An Unexpected Visit from Wild and Wonderful Old Man Winter

An Unexpected Visit from Wild and Wonderful Old Man Winter

We drove up to Breckenridge last weekend, expecting wonderful weather and golden-hued fall color. I couldn’t believe it when the snow began to fly as we approached the Eisenhower Tunnel. I had wondered when Old Man Winter would pay us a visit, but I figured he might wait until the middle of October.

Only a day after the official start of autumn, he surprised us.


I have been predicting an early winter. I’m gifted and talented in that way. There’s a slant to the light and the birds have been flocking together for weeks now. The perennials died back early, I’ve never seen so many owls hunt during the day, and the squirrels have been in hyper-drive. What does that have to do with an early winter? I have no idea. I’m not even an amateur meteorologist. Someone told me pinecones packed high on the tops of trees indicate a cold, snowy winter. YES! Must be a Farmer’s Almanac thing. Why would trees do that? Maybe if there is a megaton of snow, the pinecones won’t get buried and rot in the spring melt. Who knows? I’m ready for snow.

Wonder why I’m excited? This photo says it all…


Yep. Those are ski runs in the hills out yonder.

It melted today (moan), but I think the Old Man is lurking. I bet there will be more surprises on the horizon. Winter will arrive early this year.

Are you ready for winter? Has the Old Man surprised your neighborhood yet?

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70 thoughts on “An Unexpected Visit from Wild and Wonderful Old Man Winter

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    1. Thanks so much!
      The aspens are strange this year at high elevations. With an early snow around the end of August, and lots of rain all summer, the aspens are turning from yellow to orange and brown! Crazy! A lot of leaves have already dropped.


  1. I’ve been thinking the same thing about winter arriving early here as well. My pecans have started falling already, about 6 weeks earlier than last year and the spider lilies are already blooming. Around here, that means, winter’s on it’s way. I’m predicting a very short fall.

    It’s still hot here – in the 90’s – but there are signs everywhere that point to winter coming.

    Good to see snow out there in the mountains. I miss snow.

    Patricia Rickrode
    w/a Jansen Schmidt


    1. Pecans! How cool is that? I’ve got apples galore this year. I’ve never heard of spider lilies, but I’ll look them up.
      I think it’s going to be a Wild Winter for most everyone. It’s supposed to be high 70’s down here in Boulder for the week. I miss the snow already!


  2. I’m afraid of that. We’ll be camping in Montana and always try to leave before the snow falls. Usually October is still so warm there and we get an extra few weeks of summery weather. Maybe not this year???


    1. I don’t know! The weather can be crazy, but I talked to someone who has lived in the mountains for a long time. He said that every five years or so, we get an early winter and he thinks this is the year. I would bring your snow boots and long undies just in case!


  3. The Viking hates winter, which is weird for a Scandinavian, right? For my part I love winter. I lived in a tiny little town called Norman Wells in the Canadian Northwest Territories (60 miles south of the Arctic Circle) for 6 years. It was beautiful. When the temperature dipped to -35C (-31F) or lower, the exhaust from the furnace would trickle across the rooftop and fall to the ground. My boots would make a squelching sound when I walked. Everyone had icicles in their hair and in the fur around their hoods. The tires on the truck would freeze flat where they met the ground so when you drove it was like having square tires. I drove on the ice road several times. And the Hoar Frost on the trees were spectacular at -45C/F.

    On the other hand, my knees lived lower than the bottom of my huge northern Parka but higher than my massive boots and sometimes they would become so cold they didn’t want to bend anymore. Fuelling the truck was a nightmare for my hands. Exposed skin could freeze in minutes if I wasn’t careful. And the Blizzards were epic.

    So whatever Old Man Winter wants to throw at me in Calgary is fine with me. :o)


  4. Are you sure you’re not related to the Game of Thrones’s Stark family with their Winter Is Coming motto? Although it would have to be a distant relation, since their Winter Is Coming is an ominous warning and yours is more of gleeful anticipation.


    1. I might be, but I am spoiled by my modern digs, furnace heat, insulated parka and long undies. 🙂 I am gleeful and can’t wait for a real dumping! Around here in lower elevation (came back down this morning) our yard is inundated by wasps. My traps can’t keep up. I can’t wait for frost to kill the suckers. I’m allergic.


  5. Yes! It’s already winter here in Virginia Beach. According to the Weather Channel, it will be only in the high 70’s for the next 15 days. Then dropping into the LOW 70’s through October! Oh, the humanity!


    1. The first snow always is! I can’t wait for the snow down here in Boulder, but the sun is shining today. No complaints!
      I was away all day yesterday, but will swing by now! Thanks for the invite!

      Liked by 1 person

  6. Dang Snow? You’re mess me again aren’t you? Come on that’s last Novembers’ shot. I am so on to you Susie… No I know it’s real’ because I remember my Daddy’ walking in the snow to Colorado Springs to buy snow chains for his truck’ he was a wise man always on top of the weather as we always traveled the States during October, and he would set up the little portable B/W’ to watch the evening weather report. But as good at beating snow storms as the man was’ that day it came fast and and hard’ then it melted everywhere but under the truck and trailer.

    ‘So I can just see wee Roxy’s glee as she anticipates hoping through the snow drifts’ do you have her Doggie Boots ready? I am listening to Alabama Shakes’ and digging it’ ‘Sound and Color’ and the Lady can Holler good and sweet. P.S. I really do like those black iron Chairs there upon your deck. And very desirable pictures there Susie. You’re making me home sick for Coeur’ D’Alene, Idaho. Oh how I loved the winters’ waking pre – dawn with a pure un touched lain blanket of fresh snow over everything’ the hush of silence’ was awe’ and beautiful’ both’ and the best time ever to stroll or mountain bike the snow covered roads to the lake to fish for morning trout. Thanks for the Images of ‘Snow Susie.

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    1. Your daddy sounds like he was an adventurer too! Roxy has her boots ready to go and so do I!!
      Snow can come from nowhere. Two years ago, we had snowstorms from March until May on Wednesdays! Half of them weren’t predicted. I love that about Colorado. Today the sun is shining and the birds and squirrels are busy. Gotta believe a storm will arrive down here sometime soon!


  7. Those first shots of winter are always the best. Absolutely, lovely. If only it would stay like that. We’ve had some whiplash weather changes here. Cold, cold, cold that went right through my bones when I went for my morning walk. I didn’t have a heavy enough coat. The next day I could see the wind was really bending the trees so I thought I would freeze by the time I got to the water. I bundled up and walked down to the water to be greeted by a damn near tropical breeze coming off the lake. I was melting by the time I got home. This morning there was no wind and I dressed lighter. Freezing! It was worth every step though because when I got to the lake there was mysterious steam coming up from the water. It was a scene right out of a thriller. It was beautiful. Who knows what will happen tomorrow.

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    1. That sounds so cool (no pun intended) and inspirational. You may have to write that thriller!
      We went to the CU game yesterday. When we left, it was in the 60’s so I wore black jeans. OMG. We sat in the stands and melted. I spied a small patch of shade on the opposite side of the stadium so we moved over there! In temperatures ten degrees cooler with a little breeze, we watched the Buffs rout Washington. Ha! It’s the time of year for layers…

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