Area 51, Where Are You?

We continued our Epic Road Trip and drove through the desert. I expected temperatures to soar as we approached Death Valley. I mean, it’s the scorched valley of death and hell on Earth to all who enter, right? I had packed two gallons of water, just in case. Come on. I was a Girl Scout back in the day.

We found the world’s tallest thermometer.

world's tallest thermometer

Bummer. It was 10:00 AM and a cool 106! Temperatures in Las Vegas hit 112 degrees the day before. I’m sure it warmed up by afternoon, but we didn’t stick around to find out.

As Danny filled up the gas tank, he spotted an interesting shop across the street. A jerky store. Our son is a huge fan, so we had to check it out.

We weren’t the only ones who stopped. I didn’t know Area 51 was so close to Vegas.


Did you know about the Galaxy Peace Patrol? They work for the Interplanetary Galactic Federation, of course.

Aliens have landed

I took my time while approaching the vehicle. You never know…


Wait. What?


I jumped a mile when the aliens moved in the front seat. They did! REALLY!

I had my doubts, but a new friend tried to slip a dollar in anyway.


It wouldn’t take her money. I think the aliens will be around for a while.

When we hit the road, I suddenly felt like an alien invasion had taken place.

area 51 where are you

Will I survive this Wild Ride? Stay tuned for more of my Epic Road Trip.

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39 thoughts on “Area 51, Where Are You?

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  1. Ha! That’s so funny. We’ve stopped by the big thermometer on our road trips to Vegas before 106 … That’s not too bad. Glad you hit that area in the morning. And that Area 51 Alien Galactic car cracked me up! Glad you’re making it to California in time for the heat. But I’m sure you’ll guys will hit the beach and stay cool 🙂


    1. The temps are crazy different everywhere we go, just like in Colorado. Nothing like Wisconsin where it is just plain old, hot and humid all summer. I love it! There’s always relief, somewhere! You live in a great part of the world!


  2. On Good lord they’ve driven through a first nation ceremonial Hemp cloud and now she’s temporarily lost her fric n’ mind! Take her to the Bun Boy Motor motel and let her sleep it all off, but make sure she doesn’t escape out the window to raid the ice machine of float in the pool’ Danny just makes sure the wild Women there beside you’ manages to climb back into the correct vehicle for her wild ride back home. And make sure you grab her by her ankles and drag her backwards over the Designated “Do not cross line or you’ll be shot’ so she avoids prosecution when the Aria 51 Security cruiser comes along’. I am not sure I can keep sending her bail money. Feed her lots of Dots’ and Bit –o –honey and keep her window rolled up just enough as so she doesn’t keep falling out when she hangs out to flap her tongue in the desert wind and you have to keep driving back to pick her up.


    1. Whoa! That beats my trips! I’ve never gone coast to coast. I love all the sights along the way. From Colorado to Wisconsin is the worst, no offense to anyone who lives in Nebraska, but that state is looooooong and flat… Any trips planned this summer?


      1. not really. stuck doing law work. but I will be starting a new blog for just our trips. so many sites and beautiful scenery! I love nature; it speaks with a straight tongue while faces of man have two sides.


  3. Awesome trip! My fiance and I went on a road trip to Starkville, MS from Lincoln, NE so I could attend a graduate seminar at my college. Fun driving through the South (heavily forested in MS, even around the interstates) and we drove through the Ozarks. On our way back, we drove on a back-country state highway driving past farms. Good times 😀

    By the way, probably a good idea you didn’t wait for the Death Valley roasting. Gotta open air temp I’ve experienced is 112 and that was enough for me haha.


    1. The last time we drove to Las Vegas it hit 116! It only cooled down to 112 during the night. It was soooooo hot. We ran from sprinkler to sprinkler.
      That sounds like a phenomenal road trip! I would love to hit the Ozarks some day. I have a blogging friend there!

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