Bulldog Caption Contest Results are in!

Roxy had a tough time picking out a caption. There were so many good ones! She finally gave up and chose one from my hat.

A very intelligent dog.

There was another contest of sorts. Which photograph was the best one for the caption? The bottom photo won paws down.

And the winner is? Drumroll please…. dumdumdumdumdmudmdudmdudmdm…

Lisa from Life with the Top Down with:

“If Monday had a face.”

When Lisa takes a stand, it’s with a hilarious sense of humor. Check out and follow her blog. You’ll be glad you did!

This will be a monthly feature so there will be another chance to win in September. Thanks to all who participated!

His tongue knows how to hang loose on a Friday.

National Dog Day Caption Contest! Bulldog tongue hanging out
If Monday had a face. – Lisa from Life with the Top Down



Roxy has a quite the story for you on Wednesday. She almost got us into BIG trouble. See you then!

Click  for more adventures on the Wild Ride. I tweet tons @susielindau and love Instagram because photography.

How is your Monday going so far? Any big plans today or do you feel like my little bulldog friend?

41 thoughts on “Bulldog Caption Contest Results are in!

Add yours

      1. right back at ya! The names are similar……mine rhymes with booze. Which is ironic since I worked as a drug and alcohol counselor for years! lol


  1. Roxy, what can I say? You are a four legged genius! I fell deeply in love with you the moment I watched your dance moves with those gloves on your feet. That gem was not only Oscar worthy, it makes me laugh just thinking about it!

    Thanks for the love Roxy!


  2. I
    Oh Susie did you get your heat turned off? Your clad in polar gear in that picture and it’s summer time? 😮

    ‘I had to say I though Lisa and a few others got it. As for me’ if I hadn’t made you laugh! I would have then came away feeling a bit like ‘Chuck’

    “I got a Rock’…
    Charley Brown aka Chuck…

    p.s. I do ‘dig’ those glasses Roxy… 🙂


    1. Hahaha! Are you kidding me? You always make me laugh. No rocks. Ever.
      The photo was taken in March, although it snowed in yonder hills a few days ago!
      Hey Brock. Do you have a blog?


      1. No I do not’ I am a closet freak’ nothing weird like paisley spandex’ or too tight Black Budging leather Rock n’ Roll trousers’ with fishnet fry cook hair net. Or oh’ wait’ I meant Geek! …not Freak! For I do have dyslexia I’ll have you know. As for the Word Press Blog’ I started out with one’ a WP blog’ but I clicked the Do’ NOT! Push this Huge Red Blog Page Nuke Button UNLESS YOU ABSOLUTELY ARE SURE.
        Well I fall on the button to tell you the truth’ and well’ my Blog’ my lovely Blog was forever gone’ I wanted to keep my Cool User Name though’ because when I recreated another WP Block’ well ‘ Brockbuilderstell just didn’t work it just fell short’ out for the ‘Narcissus’ (Does that spell the Greek Hedge leaping God? or the Self Absorbed Creative Crazy Man? Or the Flower? Anyways’ so I tried another starter blog with ‘Blandanaderfella’ well that really didn’t work when I sobered up the day after. So I now had an authentic WP Mess’ and not to mention Password and email address Uckfaps. SO according to WP’ I am actually not officially here but I have magic fingers and well’ it kind of worked’ semi wonders, as I can now only read your comment replies and likes’ and post Drive by Comments from my “Ghost WB un the Username brockbuildersteel BUT cannot post a newly creative blog because my ‘Email Address as Brockbuildersteel is not recognized because I fell onto the “NUKE Button’ ‘That was’ and never will be again a recognized Blog and cannot and will not be posted. I do not have a secondary e mail address so WP cannot send me a secure set up confirmation and password. So my Blog is dead, and I cannot set up a new one. And with my family being my number one priority. So for now no Blog.


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