Wild Thoughts on Election Day #MyVote2016

keep-calm-and-go-americaThis election has been a crazy reality TV show where the most unpredictable moments have blown our minds. Admit it. Jaw-dropping shock value is addictive. The lack of decorum and respect, name-calling, accusations and bullying has been like watching a high school kid troll on Facebook, only the actions came from a seventy-year-old man. On the other side, gnarly old scars hiding secrets and lies of deceit were reopened in the hope the truth would finally come out. Many waited with held breath, but no earth-shattering revelations have surfaced. Even if our candidate wins, many of us will continue to worry long after the election.

Unlike reality TV, the hatred and lack of respect spewed every day, seeped through the screen into some of its viewers. Anger and frustration boiled over into real life. They became trolls on the internet. Some became vicious.

60 Minutes aired a story where a control group, led by Frank Luntz, spiraled out of control. People interrupted. Name calling ensued. They exhibited rude behavior even though they were being recorded and millions would see them. Luntz said his mother would have disowned him for the horrible language they used. What’s up with that? 

Luntz concluded that no one is interested in learning anything. They only want to be heard. He blames the internet.

I think he’s wrong.

I blame the program. We’ve been watching this show for so long and from the beginning, it has broken all the rules. Moderators didn’t take control during the debates. Commercials include bleeped out words little kids can figure out. Our voting system and democracy itself has come into question. Many of my online friends who live in other countries wonder how we ended up with these candidates. So do I. World leaders who hate us are asking their citizens, desperate for freedom, “Is this what you want?”

Many voters defend their choice of candidate by pointing a finger at the other. Instead of voting for a candidate they have chosen the lesser of two evils. Our country stands divided.

I believe we’ve outgrown the two party system. Most of us want the same things; quality of life for ourselves, our children and for others. We love our country and its freedoms.

It’s time to stop pointing fingers and reach out to those less fortunate as we approach the season of giving. Thanksgiving is only two weeks away, people!

I would expect this reality show to continue waaay after election day, even after the inauguration. Eventually, acceptance of our new president will quiet the noise of frustration. Most will change the channel to focus on something else.

In the coming months, show others you are above those characters on crazy reality TV.

End the hatred.

Be kind.

Be respectful.

Be grateful to live in the United States of America.

I am.


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94 thoughts on “Wild Thoughts on Election Day #MyVote2016

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  1. One more thought. I don’t believe the rest of the world considers America a laughing stock. They are rightfully concerned that the leader of the free world will be a hateful, mean, straight razor toten’, person no matter who is elected..


      1. “There will be two levels of punishment for disobedience of the King’s laws. Corporal punishment for minor crimes will be death. Capital punishment for serious crimes will be a life sentence of listening to every campaign speech of Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump!”


  2. I found it interesting that Starbucks debuted a cup design with a theme of unity, and people were seeing it as a political statement. Since when did unity become party-specific? Good post. We need reassurance right about now.


  3. I feel the same way you do, Susie. I can’t believe the negativity and the personal attacks of the candidates on each other. Instead of saying what good they will do for the country they sling mud at their opponents. It’s disgraceful. I feel sorry for Americans, having to make a choice between these two. Of the millions of people in the US, it’s shocking to think that these are the best they could come up with. But I can’t criticize, because we didn’t do any better in Canada. The whole continent seems to be going down the toilet. I hope things calm down and we (the people) start to work together in each of our countries, to try to make the best of a bad situation.

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    1. I think you’re right. Coming together is the only way to move forward. No one wants to be president these days. The party lines make it tough for candidates. I see third party candidates on the rise over time. You know that 80’s song, We need a hero? Yeah. We need one of those. 🙂
      Thanks for stopping by, Anneli!

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  4. Susie – this has been coming for a while. The acrimony and bitterness has been building. I remember the Clarence Thomas hearings in ’91, then the election campaign of ’92. Then the Clinton, Bush, and Obama years. Except for a month or so after 9/11 there has been a lack of civility in our nation’s public discourse. It’s on both sides of the aisle and in a small part, I am guilty, too. Somewhere along the way, we’ve lost the ability to listen to each other and compromise. The ability to give up in order to gain is rock upon which our nation was built. I’ve done my part, I voted. Whomever is elected, may we pray that our nation can come together and move forward. Peace.


    1. Your words gave me shivers, Clay. I agree that it has been building. Given the histrionics of this election season, it was bound to blow up to horrific proportions.
      Peace to you, my friend!


  5. I dislike reality TV so this election cycle has been especially difficult for me. The negativity and the complete lack of facts + logic is baffling to the extreme. Both parties need to get a grip and revise how, and who, they give us as candidates. We deserve better.

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  6. This is the saddest, scariest election ever. I cannot believe what our great country has come to. It’s the media, social media, PC taken to the extreme, failure to raise respectful kids, failure to teach wholesome values, it’s so much stuff gone sideways.

    I’m not even going to pay attention to the polls at all today. I cast my vote. I’m prepared to live with whoever wins. I’ve accepted that America will never be the same again.

    Here’s to a bright tomorrow.

    Patricia Rickrode
    w/a Jansen Schmidt

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  7. Wow! You nailed the failures. If there’s one sliver of a silver lining it may be that America won’t be the same. Colorado is trying to do away with caucuses, which burned Bernie in our state. There may be changes to make voting less challenging. (There are humongous lines today..) I wouldn’t be surprised if a third party makes a rise before the next election. The Wild Rider Party? Ha!
    I may be dreaming. We’ll see. Like you, whomever wins will be my president and I’ll support them. *clinks glass*


  8. Well said Susie. I don’t know how or why, but somewhere along the way people have forgotten the lost art of disagreeing agreeably.
    I think you have a good point about your two-party system too. I know our parliamentary system is far from perfect but I couldn’t imagine having only two viable options to choose from. I’m thinking that even just adding a third would tend to force the other two to moderate some of their most extreme positions and tone down the rhetoric.
    The other thing that could help a lot is shortening the election cycle. It makes absolute no sense to spend almost two years of time, effort, energy, and campaign money to run for office for a four year term. The only ones who benefit from these eternally drawn out campaigns are the media, it gives them something to talk about, and corporations, because of the influence they buy; their donations are the only way anyone can finance a campaign that long.
    First order of business for the next President: election reform?

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  9. I’ve been avoiding “Reality” TV for a long time. Now, with this election (which I don’t follow on TV.) I feel as if it is being rammed down my throat. I long for that feature of Civilization called civility.

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  10. So you think that all of us should relax and take a Valium?
    Uh-oh, Susie Lindau is in the pocket of the Big Pharma…. 🙂
    P.S. I think the moderator of the last debate was pretty good. But if a candidate is set on lying, not even waterboarding will make them tell the truth.


    1. Hahaha! I don’t even like to take Ibuprofen.
      Politicians can be a slippery bunch. I would love it if they limited how long they could campaign. Don’t you? It feels like two years of bantering. I just looked it up. It was two years!! 🙂

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  11. Well written Susie. We Canucks also feel the pain because whatever happens in the USA has a spill over effect here in Canada. My American friends seem to be suffering the death of a thousand cuts and as you point out, it will continue well past today. All the best to you all and please go out and vote. I have a simple philosophy. If you don’t vote, you don’t get to bitch about the outcome!!


    1. Thank you so much!
      It has been painful, Old Sage. I mailed in my vote last week and I agree about the bitching. 🙂 I predict a lot of unplugging over the next few months. Just think of all the writing I’ll finish!

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  12. Susie, the political system has been broken for generations. The truth is just now finally coming to the surface…, and it’s an ugly truth !!! How have we consistently chosen candidates that exemplify the worst of politics over reasonable people who could actually do some good ??? I’m waiting for a strong, logical, reasonable third party. I haven’t anything more to say. 🙂


    1. I’m waiting for a strong third party too. I’ve always been an independent voter. No surprise there. 🙂 I think the length of campaigning (almost two years) is too long. It exhausts everyone. I’m ready for birthday fun and Thanksgiving!

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  13. I haven’t listened to any media today. I voted early, I was hoping I could shut out all the noise after that…but of course, I couldn’t. It has scared me to see that in the blink of an eye, mocking the disabled, demeaning women, insulting anyone who is different than we are, and calling our POW’s and military people “losers” has not caused an outcry so loud that the entire world could hear it. I can only pray that the votes cast today will do that.Understand, I’m not against the party that is being destroyed by this…I’m against ANYONE who feels no shame in this behavior.


            1. There’s a lot of information about how much Trump can do. The Supreme Court won’t overturn Roe v Wade since it was just reviewed last year. The same with gay marriage. Coal doesn’t make sense since he wants to invest in more natural gas drilling and they can’t compete. Gas is cheaper. There’s no money for a wall although he said yesterday, immigration is one of his top priorities. I think he said a lot of these things for votes. What scares me is the denial of global warming. Listen to NPR. They have really calmed me down.
              If you really want to make a difference, get involved in the next election in two years. I might!


              1. I will definitely get involved! My husband is a big history buff and studies the constitution, also a big NPR listener. He calmed be a bit. The denial of global warming, protection for wildlife, energy…sigh. Thank you for this message…I needed it today, you’ve lifted me a bit xxxxx


  14. Instead of voting for a candidate they have chosen the lesser of two evils. Our country stands divided.– yes.. Canada has had multiple parties for years– a female prime minister a long time ago.. I wonder why the United States has kept themselves in the dark for so long. I anticipate issues with this election.. I hope I am wrong


    1. I anticipate issues too. As long as it’s not close it won’t be as much of an issue. Do you have an extra bedroom? Ha! Check out Twitter and “Happy international moving to Canada day.” It’s hilarious!


  15. How lovely of the Weather Channel to offer election night alternative of only beautiful scenes of autumn leaves, water, mountains, and reminders of the outdoors – you know, where real life is. Too many too mesmerized by too many screens and too many yammering voices.
    The sun came up this morning and the world hasn’t ended. I remember being ver little and my dad explaining that yes, there’s an election and different people may be chosen to run the government, but the stregnth of this country was that shifts in this country came without fighting or bloodshead or total distruption lik ein other places in the world. That people here had a voice and even if they hated the “new” people, in 4 years there would be another election.
    The nation stands.
    We, the people, need to remember – and join hands and move together. And teach the kids, not hate and fear and name calling, but history and the process
    Cheers to you and to all of us. We need to unite


    1. EXACTLY!! I wish everyone would stop taunting each other. I’ve never witnessed so much emotion over an election. But some of the concerns are justified, especially where immigration is involved. It has opened the door for so many haters to vent openly. I couldn’t stand reading the feeds on Twitter. Eventually life will go on.

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      1. Oh, there’s been equal emotion before, some just weren’t there to witness it then. No one’s dragging people out of homes, cutting off heads of tearing children from mother’s arms, or throwing people withlifestyles different from their own off roofs. The sun is coming up.
        This country’s population has always been rather hot headed, impulsive, and vocal – it’s just social media and instand news provides such a stage – and drama queen behavior is so prevalent. (I blame the lack of stage productions with everyone having a role in elementary school and middle schools HA HA…and Halloween is all about organized parties rather than the free form it used to be. Some sociologists say people need an event/night/way to put on mask (pulling off everyday ones) and let loose in order to keep a balance the rest of the year)
        I’ve stayed off blogs, screens, to avoid the hate and gloating. Neither is helpful or porductive. All it does is display intolerance and maybe a lack of understanding of government forms/processes. Society has tolerated coarse rude language and destructive in public for so long, why are we surprised – the kids have grown up seeing adults having temper tantrums and reacting violently.
        Eventually it will get cold, people will get bored, and the agitators will have fewer listening to them. But the remaining ones could become more dangerous as “hard core” pride sets in – just like many times before – like the 60’s. Actually came in contact with some of those long ago – but when asked exactly what they were going to replace this “oppressive governement”with…well, pretty vague answers, but the real outcome was the ones giving the marching orders were planning to take the reins and be on top…a la “Meet the new boss, just like the old boss..” song’s phrase.
        A review of the word “tolerance” is needed. Maybe write out the definition 10 times by hand?
        And a realization that the most effective way to change a system is to get inside and work from there. What I said then, and still. Yelling and whining is counterproductive. Be the solution.
        And let’s hope some compassionate solution is found for the world’s vast migration going on now. I don’t want to see one more infant found in alone in barren S. TX with a relative’s phone number on the poor thing’s onesie. Or images of coyotes feasting on a body of one who got across the river, but then got lost – or abandoned by their transporter. Or another shell shocked young girls being lead out of a shack by authorties where she had been held against her will until relatives could pay even more money as ransome before her release – if she was lucky and not forced into prostitution and moved all around the country. I live hours from the border. Constant news stories of drivers notifying police that there’s an 18 wheeler ahead of them and there’s a hand desperately waving – shoved out of a crack. And it’s 100 degrees with desperate people stuffed like potatoes without ventilation. Sometimes the police arrive too late. This had gotten too dangerous and brutal. There has to be a better way. We need to stop messing with places far away and help our neighbors.
        So now I sound like a really old person. So I blog about recycling diapers into a stinking wall or road to nowhere. About as absurd as these crowds in the streets.
        Really hope people wake up and stop destroying and start with solutions instead…there’s plenty to be done locally – in every community – and an idividual has a much better chance of making the world better by digging in small scale rather than “perfoming” (and they can “tell their children about it! They were there!” Heard that before…) for the cameras rioting and destroying in the streets hoping to make big scale (rather impossible) national change. This country does have a unique process – and 4 years isn’t that long. Meanwhile, work small solutions instead of creating more problems?
        Sigh. Sorry about the long ramble, Susie, but, yes, discouraging


  16. Mister Man made a comment that has been stuck in my head – monkeys behave better. It has been quite the show at times with plenty of bad or inappropriate behavior. My work touches on the political arena so it continues for me until June – I will be ready for some R&R by then. Happy Day – Enjoy 🙂


  17. This was not a “choice between 2 evils” it was a choice between a seriously evil bigoted conman manipulated by Russian interests and striving to take away hard won rights and protections and a normal human being who is the most qualified candidate ever to run for President but unfortunately had the temerity to be a woman. I am so tired of seeing this false equivalency as if Trump and Hillary are somehow comparable. They are not. Hillary has been vilified for things she did not do and we are now getting the first admissions from Trumps campaign manager that they did in fact lie about Hillary and about everything else during their campaign. People like you and others in the comments who decided it was just a fun game like a reality tv show between 2 appallingly bad housemates instead of actually bothering to find out the facts – who then voted for Trump coz it’s fun or for some other candidate as a protest or for Harambe or not at all to make a point, YOU have landed not just America but the entire world in a very dangerous and horrific situation. So no I’m not going to congratulate you on a “pithy” article or smile and laugh, or “accept” a lunatic who has promoted an atmosphere of extreme violence and fear in his own country, who is supported by the KKK and is now choosing cabinet members from the alt-right and other nazi-inspired sectors. I will NOT normalise his extreme racism, his sexual predation, his fraudulent behaviour, his lack of morality, his refusal to pay people who work for him and his smug belief he can get away with anything because he’s DONALD TRUMP. I condemn this man and everything he stands for & I will join others in fighting to try and remove him from his position of power or at the very least try to minimise the damage he does to America and the world while he is running rampant in the white house. I would have hoped you would do the same.


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