The Epic Road Trip Continues


We were on an epic road trip. The gap between our car and our son’s began to close. He and his posse had an earlier start and were a couple hours ahead, but pulling a trailer has its way of slowing a car down. They were only 25 miles ahead.

We could catch up.

We watched for Uhauls while driving 85 MPH. Then I made a call. We had passed Kelly’s girlfriend! She had pulled over at mile marker 91 and filled up at an Arco station. We were already in the 70s. Whoa! We couldn’t believe it. Kelly and his friend, who would be his roommate in Burbank, had flown down the road, ahead of us by thirty minutes.

We missed them.


Then we learned they would take a pit stop before heading to California. There was still a chance.

We hoped to meet them….

Viva la road trip

in a truly Wild place.

the strip

A place where all kinds of epic adventures happen.

cool architecture

Las Vegas.

We wound our way through a casino. They were in another building.

The Hard Rock Cafe

We headed back into the 112 degree heat and ducked inside the Paris.

We found him!


Vegas is crazy. I made a list of my sensory overload, but it was waaaaaay too long. After a night at The Luxor, we hit the road again.

I had forgotten about Area 51 and its proximity to Las Vegas… That would explain everything.

There’s a lot more to come on our epic road trip. It has just begun…

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    1. Hotel parking garages are open to the paying public there. I stayed off-strip my first time, but we would drive to the hotel we left off on, park, continue exploring and then come back at the end of the day.

      When I went in 2008, I took a taxi almost everywhere. They line up near the main doors of each strip hotel, so all you have to do is get in and go. (Waiting is short…even if there are three people ahead of you, it’s just a matter of get in, go, wait for the next in line to pull up, and repeat until it’s your turn.)

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      1. Days, thank you for explaining this to me. I knew about the taxis but couldn’t figure where you’d park anything like a U-haul. Didn’t know the hotel garages would accommodate the paying public, but now that you say it, it makes sense.

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        1. I’d say it’s probably one of the best kept secrets about Vegas…why would the taxi companies want you to know that you can not only rent a car, but easily park it? 😉

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  1. Watch out for Blue Diamond Exit, Mile Marker 15. I hear-tell there are aliens that land there now and then…and other creatures-of-the-night (I wrote a short story in 1989 about a supposed event I attended with my reporter mom of an alien landing that was supposed to have landed. It didn’t. But I got good grist for the story…)…!


    1. It’s like Disneyland for adults, appearing sparkly and magical until you look up close. Ha! I was too exhausted to do more than go out for dinner. Went to Wolfgang Pucks. Amazing food!


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