An Unexpected Visit from Wild and Wonderful Old Man Winter

An Unexpected Visit from Wild and Wonderful Old Man Winter

We drove up to Breckenridge last weekend, expecting wonderful weather and golden-hued fall color. I couldn’t believe it when the snow began to fly as we approached the Eisenhower Tunnel. I had wondered when Old Man Winter would pay us a visit, but I figured he might wait until the middle of October.

Only a day after the official start of autumn, he surprised us.


I have been predicting an early winter. I’m gifted and talented in that way. There’s a slant to the light and the birds have been flocking together for weeks now. The perennials died back early, I’ve never seen so many owls hunt during the day, and the squirrels have been in hyper-drive. What does that have to do with an early winter? I have no idea. I’m not even an amateur meteorologist. Someone told me pinecones packed high on the tops of trees indicate a cold, snowy winter. YES! Must be a Farmer’s Almanac thing. Why would trees do that? Maybe if there is a megaton of snow, the pinecones won’t get buried and rot in the spring melt. Who knows? I’m ready for snow.

Wonder why I’m excited? This photo says it all…


Yep. Those are ski runs in the hills out yonder.

It melted today (moan), but I think the Old Man is lurking. I bet there will be more surprises on the horizon. Winter will arrive early this year.

Are you ready for winter? Has the Old Man surprised your neighborhood yet?

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70 thoughts on “An Unexpected Visit from Wild and Wonderful Old Man Winter

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  1. It’s here….or a bit of it. North wind-ish arrived yesterday ( mid 60’s at night and 78 right now). Molly is wildly delighted and playing with friends in the big field…but they will probably still have the pool available.
    ou are right about the squirrels being in hyper-drive. Been noticing the plants are way ahead of normally scheduled activity ( no real color change here, but the plants that hold berries during winter for birds/wildlife stopped blooming early and are loaded with snacks.
    Looks fabulous there! Get out and enjoy it

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    1. Thanks Phil! This will be a perfect week to plan an outdoor adventure. It is gorgeous here! The Breckenridge trees were nipped very early so the leaves have turned the unusual shade of red and brown in a lot of places and have dropped. But down here in Boulder, the tinge of color can be seen in a lot of places. It will be a few weeks before it peaks, but I’ll be sure to take my camera. Thank you! Have a great week!

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  2. If winter around here was as pretty as yours is, I’d want it to arrive early, too. Will admit that I gasped when I saw the photos. I’m still in shorts and sandals, weeding the planting beds. Enjoy your snow.


    1. Thanks for the gasp, Ally! Sounds like you’re using your time productively. It won’t be long and the weather will change, big time.
      It has probably snowed in the mountains since last weekend, but down here it’s been gorgeous and in the 70-low 80’s. I died of the heat yesterday at the CU Game. Ha! I would have loved shorts and sandals. The color is starting to brighten, so I’ll take my camera with me when I go outside for my next adventure.

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  3. Yes, you are so gifted and talented. And, I’ll bet you had your skis on when you took these photos and begging Danny to just drive up to those ski runs to see if maybe, just maybe, they were open.


    1. Ha! You crack me up, Ted! Thank you!!!
      It all melted two days later, but it won’t be long before Danny and I will head up for our first runs. I think it will be a cold snowy winter. YES!!!!


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