Warning! Wanderlust Adventure Ahead

practicing yoga in tree pose near a pond for WanderlustWhen my daughter, Courtney, asked if I’d be interested in going to Wanderlust, I said, “Sure!” I’m always up for traveling, but had no idea what she was talking about. Last week, she sent me a video of a class we’ll be taking. I laughed until I cried.

I hope no one gets hurt…

Wanderlust – Whistler 2016, is a four-day yoga festival that includes everything from the obvious, (yoga) and meditation to paddle-boarding, hiking and rocking out to DJs at night. I signed up. After all this isn’t my first yoga rodeo.

In seventh grade, I took a class as an elective at Our Lady Queen of Peace. I was hooked. I loved the relaxed atmosphere and how it slowed my active mind. I continued my interest through college. For a few years after having kids, I took a class poolside at a beautifully landscaped Boulder home. When the sessions became more aerobic than meditative, I dropped out.

It has been a few years since I’ve really been into yoga. With wrist and knee issues, I recently attended a few classes in Boulder to test my body. With a pad under my knees, I could do everything, in restorative, gentle yoga, anyway.

I thought I was good to go.

Courtney instructed me to sign up for all of the classes on her schedule, so I blindly clicked away. Last week, she sent me an email and asked if I had read the class descriptions. Of course not. I rarely read instructions.

One of the classes we’re taking is Acrovinyasa. She sent this video and I laughed until I cried.

We’ll be partners. I assume I’ll be on the bottom. I just watched the video again and it still cracks me up. Think of me spinning around like a top next Thursday. Ha! Still laughing.

My husband, Danny, is coming with us. His yoga themed bad dad jokes have been hitting me in waves. He is running two 5Ks as part of the event and will go on a hike, but he also signed up for a couple of yoga classes. There is hope. I think I’ll buy him that guy’s bandana. Could be a good look for him since he’s planning on walking around town with a cross-body yoga mat and a water bottle. Ha!

I’m really looking forward to the classes, especially the ones involving positivity and opening up the mind to creativity. I truly believe writers, musicians, and artists get into a creative flow that seems to come out of nowhere. It’s why I write with a vague idea of my plot points and could never use an outline. Whenever I concretely think about what should happen next in my book, I go into “deer in the headlights.” Instead, I imagine the characters and setting, and the scene rolls in my head like a movie.

Wanderlust should be a mind bender. I hope my body bends too. I can’t afford any breakage.

Don’t worry, Courtney and Danny will take lots of pictures. Remember, I have no shame.

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Are you into yoga? Have you been to Whistler or Vancouver? Is Acroyoga for you?

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  1. I have a friend that does acroyoga regularly – it’s impressive stuff! My toddler wants to learn after watching the video with me, but at least I won’t be so sore after holding her up 🙂


  2. Sounds like an amazing time! We have been to Whistler a few times, mostly to ski & a for our son’s wedding! Such a fun place to explore. Not sure how long you are staying but if you are there on Sunday, July 31st, pop over to Dusty’s Bar at Creekside & have a pint while listening to the Hair Farmers. We always try to seek them out when we are there. They are awesome!!! Here’s the link:



    1. I was just thinking about you! Ha! Good to see you. 🙂 I love doing things I would never think of trying, so it will be fun. The best part is I’m back into yoga which is so good for me.
      We will definitely check them out before heading down the mountain. Thanks so much, Lynn!
      Are you a yoga girl?

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      1. I have done a little yoga but I don’t practice it regularly. I am hoping to make more of an effort in the fall, to get back into it, mostly because I do think it is good for you! Have fun!


        1. That’s great! I found a class that is perfect for me. It’s more meditative and about holding positions than working out. The teacher also read poetry and a few quotes. Talk about nirvana. I was swept away! And yet my muscles did get a work out.

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          1. I think that it what I am more interested in as well Susie, a class with a little more meditation than yoga. We have a studio here close to where I live that runs a variety of yoga programs. You have inspired me to check it out a little further.


            1. I would! Most have a restorative or some kind of “gentle” program. The one I went to was so relaxing and empowering. She asked us to think of an intention and then reminded us during class. At the end, she played woodland sounds and placed a cloth with scented cedar over our eyes . I was transported to the middle of the forest. It was so relaxing.

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  3. After watching the video, I have one bit of advice for you. If you’re the one that’s going to be on top, make sure your partner has very big feet. It looks like it helped a lot in the video. Size 13s at least! 😉 Have fun!


    1. I didn’t notice. Ha! I wonder if we will all get a chance to be spun around by the instructor. If he has size 7’s, I’ll pass. 🙂
      We almost went to Victoria Island yesterday, but it would have been six hours of traveling at least. We are having a blast in Vancouver! Any suggestions?

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      1. It’s been too long since i spent time in Vancouver. We hardly ever get off Vancouver Island! It’s the darn ferry ride – expensive and time consuming. Stanley Park is nice and Whistler will be fun for you. Science World maybe? Too early for the PNE, I guess. It starts Aug. 20. Maybe you’ll find Bigfoot up in the hills and he can spin you around.


  4. I found out the other day that my cholesterol is slightly high, so I thought (with a little help from my friends) that I might take up yoga via YouTube.

    Which is fine, until you get a chatty teacher!

    How’m I supposed to find inner peace if the Adhyaapak doesn’t SHUT UP?! (That’s Hindi for “teacher”, by the way.)


  5. I’ve got the water bottle and yoga mat. Must be the lack of bandana that’s holding me back. I get a workout just unrolling the mat and unscrewing the water bottle cap. Great upper body stretch to put on the bandana.


    1. Hahaha! I know what you mean! Just packing my suitcase with all this stuff was a workout. It should be fun. After all the amazing food we’ve eaten in Vancouver, I’ll need the workout! 🙂 We did walk over 6 miles yesterday and are taking a bike tour today, otherwise I wouldn’t fit into my yoga pants.

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  6. Well, I so can’t wait for those photos. If you’re going to be on the bottom, will you paint those diamond patterns on your legs like the guy in the video?

    Be safe you silly girl and have fun. Here’s hoping the creativity will pour out of you later.

    Patricia Rickrode
    w/a Jansen Schmidt


  7. Loved the AcroYoga vid, Susie, and I can totally see you and Danny doing that! Make sure your daughter has the GoPro ready!


    1. Danny isn’t in the class, so I’ll be on the bottom, I’m sure! We may all take a turn on top. Who knows? My camera will be ready for any and all blog fodder. 🙂
      Thanks, Gail!


  8. It is not for me. Remotely. I do hope you have (safe) fun. And I was in Whistler in December for their film festival! (I hope this is better run).


    1. Thanks, Jay! I have been trying to get motivated to go to class, so this festival was just the thing. Vancouver’s film festival must have been fun to attend even if the movies were not so great. There’s always Boulder Film Fest next year!


  9. I expect you to post a video of you and Danny to rival the one shared here. C’mon! You can do it! Seriously, I don’t know what they were trying to get across with that. My understanding of yoga is so different. In my style, all you have to do is show up and breathe.


    1. Breathing is totally my style too. Danny won’t be in this class, just Courtney and me. It will be interesting! Think of me spinning around tomorrow at 8:00. 🙂 Maybe at the last minute, I’ll channel some yogi gymnast. (I’m not counting on it.)


  10. I enjoy yoga, but not graceful about it at times – ha! I know my mind opens and the creativity flows by just being in the Great Outdoors. I would love to try something like this with my spouse, but not sure if he would give it a go or not. Enjoy 🙂 Happy Day!


    1. It surprised me when Danny said he’d be up for it, but I had to slow him down on the yoga Dad jokes. They were a bit much. I haven’t heard one on the trip so far and we’ve been in Vancouver since Sunday. One might slip out tomorrow when we start class in Whistler. 🙂
      You’re right, Renee! It really is what I needed to calm down and get creative. The practice of breathing is so soothing to the soul!
      Happy Hump Day!


  11. ROFL … that’ll learn you not to read the flying instructions!!! … but seriously though, a Cirque De Soleil routine in slow-motion that might be, but yoga it ain’t … and that dude’s back when he got up after laying on grass and twigs and throwing that woman around with his feet – not a scratch on him! And no-one was sweaty! 😀


  12. Stay well hydrated’. At 11,000 feet above sea level your body is really pulling, it’s only 13.7 percent effective Oxygen. Do be careful and higher yourself a couple of those young college hunks to be you Sherpa to carry all the duffle bags and you up to your Chalet. I like Pilates as well’.

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    1. We are at 2000 feet most of the time, but I am watching my water intake since it’s hot here! Who would have thought. I’m on the lookout for those sherpas, none-the-less! Rock on Brock and those Pilates classes. I am sore from two days of yoga!

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