First Snow, Finally – Friday Photos

sprinkler snow sculpture

It snowed for the first time yesterday, November 17th, the latest snow on record. I’ve been waiting through dry months more similar to August and September. It was 82 degrees the day before. Yep. We didn’t turn off our sprinklers before the storm. Oopsy. But it made a pretty cool sculpture.

All of these photos taken on my iPhone this morning are unedited. The colors are amazing!


I think we can finally take down our wasp traps. In my defense, they were flying around on Thursday and I’m allergic.


The pond has been my muse for years, but I never get tired of this view.

November first snow on the pond

The temperatures are going to bounce back to the 60’s tomorrow. You gotta love Colorado.

I’m so grateful for the change in seasons and my life in Colorado!

Stop back next week for a chance to participate in a fun Thanksgiving party. I’ll give you a hint – Make a list of simple pleasures you are grateful for and I’ll give you a chance to link up.

Have a Wild Weekend!

Is this storm headed your way?

Click for more of my wild adventures.

78 thoughts on “First Snow, Finally – Friday Photos

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  1. Great photos. We just closed down our sprinkler system but it will be 75 tomorrow. Then dropping over 25 degrees and staying there. Frost at night. If we get any snow it won’t be until after New Years. I too love the change of seasons. Just wish it wasn’t 292 of them already! Looking forward to your Thanksgiving party… throw the best!


    1. Thanks Al! I’m afraid for our sprinklers. I’m keeping my fingers crossed.
      It’s been so dry here, so any moisture is welcomed, but you know me and snow! It has been a long dry summer-like fall. I can hear skiers and boarders celebrating while making first tracks at Keystone. *great hearing*
      The party should be fun and a little different! I’m so glad you’ll be there. It will most likely start on Monday. See you then!

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    1. Thanks Catherine! It’s so gorgeous with the sun shining this morning and it hasn’t melted yet. It’s supposed to hit 40 today. I hope it snows next week in time for Thanksgiving! How long has it been since you lived here?

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  2. It’s coming our way to Michigan – 70 degrees today, 30s-40s tomorrow. This is so late for the first snow on the Front Range – when I lived in Fort Collins, I always remember how we got the first snow right around Halloween.


      1. No, and for us, fortunately. People here do not want the white stuff until Christmas is around the corner. At least, most people. I take whatever happens. We did get immense wind and a drop from around 70 to around 35-40.
        It has remained cold Had it snowed it might well still be on the ground.
        For you, dear friend, I hope for 17 fluffy inches at the ski top. It that about right?


  3. I think that storm is definitely headed our way. We’re supposed to be 25 degrees cooler tomorrow that we are today. That’s a pretty drastic drop. No snow, but freezing temps we’re told.

    Thanks for sharing the photos. Have a great week.

    Patricia Rickrode
    w/a Jansen Schmidt


    1. Hey, Paul!
      Thanks so much. The camera did all the work. 🙂
      Have you seen any of the white stuff since you’ve been back in the States? We can’t get enough if it and are skiing tomorrow!


        1. The year the Polar Vortex rolled through, almost all the south was blanketed with snow. I’m hoping it cools off. It’s been tough on all the winter sport businesses here. Snow is coming in tomorrow. If you ever come to the Denver area for your snow fix, let me know!

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  4. Yay for the snow! It has been such a warm autumn. The temperature finally broke here too. Our youngest son is moving to Colorado Springs. He just got a transfer and will be working for Mohawk. So we’re really happy for him. I think he’s already waxing his snowboard. 😊


    1. That is most excellent! If you come to visit through Denver, let me know. 🙂
      I think most of the country felt overheated. It’s nice to finally get some Thanksgiving-like weather!
      Great to see you, Karen!


  5. SNOW!!!! 😀 … we’ve had a couple of months of nothing but heavy overcast and rain. Today it all broke up (until the next bout) and all I can see out of my window is blue sky with fluffy white cloudlets. I’ll take it! 😀


    1. Woohoo! So you’ve been getting all the moisture. I could almost hear all the plants in the yard in a collective sigh after drinking it up. Considered you could get ice storms or float away in the the bout, I would enjoy those cloudless too!

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  6. Hi Susie, I was looking for your skies and glove gripped sky poles in the snow covered trees, but did see you in those images above, so you’re safe as I do assume and really enjoying the snows of this winter season’ Huge Smiles’ and joy for you, in that you are do so. I have been ‘MIA’ with the medical stuff’, I have always stated I am fortunate in not having been born with an addictive ‘gene’, well let me tell you’ I just learned a scary hard lesson, in that we’re all just a car wreck or surgical procedure away from having to rely upon ‘prescribed pain meds, and then to wake up one morning to find your body needing (a fix)(horrid thing to cope with’, in uncontrollable pain’ boarding addiction. I fought hard to come through and stay safe. That was one scary wake up call for me. I am all too aware’ from the friends that have become addicts do to long hospitalizations after car crashes. Also keep us in prayer or Good JUJU! As my wife is going to be getting a biopsy by the end of this coming week’ on a ‘skin anomaly’ that is ‘Iffy’. I had an uncle pass away from a Melanoma that was not biopsied in time. So I am a wee bit freaking out here.

    ‘We have snow in the local ‘Mountain Passes’, but nothing in our lower elevation’ the night temperatures have only dropped down to 40’ degrees Fahrenheit thus far. It’s weird’ because all this week I have had a inner desire’ more yearning for both ‘Delicious Organic Eggnog’ and to reside in ‘Beautiful Colorado’. I miss ‘Coeur d’ Alene, Idaho’ so much, it too is a special place where once you become your absence of residence, your heart always yearns for you to return home to, as for me because I use to drive my pickup truck five minutes to the smaller ‘Fernan’ Lake at the edge of town and I would be in the midst of deep winter Snows, in Snow shows standing on the lake shore road and watching the many Eagles’ of the huge Bald Eagle migration stop, as they perched in the beautiful winter snow white covered pines and flying just above the small blue lake in the vivid blue skies and dive for the lake trout carrying the fish back to the trees. I miss such majestic winter beauty’, so many people take it for granted and when you speak of such things conveying of what your eyes and soul have experienced and beheld’ to them’ it is like they don’t even care of such awesome heart pounding experiences in life, or are void of then. We’re so truly blessed to live the things we do Susie. Take care.


    1. Wow! I missed your comment, Brock!
      I hope you are well and have come off the pain killers. I took oxycontin or something like it after knee surgery and went off it after four days. I hit a low so deep, I didn’t think I’d snap out of it.
      I hope your wife is okay! Most skin cancer is very treatable like you said, but can still be scary if untreated. My mom had a melanoma removed six years ago and they just found another less horrid, basal cell spot. She stays on top of it.
      Sending lots of prayers and positivity your family’s way!


  7. There you go again, Susie, bring out that nasty S word. Next thing I know you’ll be saying other 4-letter things like wind, cold….. Naughty, naughty girl !!!!! 🙂


  8. We woke up to our first snow in Ohio yesterday (11-20.) I’m sure it didn’t break any records. All day at work all I could think about was going sledding with my son. Wasn’t sure we could (lot of grass poking through,) but there was just enough! Had a great time! Can’t wait to hit the slopes!


    1. That is so fantastic, Michelle! I would love to go sledding this year. We got snow yesterday, but frigid temperatures followed. Maybe I’ll have to get out the skates instead!
      Sorry I missed your comment somehow! Thanks for stopping by!


      1. That’s cool. You may notice I go for days without touching my computer. Now if only I can fit in a trip to the slopes…


  9. YOU have the best iPhone ever! That picture of the pond was awesome, glad you can watch the seasons change over there. I take it it’s going to be skiing season soon 🙂 we might go to the beach next week 🙂


    1. Wow! That’s a big weather difference. Yep. We went skiing on Sunday. 🙂 My new post includes a video! I think the trick with an iPhone is taking photos outside. I rely on my good camera for indoor photos. Happy Thanksgiving, Guat!

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      1. Outdoors! I’m gonna have to try that in slow motion. Sometimes I do get good shots other times not so much. Everything has to align just right. I think it’s my old iPHone. Yours came out great, reminded me of an old blogging buddy I met at one of your blog fest parties Blissful Adventurer I think his name was … he took great pics with his phone and talked about food and travel. Really good writer. But don’t think he’s here anymore, which is really too bad. Anyhow great pics! I was laughing when I read your comment … because it rained yesterday. One minute it was crazy sunny the next it was raining. It’s crazy out here in California 🙂


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