No, Means NO!

messerschmidt self-portrait

Vexed Man – Self-portrait sculpted in 1770 by Franz Messerschmidt

Messerschmidt had a pretty fantastic sense of humor. I had to take a photo of his sculpture at The Getty Museum in Los Angeles. It cracked me up. He looks like someone who reeeeeeally doesn’t want to do something. I only have one question. How did he study his face if he had his eyes closed?

I think we would have gotten along really well since it’s obvious Messerschmidt and I don’t have any shame. We don’t care about our goofy mugs…

mugging for the camera

 Mugging for the Camera – Self-portrait photographed in 2016 by Susie Lindau 

Bored while waiting for hair color to dye my sparkly halo, I took some silly photographs. I especially liked this one since the coat rack behind me looks like part of my hair style.

This is a response to Face – The Weekly Photo Challenge

Do you take selfies?

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  1. I realized I might–MIGHT–get more attention on my entries if I use photos, but the idea of going back and redoing even a few months is daunting. O.o


  2. Oh my gosh, I thought the coat rack swirly arm thing was the wire to a headpiece. It looks to me like you’re in some kind of recording studio or radio station DJ desk or something and you have a head set on. That’s funny.

    I guess I just see the world a little differently than everyone else does.

    Happy Friday the 13th.

    Patricia Rickrode
    w/a Jansen Schmidt


    1. I love that perspective! At first, I couldn’t figure out what it was and had to look behind me. It definitely looks like a wire. The other thing that’s weird is my hairline. It’s full of goop. 🙂 Happy Friday the 13th to you!!


    1. Thanks, John!
      You’re the only one who will look at them! I didn’t show this one to anyone else until I blogged it. I don’t think anyone in the salon suspected what I was doing and if they did, I didn’t care. Ha!

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  3. Great photo! And a great sculpture – Messerschmidt must have spent WEEKS carving that image of what happened after he stubbed his toe… 🙂 Must admit I’ve never done ‘selfies’, my SLR is a bit expensive to drop while holding it backwards at arm’s length and trying to hit the shutter button, and I only recently got a phone with a front-facing camera…


    1. Thanks, Matt! I am a bit of a goofball and I think I captured that pretty dang well. Sometimes I cheat with my DSLR, set the timer and run. You’ll have to play with that reverse camera feature. It works great as a periscope too. Ha!

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    1. That can be a big problem, big nose that is… I’ve taken many weird selfies, but while looking in the mirror, it gave me the extra distance. I still look like goofball. 🙂


  4. Love the sculpture, amazing work. Also love your mug with the other mug in the foreground. You must have a really long arm to reach down under that table and up the other side to take that pic 🙂 I sometimes try to take selfies but I’m generally not happy with the results.


    1. Thanks, Guat. It was fun to throw together. I took that photo when I was in Cali!
      I’m dancing now!! “I Can’t Feel My Face When I’m With You But I love it…”
      Hey, my son is moving to LA for a year to go to a music production school called Icon. We’ll be heading out there a lot!


  5. I don’t think his eyes were actually shut all the way! Great shot of you. And I was taking selfies long before they had a name for it, or a camera specifically for that purpose! It’s hard to hold a 35mm camera backward to shoot yourself, you know.


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