Happy Halloween, Wild Riders. Let the Wild Rumpus Begin…

Happy Halloween, Wild Riders! Let the Wild Rumpus begin. This is one of my favorite holidays. As I write this, I’m watching The Prophecy with Christopher Walken. So creepy! I love it.


I had to came up with a costume for a Halloween Party. I’ll dress tonight as Morticia Addams, but I wanted to be someone or something different. I laughed when I thought of this. I had to be one of the Wild Things from Maurice Sendak’s popular book Where the Wild Things AreDoing the makeup was the best part.

Wild Thing costume

This has been a fun month of Halloween posts starting with 31 Days. To get in Halloween mood click for all kinds of spookiness including a Wild Blog Party. It’s never too late to drop a link and meet my friends!

What are you doing for Halloween? Are you dressing up?

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  1. What am I doing for Halloween? Wondering why the government isn’t acknowledging 27 months of disability that the judge said were there, waiting for a call back from my doctor’s office for a letter to get me out of jury duty (because apparently I can’t skate by on my disability approval alone), and feeling about 33 years older than I actually am as I learn about Medicare, since I’m now eligible.

    Did I mention I hate Mondays?


  2. Have fun tonight. I’m staying in. I have a house full of guest set to arrive around 5:00. Last year we didn’t have any trick or treaters so this year I didn’t even buy candy. I hope that was a good move.

    Patricia Rickrode
    w/a Jansen Schmidt


  3. Love the costume! I kind of miss the days when my kids were younger and went trick-or-treating, plus our house is so tucked away we never get any trick-or-treaters calling. We did carve some pumpkins though and put them outside our door, and waited expectantly, but no. So we consoled ourselves by eating the Halloween candy.


    1. Thanks, Vanessa! I miss those days too. We ended up with so much candy! One of these years I’ll accept the fact that our neighborhood has aged out. We had less than 50 kids and used to get 200!


  4. Your costume is awesome’ and those Sheet shredding toe nails are daggers indeed, and most certainly double as ‘Back’ Scratchers and Pumpkin Carvers. And Susie is that the Door Ornament or are you actually wearing an entire Mistletoe bush’

    ‘This year I was and still am so heavily medicated for Halloween, and with my white beard and all, I am ‘Rip Van Brockbuildersteel’ formally known as ‘Rip Van Winkle. As I‘ve been Comatose for the most part of the week’ now. Wait’ what day’ no’ what year’ is this?

    ‘The last thing I remember was of me’ telling the Anti –Sneezey’ Ologist’ – just short of sleepy yet wide eyed panic that I was not able to breathe as they gassed me and the lights went out. (Do patients reveal their secrets while under the ‘Gas’?) I just remember waking up with Sharpie Red Pen drawn extra anatomy like Red Horns’ and all the huge smiles upon all the Faces of the Nurses. So I guess that can be said I was in costume for Halloween.

    ‘Our little son ‘Ryker’ he went out as a Fireman’ while ‘Trick’ or’ Treating’ with two of his three sisters’ along with my wife and her brother and sister. He’ being three years old this fall and winter’ which means for him it will be the best age where all the costumes and houses decorated’ and little kid parties mean his world is huge and very special’ and when Christmas happens with the huge tree In our living room’ of which he gets to help Mommy and Daddy’ decorate the tree with all the collectable Disney tree ornaments’ and gets to bake cookies and set a plate of them out for ‘Santa Buildersteel’.He will be really having a time of it this year, even more so than last years Holiday Season’ all those colorful ‘Twinkle’ Lights’ upon the gables of houses and lawn decorations’ and Christmas Holiday Egg –Nog Latté and Hot Pumpkin Egg – Nog Steamers. (Each Year we go out and choose a really cool Christmas tree Ornament for the tree.’


    1. What kind of surgery, Brock? Sounds intense!
      Enjoy your little ones. They grow up fast! Our neighborhood has aged out, but we still got almost 50 kids. I decorated like crazy for them. I also am big on Christmas and our lights used to make it into the top 10 for Boulder! I bet it will be really fun this year for you!
      I hope you recover well, my friend. Sending lots of positive energy and well-wishes…


      1. Hi Susie, it’s always good to see your smiling face and read your kind words. Susie’; I have Medical conditions of which require me to endure varying degrees of extreme physical pain’ and extreme medical surgical procedures’ and mental endurances in coping. I am vested in Coping’ and a Pro at ‘Cowboy – Up’ sense the summer of 1992.

        ‘I am well trained by the best in the fields of Physical healing and self care trained professional’, keeping self treating and self healing where I least’ impact those around me’. I am living in the Rodeo of ‘Cowboy – up’ for life for the most part is not kind’ and we do not get to select our daily conditions and sufferings of which we alone must master and endure to least impact those around us, less it is for a supportive season, and those closest to our hearts must not live our pain’ as effect byus, or we would all live in the pain and suffering’.

        ‘ ~ ‘Although the World is full of suffering, it is also full of overcoming of it. – Helen Keller / Forgive me for not writing back to sooner’ thank you for your kindness and caring heart. Thank you Susie, much Love’ Brock


        1. So sorry to hear that you are being challenged, Brock. In yoga, I learned that we hold pain in our bodies, our tissues and bones. If we can let go of the painful experiences, it can help us heal. I don’t know if that is something you’re into, but I’ve considered it with my own physical challenges.


          1. Susie forgive me’ I am too exhausted and far to wasted on Perks’ to properly write about the surgery, but after an all day and exhausting ordeal, I am home and ok new’ and my Kidneys are once again working properly, thanks to Laser technology and steady hands. Many hugs to yah Susie’ Brock.


  5. My kids went trick-or-treating for the very first time. This was our first Halloween back in the US and they both thought they were too old to trick-or-treat but I made them go so they could have the experience at least once.


    1. That’s great, Paul! I bet they loved it! Welcome back to the US of A!
      We had some high school seniors last night. It was a slow night since our neighborhood has aged out, so Danny and I almost went out trick-or-treating! Maybe we’ll do that next year. Ha!

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    1. Thanks, Ted! … in his grave. :0 I had fun with the makeup. Next year, I think we’ll retire The Addams Family and do something different. It’s a lot of work for 45 kids. Did you have any trick or treaters?


  6. Great costume. You look adorable as a wild thing, not to mention comfortable. Yes, I’m to an age when I rate costumes more on how ezpz they are to wear, than how spooky/macabre they are to see.


    1. Thanks, Ally! My feet felt like heaven. After reverting to Morticia on Halloween night and that uncomfortable outfit, I’m rethinking next year. 🙂 I may be wild instead!


  7. WTWTA was my favorite book as a child and, someday, damnit, there will be a grahpic representation somewhere on my body. Hopefully, I’m referring to a tattoo! The only scary Christopher Walken action we got this Halloween was Sleepy Hollow, a worthy entry, but probably not as scary as The Prophecy.


    1. I used to be employed as an illustrator, so I loved his books from an artistic point of view too. That would make an outstanding tattoo!
      The Prophecy was very creepy and most likely edited for TV. He made a great arch angel! I had forgotten he was in Sleepy Hollow. A story I grew up with.
      Thanks stopping by!

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