susie. So watch your sleep and get your REM sleep nightly. I ping my Pressure points and melt them like butter on flapjacks and master it all. My L-4 l-5 can tell you when a storm is coming in, and what the wind chill factor is over upon Arapaho Mountain, Colorado, and when to plant corn on the Hopi Reservation below second Mesa! And you know what, it’s a blessing to here and alive, as other don’t get to live the pain I do, or the awesome moments, babes born, weddings, we are alive, your dear knee with remind you of that. Spring is coming Susie, spring hurts less as does summer. You’re years if not decades younger than me.


  16. I am not active at all, and most of the time I don’t exercise at all. Right now I blame it on the elbow surgery I had March 1st (Wow! It’s May already!). I did get a little non-weight bearing exercise yesterday. I had to use my sports wheelchair, as I went out to dinner with four other people (We were the Grey Brigade!) and that is the only chair I can use when someone is driving me somewhere. I have a free gym membership. I met with the personal trainer, and then I never went back. Now I blame it on the elbow.


  17. Yay! A year for skiing, even here in Oregon. I didn’t go at all last year. We went 14 or 15 days this year! Great photos and video.

    And tennis? A case of outdated impression of limited capacity? Chasing after wide-sprayed balls is a pretty good test of your knee abilities. Nowhere on your list: yoga. Hand-standing, forearm standing, deep lunges — all weight bearing. Just ignore any teacher who pushes for anything that hurts your knee.

    Looking forward to your Parkour videos.


  18. Medical decisions like that are always horrible aren’t they because there are no guarantees with anything, so you’re trying to weigh up chance and level of harm against chance and level of success, it’s an impossible choice at times. My mum is struggling with a medical choice at the moment, it’s only her hand so it’s nothing life-threatening, but it’s her right hand and she’s right-handed. She’s had two rounds of surgery following a nasty dislocation a few months ago, and it’s still not right, she can’t bend her middle finger and still has a lot of pain, so it’s either a third round of some new kind of surgery which could make it better or could make it worse, or do nothing and it may or may not improve with just physio, but that’s perhaps better than the worse it could get with the surgery! And the longer she leaves making a decision about the surgery, the less chance there is of the surgery being successful.

    Glad you’re happy with the way your exercise regime is going. Keep up the good work! What time of day do you like to exercise? For me, I have to do it first thing of the day or I won’t do it at all.


  19. It’s the impact. Impact builds bone. Also make sure you get enough vit K. Gouda cheese, leafy greens and such. Or take K2 if you like supps. This helps the calcium make it’s way into the bone so it doesn’t calcify your arteries and other organs!


    1. Thanks for passing that along! I’ll move it to the top of my list of exercises. I’m also trying to strengthen a non-existent vastus medialus. Lots of work to be done!


      1. Many people think yoga is about flexibility, but it’s really about strength. So, it’s strength training… lengthening and strengthening muscles, while also weight bearing = bone density improvements. I had a woman in one of my classes who brought in her scans, to show us how much her bone density had improved! Pretty funny, but impressive. AND, it’s calming (if you don’t do hot yoga), which is great for your immune system and mental health. Ok, stepping off my box now… since you already said you’d move it to the top of your list! 😉 Wishing you well, Susie!


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