Only in California…

I’m back from my Epic Road Trip. There were a couple of California signs I had to share.

You’d never see this on a telephone pole in Boulder. Read it carefully. I don’t want you to hurt the poor little guy or gal. Don’t you think toucan bird is redundant or am I missing something?

Lost toucan sign in Malibu, California with warning of biting.

The next one definitely won’t be seen in Colorado anytime soon. We get our fair share of celebrities, but we’re a pretty laid back state and aren’t known for swarming them like killer bees.

Paparazzi free zone sign in Malibu

I wondered if someone would sound the alarm when I pulled out my phone to take a picture, but I escaped to take photos another day. Whew!

This one isn’t a sign, sign, but a definite sign we weren’t in Colorado anymore.

Porthole window in Malibu Farm Shop on Malibu Pier.

The shot was taken on the end of the Malibu Pier in the Malibu Farm Gift Shop. It’s not your average T-shirt store. You can buy a Harley Davidson motorcycle or a cashmere sweater for over a thousand dollars.

I didn’t see the toucan, but it could have been perched above us.

Have you seen any toucans lately or strange birds you’d like to take a picture of?

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  1. We had three parrots growing up, a result of living in Venezuela when I was in 2nd grade. When we came home to southeast Texas we were always afraid that they’d get lose and fly away. Never did – one of them survived until 2000 – over thirty years. Love the porthole photo – nice shot. California is a different place – almost magical, but I suppose every place has its own magic and aura. Have a wonderful week and enjoy the Rocky Mountain state.


    1. Thanks so much, Clay!
      It’s amazing how long birds can live in captivity. I bet you had a wild life in Venezuela!
      That gift shop had two floors and could be a magazine spread in itself! It was a delight and I never use that word. Ha!
      The states are similar in they are both travel destinations. So much of the Southern California coast is like a resort.
      Have a great week too!

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  2. So they dont have leash laws for those things in CA? You cant help but think it would / could be captured if you just put a bowl of Fruit Loops out there… omg.. I hope that doesn’t date me too much!


  3. I think toucans are illegal to own, but I could be wrong. Anyway, California is a pretty “special” place, especially the southern part where you visited. The best part of California is up north. Some day, you need to visit.

    Patricia Rickrode
    w/a Jansen Schmidt


  4. No toucans here, but strange birds? Several weeks ago there was a wild turkey in my (inner suburban) front yard.

    What’s really strange about that is that it’s becoming almost normal to see wild turkeys roaming around town. The deer are still surprising when they show up, though.


    1. Wild turkeys better beware in a couple of months! Some of your neighbors might get ideas for Thanksgiving!
      I saw turkey vultures last year and wild turkeys in Wisconsin. Deer are very common in Boulder, but across the valley in Niwot, we had a visit from a moose! I missed that sighting.
      Great to see you!

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  5. No but I was just standing in line for an auction and they had a sign on the door that said “Funeral Reception Back Door: LOL


  6. We have a parrot colony near our neighborhood – have not managed to capture them though. The birdlife is unique here as well as the wildlife – never a dull moment. I am sure there are celebrities here too. Happy Weekend – Enjoy 🙂


  7. What a giggle – we could see that birdbrained sign around here ( or maybe a parrot one…fat chance to recapture a parrot who’s fled to join the escapee’s wild flock.) Maybe worried “Toucan” might be confused as a regional language dialect/slang phrase? Those do get lost in translation.
    So snow still predicted for tht higher elevations Sunday? Sigh. Can’t complain as we had perfect weather on our trip. Check the last pix on today’s post to see “What I did on my Colorado vacation” HAHa


  8. Since there’s a photo on the sign, adding bird cracked me up.
    Snow????? Whoa! It’s supposed to be 90 down here in Boulder over the weekend. Oh, man! You were in Colorado? I missed you!


    1. Actually, I called the owner and he had already found it!!! There was another one sighted about a month ago and I followed up at that time. It might be the same one. Let me know what happens!


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