A Shia LaBeouf Hitchhiking Update #TAKEMEANYWHERE

Good morning Wild Riders and Happy Summer to you!Shia LaBeouf and Susie Lindau at the Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art

Remember when I met Shia LaBeouf in May? Well he, Nastja Ronkko, and Luke Turner have been hitchhiking since May 23rd. Every day, they have posted their new coordinates at noon on Twitter and have taken a ride from whomever picks them up first. GPS placed them north of Seattle, Washington yesterday. Today at noon, they were further north near Maple Ridge, British Columbia. My guess is they will head to Los Angeles, but who knows? Maybe they’ll complete their weird loop by hitching a ride back to Boulder.

#takemeanywhere hitchhiking map LaBeouf, Turner, Ronkko

These are their last few days of hitchhiking. My husband, Danny, and I are road-tripping on Sunday and will just miss them. Dang!

I found the coolest video of Scott Daly and a friend who set out from Utah to track the team down. Being super fans, it soon became a cat and mouse adventure. If you’re a writer, this video includes every step in the making of a great story. It is very suspenseful and worth a view.

Take a look:

Would you have gone this far? Can you see how Daly’s adventure plays out like a great short story?

I wonder what LaBeouf, Ronkko and Turner will do with their #TAKEMEANYWHERE hitchhiking adventure. Will they do something with the GPS coordinates? Will they document their journey in a video or photos? Or is the journey the art installation? Stay tuned. When I find out, I’ll let you know.

Everyone is a super fan of some celebrity. How far would you go to spend a day with your favorite star?


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  1. I can’t say I’m a superfan of anybody, although it would be cool to meet almost anybody famous – there’s something about them that makes you think they’re not like you and me. Do you consider yourself a LaBeouf superfan now since you two are best buds?

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    1. I am definitely a super fan of LaBeouf now. I’ve met many celebrities and he’s the kind who hasn’t taken his status too seriously. In fact, he is super self-effacing. I don’t know many people in general who are like that. A very cool guy.

      We were just in Malibu and saw Ricky Schroder for the second time. Ha! Next time, I’ll ask for a selfie with him. I don’t normally bug celebrities, but he seems very approachable.

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      1. I would have loved meeting him on this trip! I will say, it’s super cool that he is doing this and taking time out from making millions. Life is not only about money, and he seems to see that.


  2. I have this fantasy of meeting one of those home remodeling stars and having him or her remodel my bathrooms. I’d definitely hang out at the Home Depot for the chance!


  3. Oh goodness – every person is just their own special kind of crazy aren’t they? Good luck to the hitchhikers. And good luck to the wild rider and her roadies. Have fun where ever you are headed.

    Patricia Rickrode
    w/a Jansen Schmidt


    1. Thanks so much, Patricia! I have a feeling our road trip will be WILD! I hope it stays cool like today. At least we have air conditioning. When I was a kid, we rolled the windows down. 🙂


  4. Hitchhiking is a lost wonder. In my teens, I hitch hiked all around town. I got rides from kind people, people who knew my family and learned a lot about people in the process. It’s truly a shame that it is not safe to hitch or pick up a hitchhiker these days.


    1. I agree! I hitched rides too. One night, I rode with a guy who lectured me about the dangers of hitchhiking. I didn’t do it for long after that and figured my luck could run out if I wasn’t careful. I always had a sixth sense about things like that. 🙂


    1. I LOVE IT!!! I take it you didn’t catch a glimpse. It could still happen. Ha!
      It is a Wild Month for them. Can you imagine doing that every day for a month? Whoa.


    1. That’s a great perspective! I’ve seen quite a few celebs and usually leave them alone, treating them like a rare bird sighting. Every so often, they are very welcoming and approachable.
      The video was superb! It hit on all the crucial plot points, similar to a book or movie, to keep the viewer interested until the end. Thanks for stopping by!

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  5. Hitchhiking isn’t my thing, but I think the idea of what they’re doing is very adventurous!
    My adventures this summer are riding my motorcycle and enjoying my new grandsons!
    I’m not really a super fan of celebrities, but there are some musicians and authors I’d love to meet.
    Happy Wild Riding, Susie!!


  6. Looks like Shea Le Boef is having a fairly wild ride! Hitching as an artistic statement? I’ve never really bought into the celebrity thing – people just do stuff as far as I’m concerned; all strength to what they’re doing, but it doesn’t make them elevated (maybe it’s a Kiwi thing…) But there are plenty of artists, writers and musicians who I’d like to ask about what they do – about their art, their inspiration, their ideas – which might take a day or more each. Bowie, Zappa and Sun Ra among them… all of whom I’d now need a ouija board to talk with now, guess I’m a bit slow…


    1. It’s down to their last few days. They usually post their coordinates at noon, but yesterday they went up at 9:00 PM!
      I know what you mean about that ouija board. We’ve lost so many artists lately. I usually observe celebs like rare birds and leave them alone. Labeouf encourages conversation. The last two times I was in Malibu, I saw Ricky Schroder of Lonesome Dove fame. He was just hanging out in the park last time. He looks like the nicest guy maybe because my kids don’t know him from Adam. If I see him for the third time, I’m definitely going to ask for a selfie and see what he’s up to. Ha!
      Nice to “see” you Matthew!

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