Need a Susie Whisperer? Random Acts of Chat

This photo is begging for a caption dogs begging for treats

My husband, Danny, and I watched theΒ Dog WhispererΒ on TV last Saturday. An aggressive Ridgeback named George needed to learn submissive behavior. When leashed, he disobeyed his owners and picked up rocks along the trail.

So the dog picks up a rock and that’s a terrible thing because… I sipped my coffee and half-listened while skimming the newspaper.

The show’s host, Caesar Millan, explained the root problem for most aggressive behavior: Insecurity.

My ears perked up. That sounded a lot like human behavior.

Caesar planned to introduce George to a huge pack of similar size dogs including Rottweilers and Pit Bulls. He mentioned if he didn’t show control over George when introduced to the pack, the Ridgeback would be attacked and torn apart.

Well, that seemed risky. More than twenty humongous dogs circled Caesar and poor George inside the enclosure, but I trusted Caesar. *gulp*

Caesar unsnapped George’s leash and the dog’s tail and ears descended. George snarled. Caesar sprang to action and cornered George. He commanded him to lay down. He never touched the dog or praised it.

When George showed calm behavior, ears and tail up, he was allowed to check out the group. The pack took turns sniffing the new dog in all the best smelly dog places. Accepted, the Ridgeback had a wild romp with others in the pack.

Later, Caesar introduced rocks to George. The Ridgeback looked at him like, why would I want to play with those stupid things when I have all these fine canine friends?”

Reunited with his owners, George walked down a rocky trail and ignored rocks and other dogs. His owners couldn’t believe the dog’s transformation.

Credits rolled at the end of the show.

ME: Wow! Did you see that? One minute he was freaking out and the next, the dog was having a blast. He just needed to know Caesar was in control.

DANNY: I need a Susie Whisperer.

ME: I have one. They’re called writers conferences. *wags tail*


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  1. I’m selfish, impatient, and a little insecure. I make mistakes, I’m out of control, and at times hard to handle. But if you can’t handle me at my worst, then you sure as hell don’t deserve me at my best. Marilyn Monroe
    I couldn’t even listen to Caesar LOL


  2. Never let them stop you from picking up rocks. Maybe the Ridgeback was just letting his owners know he was capable of moving mountains if they would worry less about controlling him into submission.


  3. Amazing the differences. A cat will act out if she’s afraid, yes, but a lot of times, the owners just DON’T PLAY with the poor things! I don’t know how many times Jackson Galaxy has said that the darned thing is just BORED and needs some attention!

    Probably comes from the stupid idea that cats are aloof creatures who don’t need us.


      1. Mostly. They can be handful. But, three of them are rescue dogs who seem happy to have a forever home. Dinner time gets a little interesting. You have no idea what tems looking up at you feels like. πŸ™‚


    1. Me too! Some are gifted at misunderstanding. It took me eight years to communicate to Roxy to stop barking at squirrels and twenty-nine to train Danny not to eat the last cookie. πŸ™‚


  4. Didn’t realize you had so many dogs….or are you dog sitting? Sorry to report, but I am the anti Cesar. I spoil the dogs rotten. Other than “sit” and “stay” and “leave it” I let them pretty much have rein. I believe dogs should be allowed to be dogs and get to bark at squirrels if they want to without be told they are bad. I do get some comments from some Nazi dog owners at times, but I just say “Heil Hitler” and they just seem to move on. Go figure.


    1. Hahaha! I bet you have very happy dogs. I just have the Bichon, Roxy. The other three are owned by my kids. I’ll have a “houseful” at Thanksgiving and Christmas. When I set the turkey on the sideboard to rest, I hope they all “leave it.” *fingers crossed*


    1. That’s right! There’s nothing like a conference to neutralize everyone. At first everyone is on alert and sniffing around for people they know. It takes a while, but soon we’re all relaxed and romping around with new friends. πŸ™‚

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    1. We seemed to have adopted an outdoor black cat. I’m teaching Roxy that it is a friend not a foe and now I know who’s really killing rabbits in the yard. We both watched it hunt from the window yesterday. Pretty stealth little hunter!

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  5. Ok, so I need this dog whisper thing. I have a ridgeback hound that doesn’t listen anymore because my husband takes them out now. I’m sure my husband feels he needs a wife whisperer also.


  6. I have an aggressive cat problem. I’m hoping the newest approach (much like Caesar’s approach) will do the trick. If I can’t stop the biting and scratching I’m not sure we can keep her. I can’t have a cat that attacks people when customers come to pay their bills or children come for a visit. We love her dearly so I’m really hoping for success. 😦


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