Ready for a Wild Ride?

road tripping across the west

I’m ready. My bags are packed and the drinks are on ice. Soon, I’ll be on the road. My husband, Danny, and I will travel almost thousand miles in two days. We’ve driven more miles in less time, but plan to stop along the way.

What kind of adventures are ahead? There will be quite a few. Follow my wild ride over the next week, and you can tag along!

This is my 500th post. Woohoo! That’s a lot of Wild Rides…

Do you plan to take any road trips this summer? Where would you like to go? Any tips you’d like to share?

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      1. Wowza! Do you take along finger puppets and do a surprise show to liven things up on the trip? (I’m talking a surprise show with the finger puppets by the way.)
        That’s always been a mediocre success on our trips.


  1. Wow 500 – congrats. I am creeping up on the same milestone, too – sometime this summer I’ll post a 500th. As for your travels – east, west, south, or north? Are you gonna follow Shia? Make sure you post as you travel. Whereever you are headed may your travels be safe and Fun! Peace.


    1. Thanks Jan! We haven’t been on one for a while. 600 miles down 150 to go. Then another 400 tomorrow. We’re in a race with our son and are trying to catch him tonight!


  2. Have a fabulous time, Susie! Aren’t road trips fantastic?? I’m on the road all summer, as trail angel for my husband’s completion of the Continental Divide Trail and doing some hiking myself. Yesterday I drove six hours to drop him off at a trailhead, and today I hiked, swam, and practiced yoga and meditation. It’s a tough job but someone’s got to do it, LOL!


  3. Road trips can be a delight, as long as you are able to keep moving on down the highway. It’s the unexplained traffic jams that get to me and make me antsy. May your road be clear and may you find restrooms conveniently located along the way. A blessing, of sorts. Have fun.


  4. Happy 500!!! 😀

    Tips – For the long hauls … swap drivers every hour and take your shoes off when you’re the passenger. Wear loose clothing and make sure to stay hydrated. Little sips regularly rather than gulping a lot at one time. Always take the scenic route. 😀


    1. Thanks so much. I can’t believe how much I’ve written. Crazy. Great tips, Widder Woman! I’ll take heed next time and try not to drive a five hour stretch. Once I get into the groove I can go for hours. We’re definitely on the scenic route!


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