Welcome to the Wild Halloween Bloggers Bash


It’s time.

Welcome to the Breathless Halloween Blog Bash. I’ve been expecting you. The brew bubbling at the bar is filled with an extra punch to get your creative juices flowing… on the stone floor. Finger sandwiches were flown in fresh from the morgue and the delightful music playing is Victor Van Byteurnek’s Rhapsody in Blood. 

Let’s play a little game, shall we?

1. Drop a link to your blog in the comments and leave an enticing hook that penetrates the victim’s soul, if they have one. Watch for unsuspecting prey back at your lair and then feast on their comments on your site.

2. Then come back to play again, only this time you get hooked and click to other baleful blogs.

Here’s Cheat Code just for you: Tell them, “Susie sent me,” and they should click back to your graveyard digs.

Hopefully, you will become tangled in a web of new blogging fiends, I mean followers.

Only leave ONE link per comment or you will plunge into the depths of spam. Its gruesomeness knows no bounds and your comment will be banned forever more…. ever more….ever more….

Use Twitter and Facebook to invite your friends. The more the SCARIER… The party will rage until the bell tolls on All Saints Day, then I’ll retire to my crypt.

Stay hydrated fiends and don’t forget to DANCE!

Need more Halloween fun? How about a true tale of ghostly terror or story about a real Halloween circus to get your heart pumping….

59 thoughts on “Welcome to the Wild Halloween Bloggers Bash

Add yours

  1. Join “Big Al” at http://thecvillean.wordpress.com. Beware all ye who enter herein, for there be no escape! Many have strayed so be afraid. Big Al rules over naive fools, Many have tried and many have cried. His power is strong, so you won’t last long. You’ll be gassed when the spell is cast. This Hallow’s Eve you will surely grieve!!!!!

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    1. Hey Al! Glad you made it to the party. Everyone will love your sense of humor. I do!
      Ghouls will soon fill the castle, so fill your cup with Fang’s bubbly elixir and don’t forget to dance!


  2. Muwahahaaaa!!! Fab party Susie, I’m particularly enjoying the blood orange cocktail, and your costume is to die for (ha!). I won’t post a link to my most recent post as it’s not party-appropriate. I shall instead post a link to my previous post which is much for fun – it has a clip from a TV show of a failed cake my daughter made, which is kind of scary in it’s own way! And details of an invention which, again, is kind of scary for completely different reasons… https://vanessa-chapman.com/2016/10/03/cake-plus-uroclub/ I shall come back later to hop around some of the other links!


  3. When I heard that blood-curdling scream this morning, it reminded me to come to your party. It also reminded me to move my tool box so I quit stubbing my toe each morning. Cauldrons, ghosts, werewolves and full moons… you’ll find them all haunting my blog this month. Come see for yourself at What Rhymes with Stanza: Words at Rest, Words at Play.


    Mind the toolbox or you may hear more blood-curdling screams. Yours!!!


    Great party, Susie. Can’t wait to sink my teeth into all these great treats!


    1. That is the CREEPIEST! I can’t imagine wanting to know that. I love it….
      Thanks for coming to the party, Audrey. Everyone will love your wide and fantastic variety of blog posts!


    1. It’s so great to “see” you, Caroline!
      I love your post and I’m sure others will too! It made me think of my own relatives! Have fun meeting the guests and don’t forget to DANCE! The music is super eerie….

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  4. Happy Halloween everyone! Hey Susie, Susie sent me and she’s always right about having a wild time lol 😉
    I needed this, it’s unseasonably warm here in Southwestern Ontario, Canada and doesn’t seem creepy enough for Halloween, but I love it anyway! Candy might help me get in the mood and so will this blogging fun!
    My name is Donna I blog about life, the universe and everything all with a lot and did I mention a lot of humour Here’s my latest offering – hope you all have a good time! https://yadadarcyyada.com/2016/10/28/enter-at-your-own-risk/
    Thanks, Susie, off to visit and share! Hope everyone has a wonder-filled weekend!🙂

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    1. Hey, Donna! It’s so great to “see” you! It’s super warm here in Colorado too. I’m ready for the wind to howl and the snow to fall.
      Everyone will love your humorous blogs. It looks like you’ve outdone yourself with this post! Thanks for bringing it to the party! Have fun and have a finger sandwich…

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      1. Seeing people walking around in t-shirts and shorts on Oct 29 is weird here, but I’m not sure I’m ready for snow yet (read that as ever), but the wind howling sounds awesome and spooky!
        Thank you kindly and awesome party – I’ve visited all the guests so far and I’ll come back for more, more, more!!! 🙂


    1. That’s a great idea to give an honest review of a tourist attraction. Thanks for bringing this to the party! Welcome to the world of blogging. Click on a few blogs and introduce yourself. It’s the best way to build a community!

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  5. Hi! I’ve already read some great stuff (Oh heavens- a gold club you can pee in! WHY???).

    I’ve asked around my new neighborhood to discover the average number of Trick or Treaters. The expected number of visits is, wait for it. . . one. So, the amount of candy we’ll have left over is pretty frightening I’d say. If you’re looking for a pick-me-up on a fall day, or need a break from the inevitable mound of candy begging to be eaten, please stop by http://angelanoelauthor.com/inspiration-motivation/be-awesome-in-real-life/the-makings-of-an-innovation-commando/

    Thanks, Susie! So glad to meet your friends!

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    1. That was such a cool article We need more people like him in the world! Thanks for bring this to the party! I hope you have fun meeting the guests. A few have lingered, but I’ll dig up more tomorrow with my shovel….

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  6. Nice to see you still blogging after all these years 😀

    After a WordPress hiatus, I’ve just started a new blog devoted to weather, climate and education. Welcome to The Perfect Storm: https://nickhumphreywxcom.wordpress.com/2016/10/25/the-power-of-tropical-cyclones/

    The blog is written by me (a meteorologist) for the layperson who’s interested in weather events and learning more about meteorology. I plan on doing educational series on particular topics to spread the wealth of knowledge to everyone to enhance their love for the science. Enjoy!


    1. Thanks for swinging by, Nick! It’s so great to “see” you. 🙂 Yep, I’m still here at the Wild Ride, but many have left over the years.
      Love your new blog and I’m sure others will too! I love learning about weather.

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  7. I will leave you breathless
    I will leave you headless
    I will leave you lifeless
    I will leave you soulless

    I will leave you inside-out
    I will leave you ripped about
    I will leave you full of knives
    I will leave you praying for doubt

    I will leave you to the dark
    I will leave you largely in parts
    I will leave you worse than I came
    I will leave you to my arts

    I will leave you on the floor
    I will leave you on the wall
    I will leave you on the ceiling
    I will leave you beyond raw

    I will bruise your mind
    I will rend your spirit
    I will make you mine
    I will have you…upon which to dine


    Will never leave you.



    1. That is so spine-tingling evil, Frank. LOVE IT! I missed your comment since I was in the midst of preparing for hobgoblins at my door. Anyone who loves reading about the paranormal will love your blog!

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      1. Thank you, Susie! I added it last-minute cause was at MileHiCon. But thank you so much! It creeped ME out when I reread it! SO much so I had to post it on FB and Instagram! 😛 I will check out other blogs as soon as I can get a minute to myself! Great comments by others, too! Loved your get-up! Hope you had a blast!


          1. It was a BLAST! I love MileHiCon, and I seem to have more fun with each year (my third year)…get to meet such cool people, make new friends, meet old friends. Learn stuff. Exchange ideas. Get to again congregate “with my people”! This was my 5th “writer event” this year and I just had a blast–never have I done so many events before (two at the most). You should try it on for size–with your costumes, you’ll more than fit in! :-]

            And thank you so much for your really cool posts, Susie! Loved your Hallowe’en-themed ones! Very creative and fun! You make the world a better place!


    1. HaPpY bIrThDaY to YoU! I hope it was more than WILD this year, Matthew!
      Everyone will LOVE your wide variety of subjects from life in New Zealand to writing tips and prompts. I love Tolkien. This post made me feel so much better about taking my time. 🙂

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